The #BeautyChatLIVE Vlog

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 15.15.25

Vlogs are like buses right? You wait yonks for one and then a 30-min long video plonks itself down in your sub box. I always knew the two-week long #BeautyChatLIVE vlog would be a lengthy one, but this warrants some serious viewing time; watch while making dinner, hanging washing or indulging in the world’s longest prune-inducing bath. #BeautyChatLIVE was seriously awesome (make a drinking game out of this video by taking a shot each time I say ‘excited‘, ‘awesome‘ and ‘cool‘) and watching back this video after editing gives me the warm fuzzies. There’s #SpotUpdate, an explanation of how I ended up having a nap on a Space NK staffroom floor and a sneak peek into the #BeautyChatLIVE sessions themselves. I’m crossing my fingers they’ll be a next time. Can Lily and I just do this every week please?