The Fitness Files: December


Say hello to this month’s instalment of The Fitness Files; an update of all things sweaty that drops on the first of every month. You ready for round twelve (SAY WHAT!?)? Let’s do this…

THE SONG TO ADD TO YOUR PLAYLIST – I heard this song on the radio when I was dropping Mark off to work in the wee hours of the morning and it made me want to MOVE (and that’s a big feat at 6am). Put it on – C O O L by Le Youth – you’ll be bopping around in no time at all.

THE WORKOUT VIDEO TO GIVE A GO – Lottie Murphy’s Feel Good Pilates rountine is a nice little warmer-upper for the winter months and gets the juices flowing if you just have 10 minutes to squeeze in a relaxing workout. I like cracking this one out on busy mornings to remind myself to take a bit of time out to breathe before the day goes full steam ahead.

THE RECIPE THAT’S WORTH A WHIRL – now this isn’t exactly seasonal because I know that pumpkins have had their ‘moment’, but my local supermarket still had a few tins of pumpkin puree hanging around so I made these Flourless & Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip Cookies. There were a few ingredients that I swapped around and I didn’t add so much chocolate to the mixture but they tasted incredible.

THE FITNESS CLOTHING PIECE TO ADD TO YOUR WARDROBE – the Varley section on Fashercise has been tempting me for a while now and when I spotted the new Pacific Skyscrape Leggings and Brentwood Technical Tank Top in stock, I did what I had to do. Sure they’re not the most purse-friendly of items; but the quality here is insanely good and rather flattering if I do say so myself. The leggings smooth over my tummy without creating muffin-top and are high enough that I don’t feel like I’m exposing a builder’s bum when I do downward dog and top is cut in a way that’s a little bit modern and different but still incredibly practical.

THE ROUTINE THAT I’LL BE DOING FOR DECEMBER – this month is packed-out socially, so if I manage to even do one or two bouts of exercise a week then I’ll give myself a pat on the back. I started the year feeling really strong fitness-wise, but injury meant running got put on hold for a while the whole year and it’s something that I really want to pick up again as Yoga has been sorting out my strength, but I need a bit more cardio in my life. I’d like 2016 to be my most fitness-packed year yet and with murmurs of participating in a Tough Mudder going through the family and me finally giving into the Personal Trainer thing (I have date for an induction in the diary!) I have a feeling it’s going to be just that. BRING. IT. ON.