The Importance of Taking Time Out

…and having the occasional nap


Whenever I meet up with mates, you can bet your bottom dollar that the phrase ‘I’m SO busy’ will get tossed around at least about 34 times during the evening. Everyone is just on it. Holidays are pretty much done now until Christmas and everyone seems to be ploughing on with the thought of spending at least a couple of days over the Christmas period in pyjamas, scoffing a selection box with Love Actually and Elf going round on a loop getting them through. I feel it too – BRING ON ELF!

I’m trying to chill out a bit and not get too caught up in the pre-end of year whirlwind and give myself a bit of perspective and a bit of time out where possible. Side note: I’m kinda failing horrendously at it and have spent more days than I wish to share writing lists and not even ticking off one thing, procrastinating by clearing out my kitchen cupboards and thinking that doing washing/cleaning/anything at all is more inviting than sitting down at my laptop. I think a little refresh tomorrow is exactly what I need. Here’s the plan. Feel free to incorporate if your kitchen cupboards are newly cleared out too…


GET UP. Lie-ins are lovely and everything but sometimes I end up feeling more lethargic when I’ve been lolling around in bed just scrolling through my phone for a couple of hours. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to crack out one of my 5.30am wake-up calls here and I am just going to transfer myself to the sofa after doing some kind of activity (see below), but sometimes it just feels nicer to snuggle on the sofa with a good book. Of course I usually end up having a nap in the afternoon and wake up to Mark exclaiming that I’ve been asleep for four hours. I’m not so fab at the whole nap thing…

DO SOMETHING. As much as I love really, truly lazy days where the step tracker on my phone says that I’ve only done 300 steps in 24 hours – my bad – I do (annoyingly) feel better for leaving the house, getting some air in my lungs and actually doing something. So tomorrow morning I’ll meet up with Paul an the regulars for a bootcamp session before coming home, eating, showering and going back to sleep (see the note on naps above). Yes, I am basically just writing a post promoting naps. Riveting content as always, eh?


SWITCH OFF. Goodbye social media! Well, for at least a couple of hours anyway. You might notice that I tend to go a bit quiet online at the weekends and that’s because it’s the one time of the week where I try not to have my phone surgically attached to my hand. Of course, some weekends I fail miserably and end up wondering why no one is playing on twitter at 4pm in the afternoon on a Saturday, but tomorrow I’m going to make a real effort. I often find the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rule works best and leave my phone in another room. Although it sometimes ends in me doing the pat and panic routine and thinking that I’ve lost it. It’s a game my brain likes to play with sunglasses as well, usually when I’m wearing them on my head.

SEE MY FAVES. Family time is the one. There’s nothing quite like spending time with Mark, catching up with my sister and hanging out with my parents. It can pretty much solve anything. Tomorrow we’re celebrating my Dad’s birthday with a hearty Italian meal and it’s going to be glorious. I’m seeing my girl mates too tonight for a Deliveroo date, so not only is my belly going to be bulging this weekend, I’m going to feel all warm and fuzzy with the friends and family feels.

Pictures by Mark Newton, taken on a Cannon EOS 33