The Complete Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

Exactly what I’ve got hanging in my wardrobe right now…

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I feel like even though I churn out ALL THE CAPSULE WARDROBE CONTENT, I’ve never given you the exact checklist of what’s hanging in my wardrobe at one moment. I haven’t done an audit like that since my extreme capsuling days, where I aimed to have just 37 items hanging up (à la the original Un-Fancy method). I’ve always put it off because I feel like giving an exact number is a tricky one; to some people it might seem like loads, but to others no where near enough. Turns out I’m not that far off from the 37 pieces – I have 43. I’m sort of shocked and actually quite chuffed with that number. It feels right for me and I thought it might be helpful to see the spread of how it’s all divvied up across the clothing categories. So below you’ll find a list of what’s in there (along with the exact links to the items most of the time as 95% of things are still available all these years later), and if you scroll down to the bottom you’ll find your very own checklist incase you fancy taking some inspiration from my autumn wardrobe formula…


My outerwear situation is a game of two halves. Half of my pieces are purely practical; things like my raincoat (dur) and my thick black pea coat come out to play when I’m freezing my nadgers off. However my lighter jackets are more for when I know I’m not going to be outside all that much, or it’s a mild day and I don’t need the bulk. Five jackets might seem like a lot, but they all cater for a slightly different niche and it’s good to have some coat variety, when the rest of your uniform pretty much stays the same.

1 x Raincoat*

1 x Trench Coat*

1 x Black Pea Coat*

1 x Grey Longline Blazer*

1 x Leather Jacket*



I’d day that although this section of my wardrobe gets more wear during the warmer months, I still like to have some options available for the cooler months too. They are good for layering, or for popping a vest top underneath for nice dinners out where you don’t fancy feeling like the Michelin Man in a chunky knit. I get the most use out of the t-shirts which I use under my larger knitwear pieces for more heat and to avoid me needing to wash them as often.

3 x Silk Shirts (Black*, White* & Rust*)

2 x Patterned Shirt (Striped* & Polka Dots*)

2 x Cotton Shirts (Black* & White*)

2 x Black T-Shirts*

2 x White T-Shirts*

1 x Stripe T-Shirt*



Being someone who is ALWAYS COLD, this collection of knitwear is basically what I spend 90% of my time in throughout the autumn and winter months. Whilst the thin wool turtleneck comes in handy for layering underneath other pieces, or on it’s own if I want more of an evening look. The rest I love to wear tucked into straight leg jeans, with boots and a coat slung over the top. It’s my happy place. My autumn uniform and I don’t think that will ever change. Most of these I’ve had for years; invest in a good quality cashmere and wool wash and a fabric comb and you’re set.

1 x Thin Long-Sleeve Wool Turtleneck*

3 x Cashmere Jumpers (Black*, White* & Grey*)

1 x Colour Jumper (I have Bottle Green*)

2 x Chunky Knits (White* & Brown*)

1 x Cardigan*



Seeing as my wardrobe is so trouser heavy (see below), I don’t have much in this category but I do find having a few alternative options helpful to get more distance from my outfit options. My latest addition is this leather dress which I just absolutely ADORE and plan on wearing to any and all fancy schmasny occasions for like, the next ten years. I also have a midi skirt that lives in my wardrobe all year round; no tights during the summer, tights during the winter – done. I love dungarees too and have two pairs. They are great for casual weekend outfits and layering over or under knitwear.

1 x Leather Dress*

1 x Midi Skirt*

2 x Dungarees (Black* & Cream*)



Jeans are my comfort-zone when it comes to bottom half dressing so I make sure that I have enough variations to keep things looking fresh in my wardrobe; hence the addition of things like leopard print and a cream denim. Being a trouser lover I also really appreciate the inclusion of a leather trouser, which works overtime for me during the cooler months – I love how they can really dress up any outfit. I do love my cords too, which being navy can look like denim but add some much needed texture to proceedings.

5 x Jeans (Black*, Blue*, Bleach*, Cream* & Leopard Print*)

1 x Leather Trousers*

1 x Cords*



My favourite category of shoes are boots. I love me a boot. They go with absolutely everything and so my autumn capsule wardrobe is boot heavy, with just one trainer option incase I need something that’s casual and quick to throw on. I like my boots to either be heavy-duty and chunky (these ones work even better once we enter the winter season), or softly pointed with a cowboy style heel as it’s the most flattering and works with jeans, trousers or if you have a bit of leg on show.

1 x Winter Black Boot*

4 x Heeled Boots (Black*, Brown Croc*, Snakeskin* & Leopard Print*)

1 x Flat Black Boot*

1 x Trainers*



Photos by Mark Newton