The Beauty Bag with My Sister


Sister, sister! For this month’s drop of The Beauty Bag, I’ve managed to rope in my sister, Megan, to unload the the contents of her bathroom shelves and share. We’re different in many ways: she’s brave, I’m a wimp, she’s calm, I’m a hothead, she got the long lash gene, I did not and we couldn’t be more different when it comes to cosmetics. I write about the stuff everyday, but Megan is more of a special occasion wearer, however she does love a good ol’ bath and body product. I’ve never known one single person to own so many sugar scrubs. So be prepared to raid her bodycare bumf and hear about the products that keep her skin silky soft, with a few current beauty favourites thrown in…

My MAC 15 Pan Pro Eyeshadow Palette is more of a special occasion thing as on a daily basis I don’t wear any makeup as being outside all day for work means it just melts off my face. Maybe mascara, if I can be bothered/have time. When it comes to my favourites, obviously All That Glitters because it’s the only one that I’ve ‘hit pan’ on. I use Satin Taupe quite a bit – that was one of the first ones I got actually. Erm and Patina, there’s a bit of a dent in there. So for mascara I use Seventeen’s Black Lash, this is one that you gave me and it’s actually quite good. I like this one because it’s a thin formula that doesn’t clump. I don’t need anything that bulks up my lashes, I just need some colour and the brush is nice and bushy. But I always have to use cotton buds to clear it up because I get in such a mess. It goes on my nose, my eyelids, everywhere (I point out that this is because she has the world’s naturally longest and curliest lashes – she could do mascara adverts, seriously).

Another special occasion thing is Benefit’s Coralista Blush. I went through a Benefit box blush stage – do you remember? I think I’ve got most of them. We used to watch people’s Benefit box blush collection videos on YouTube and then I’d head to Boots. I remember it was my first pay cheque and it was about the time that you were getting really into makeup and I was like ‘I’m going to do that too’! I went a bit mad at the Benefit counter and picked up like four things and this was one of them. Still love it years later.

Oh my god I can’t live without the Carmex Cherry Lip Balm. I’m in the double digits for how many I’ve used of them. I love Carmex so much that I have been known to import in scents that we can’t get over here from eBay – I once purchased a mint one and it was lovely, but I always come back to Cherry. Something else that’s handy are Twistbands. You can never have too many hairbands, plus these ones look nice on your wrist too.

*Takes in a deep sniff from the top of a tube of Laura Mercier’s Hand Crème in Crème de Pistache* – doesn’t this stuff smell nice? It’s in my bag that I don’t use that often, but when I remember it, well I’m happy. Another moisturiser I use is the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Concentrated Cream. I bought it when I was out meeting a friend and I’d been to the gym, had a shower there and my face was so dry but I didn’t have any moisturiser with me. So I went into Boots, picked this up and it’s sooooo good. I use it everywhere, but I mostly use it on my face. It smells amazing, it’s really thick and it’s also supposed to be good for marks and scars. Can you see here? I had two, not really spots, like scabs almost on my face and they were really bad. I don’t think they’re looking too bad at this minute, but earlier in the week they weren’t great and whatever I was using on them wasn’t doing much. But when you asked me to put this little pack together I remembered this, tried it on them and within a couple of days it was so much better. It’s my do-everything moisturiser.

I like stuff that smells good if you can’t tell already and the Original Source Shower Gel in Vanilla and Raspberry is the best. It smells like Mum’s Bakewell Tart. And they do a Mint Chocolate one as well and that smells great, but it does look a bit like poo.”

Nice, thanks Megan.