The Best Wardrobe Investments I’ve Ever Made

There are no surprises here…

With the weather finally experiencing a two day rain-free, semi-sunny streak, my mind is beginning to wander to thoughts of warmer times and a spring capsule wardrobe. BUT, before we get too ahead of ourselves (expect a video of my winter-to-spring switch, planning and haul coming up next month), I thought I’d take a moment to assess the current situation that’s hanging up in my closet and talk through the items that have really added serious milage to my everyday outfits. Let’s not beat around the bush – there will be NO surprises here – but I do think it’s worth throwing in a rather obvious post to really hammer home the basics that I return to time and time again. Not only on a purely selfish level does it help me to see where it’s worth investing the pennies in my clothing choices, it might help you to do the same and give you a nudge for your next purchase, or make you realise that the jumper that you’ve got in your basket that’s composed of 100% pure itch-inducing goodness just isn’t worth the splurge. Here are the five (ok six) items in my wardrobe that I would wear every single day if I could…

Whistles Navy Pea Coat & Camel Coat. Here’s where I’ve sneaked the extra item in, but it’s because I often couple these two coats together as in my experience, Whistles coats are THE ONE. I’ve tried a fair amount of outerwear from the high-end side of the high-street, but nothing stands the test of time quite like ’em. It’s not only because they’re thick, warm and well made, they’re also cut in timeless styles that I just can’t ever see me going off. Who doesn’t want to feel like Olivia Pope, eh? The Navy Pea Coat (similar style here), is one I’ve had for over two years and is possibly my favourite coat in my wardrobe because I just feel very ‘me’ when I wear it. Plus IT’S NAVY! It’s not even black! Tricked ya! Then there’s this Camel Wrap Coat (similar style here), which is just the chicest thing that I own. I love that I can wear it with ripped jeans and Converse and it’s cool and casual for the weekend, or I could wear it with heels and wrapped up with its tie to feel super fancy for an evening out. Kate Middleton eat your heart out.

Acne Jensen Leather Boots. I’m always torn whenever I write about these boots because my first week of wearing them had me hobbling around in pain and wondering if the blisters on the backs of my ankles would ever heel. Would I ever be able to walk in them without limping along and clutching on to Mark for support? Turns out the answer is yes. Should shoes require wearing in? I’m not too sure, but I can say that the pain of these subsided in a week and now slipping them on is akin to wearing slippers – so in a weird twisted way, my week of agony was worth it. The thing I like the most about these – aside from the fact that they go with everything (tried and tested™️) – is the shape and little details that the high-street dupes miss. There’s the little heel pull at the back which actually does come in handy when it comes to hoiking these on your boats. Plus the little metal detail around the toe is a subtle nod that just makes them a lil’ different from the rest.

Equipment Sloane Cashmere Jumpers. When I really started to embrace the ‘investment purchases’ end of capsule wardrobes (R.I.P BANK ACCOUNT), I thought it was a smart idea to invest in two cashmere jumpers from Equipment. It cost me a small fortune and although on the outside they don’t look much different to your average crew neck cashmere jumper, I can say that 18 months down the line I can see why they’re worth the price tag. Whereas cheaper styles have morphed shape with tight arms and long bodies, these bad boys have stayed in their allocated fit. Others have bobbled and need a comb with my cashmere brush every time they are washed, but these are hardy folk that need the odd bobble removed every couple of months. It makes me feel ill to look at the price, but I would honestly invest in another colour because they’re THAT GOOD. Just close your eyes when you checkout.

Equipment Silk Shirts. Speaking of Equipment, around 18 months ago when the cashmere jumper addiction really took hold, I also discovered silk shirts (I really did mean R.I.P BANK ACCOUNT). Being the profuse sweater that I am (and someone who always goes on about it – SOZ), synthetic fabrics under my armpits create their own special stench which really doesn’t make me feel too fresh. Of course I still sweat in natural fabrics too, but I feel the pong is a little less and upon this discovery silk shirts and I became BFFs. Again there are good dupes out there – which actually come the closest out of any of the items mentioned here, & Other Stories do some fab ones – but the Equipment ones just pip ’em slightly to the post and again it’s down to the aftercare and quality. They wash well (although they say ‘dry clean only’ OOPS – washing guide here), require minimal ironing and I never seem to get static whenever I’m wearing one. A FAB year-round staple for me.

Celiné Trio Pouch Bag. I won’t blabber on too much about this here, because I do plenty of rambling in my recent handbag collection video, but this bag really is the dog’s bollocks. As I mention in the video, I don’t think that the leather is the best quality out there, but in terms of practicality I’m just not sure that there’s a better bag. It feels safe, is easy to wear with anything and everything and I can easily fit all that I need to in there without it beginning to look like a bulging bin bag. Of course I’d love to throw my Loewe Puzzle Bag in there too, but seeing as I’ve literally had it for a matter of weeks, we might have to wait a year or two for it to appear on a list of this kind (although it’s my favourite bag at the moment and I try and find a way to incorporate it into every outfit). Quick tip with the Celiné – go for the large. Size matters here ladies.

Photos by Lauren Shipley

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