The Four Coats You Need In Your Life

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When I was younger there were three things that I would battle with my parents on until the cows came home; wearing a helmet when cycling (I can now see that I was a major douche on this one), washing my hair (I still hate it now) and being made to wear huge puffa jackets that made me feel like the Michelin Man – they just didn’t work with the Posh Spice-vibe that I was going for. These days I can see that I was being a fool and duly wait for the day that I have a headstrong, tantrum-loving child and karma delivers me a huge kick up the butt. Sorry parents!

Here’s the thing – now I love coats. The snugglier the better! My Mum approves of (most) of my outerwear purchases and they have fast become one of my favourite things to invest in. Give me a wardrobe of coats, cashmere jumpers, boots and jeans and I’d be one happy chappy. Although I reckon that just four styles of coat is all you need to see you through every occasion for the upcoming arctic months…



Coats with a bit of a pattern going on are a particularly good find if your wardrobe, like mine, sits on the boring and mostly monochrome end of the spectrum *raises hand*. They add a point of interest, have the ability to jazz up outfits and in a trench coat-esque style are a chic addition to any wardrobe. Off course when I say ‘patterned‘ here, I basically mean ‘leopard print‘. I picked up this ASOS Slim Coat in Leopard Print a couple of months ago now and I have lived in it ever since. Sure, it’s not the warmest coat out there, but there’s plenty of space underneath to layer it with a chunky knit to keep out the chill.




You know when I said in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe Haul Video that my Mum would love the Whistles Waxy Parka Jacket? I saw her earlier in the week and she adored it. She wouldn’t stop stroking the fur and exclaiming how chuffed she was that I purchased a coat that for once is going to keep me warm. It’s fair to say that a good, solid parka is a practical wardrobe entry. For me it’s the perfect weekend coat. Throw it on for brunch with mates, for a walk along the seafront with family – basically whenever you want to feel comfy and cosy. It’s basically a transportable, socially acceptable duvet cover. I have to say that this Neon Rose Longline Parka has caught my eye too. Look at that camel colour! 




If I had to pick a favourite genre of coats, it would probably be trench coats. They give me the false illusion of being ladylike (PAH!) and they look smart, whilst also being comfortable  – which is basically everything I ever want from my clothing. I want to look polished, but feel like I’m wearing pyjamas. That’s the dream. I picked up this REISS Lina Night Navy Fluid Mac (currently on sale!) back in autumn and it’s become my outerwear second skin. If you want to invest in a decent trench coat that you’ll wear practically all year along, then head to REISS because they really know the secret sauce when it comes to coats.




Now this is a hard category to define, but you know when you’re going out for a special dinner or you’ve been invited to the evening reception of a wedding and all you have to wear is your big fluffy-hooded coat and you just want something a little more sophisticated? That’s when you need a fancy coat. Something a little tailored, possibly in wool, maybe a little faux fur. To me, the Whistles Erika Coat is perfect and ticks all those three boxes (this ASOS Coat is a good cheaper dupe). Although look at this Warehouse Smart Tailored Coat – how beaut is that? These kind of coats might not be the type that you wear every single day, but you’ll be bloomin’ glad you have one when you don’t have to head somewhere fancy in your anorak.


Photos by Lauren Shipley