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Allow me to round up some of my faves…

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Putting together a list of my top 20 Kiehl’s* products was easy peasy. The cleanser I use every single day? The SPF that has been my favourite for the past three years? The mask I’ve just finished up? SURE, SURE. You can find what else made the cut HERE* (and keep on eye on my Instagram Stories at the end of the week as I might have a little something up my sleeve if you catch my drift, eh?). But today I’m editing it down the cream of the crop. The products that for the most part have aided my clear skin moments, given protection and bumped up my hydration levels for years, that are now so ingrained in my routine that they ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you’re a seasoned reader round these parts then there’s a high chance that you could close your eyes now and guess them all. Pop test time…


I have two favourites to mention here. One’s an oldie but a goodie, and the other is a new addition to my routine – the Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum*. I love a serum. They are the filling in the sandwich of your skincare routine designed to treat and provide a targeted solution. As someone whose skin is *stressed out* right now, I’m leaning more to products designed to soothe and comfort and this serum is doing exactly that, which in turn is leaving my complexion feeling less hydrated and angry and prone to breaking out. Sometimes you just need a product that feels like a hug for your skin and this is giving my chops a cosy snuggle. In terms of something that I bring in when my skin needs a good talking to, I’m all about the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque*. This post is nicely timed because I’ve literally just scooped the last smidge of product from my tub. A non-drying clay mask is hard to come by, but this gets the job done and my skin feels squeaky clean afterwards, without a trace of tightness. I love it and it’s something that I always have in my stash ready to go whenever a breakout is getting out of hand and needs calming down.



It’s in this category that I feel Kiehl’s outdoes itself. The Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30* is absolute perfection and is the best in show when it comes to daily sun protection that never feels greasy, heavy or clogging on the skin. The finish? *Chef’s Kiss*. It leaves my skin looking glowy and juicy and perfectly prepped whether I’m having a makeup-free day, or applying a base afterwards. If I had to pick a favourite favourite from Kiehl’s – this would be it. A runner-up would be the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50*. Although I tend to go for the SPF 30 on a daily basis, the SPF 50 is what I reach for if I’m venturing out beyond my four walls during the summer or if I’m on holiday. If I’m out for an extended period of time then this is what I’m slapping on. Feather-light it gives a high protection without a dusty feel on the skin; instead giving the glow that Kiehl’s are known for. Basically if you’re going to make a purchase from this line-up, make it one of these and you won’t be disappointed.



A good glow starts with cleansing and I feel like I don’t even need to mention it here, but I will…. Centella Sensitive Facial Cleanser*. I MEAN!!! I’m on about my sixth bottle of the stuff. It’s the product that appears most in my DM’s in an ‘OH MY WORD THANK YOU FOR RECOMMENDING THIS’ kind of way, and I regularly get into chats with people in the line at my local Kiehl’s shop about why I feel the need to buy two bottles at a time. If you want a cleanser that leaves you skin soft and clean, but never stripped, look no further. In terms of what to layer over the top though? I do enjoy the Kiehl’s Glow Formula*; a simple product that does what it says on the tin. I like using it as my first step in my makeup routine as a hydrating primer with skin-loving properties – it’s a fab all-rounder.

Oh you want the J.Lo limbs? Well then you need to have the Crème de Corps* on hand. It’s a classic for a reason and a product I’ve used for years in all it’s different forms, but these days I like using the original the most. It always comes with me whenever I travel because it gives that sheen to the skin, but not the ‘I’m a slippery seal’ greasy way. Mix in a pump of the Glow Formula* for extra *SHINE*.


Photos by Mark Newton