The Budget Bath Time

Who’s ready for things to get a little drugstore round these parts today? Can I hear Boo, Boots? Aside from shining the light on some of my current not-too-pricey beauty favourites on my YouTube channel, I thought for this weekend post I’d attempt to seek out the perfect bath time pamper routine for under a tenner which is a much harder task than you’d first think. While scouring the aisles I found that even some of the cheaper body scrubs would break my £10 limit. Madness. But I succeeded and found a trio that do the job – just add a candle, a good read. In need of a soak, scrub and moisturiser that all perform in a luxe fashion and won’t break the bank? Well welcome to the budget friendly bath time…

THE SOAKSimple Relaxing Bath Soak – (on sale at) £1.40. If you’re expecting suds, bubbles and a fanfare this then one isn’t for you, but it does leave your bath kinda milky and smelling so good. Like slumber-inducing good. A lavender-y, sleepy scent that won’t dry your skin out, but will mean you flop into bed after.

THE SCRUBThe Sanctuary Salt Scrub Bar – £5.50. I really like this. It’s like a bar of soap but with salty scrubby bits in which makes exfoliating so easy and means you don’t end up with little particles floating around the bath and scratching your backside. I recommend using it post shaving (though it stings a tad) to reduce the chance of pesky ingrown hairs.

THE MOISTURISERVaseline Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion – (on sale at) £1.49. It smells like cake – do I even need to say anymore? A lotion that leaves skin looking sheeny and healthy but without the greasy ‘I need to air myself out before putting clothes on’ feeling. It keeps things nourished till the next day and works well at keeping the scales at bay between fake tanning applications.

THE TOTAL = £8.39

See you’d never even guess you still had enough left over to buy a chocolate bar too. In fact, chow down on that while in you’re in the tub as well.