The Beauty Bag: April

I toyed with a few thematic choices for this month’s beauty bag, but instead I decided to plump for the most chlichéd of them all – a regime spring clean. Most probably because I need to complete the ritual myself and take a dose of my own medicine, but also becuase I love a good clear out and clean up of the stash. Prepare to rinse out your brushes (it can be our little secret the date you washed them last), swap in a cleaner than clean skin cleanser and tweak your current daily makeup rotation all in just five not too pricey products. It’s Monday, the first of the month and a Bank Holiday for us UK peeps; could there be a better day to put down the pack of mini eggs (guilty) and get your beauty bag in order for the upcoming month in order? I think not…

To initiate the spring clean you got to rewind it right back to the start and tend to your brushes. I just luuuurve the Dr Bronners 18-in-1 Pure Castile Soap for this; a runny formula that transforms into deep cleaning bubbles in one swish of a brush and ousts the deep rooted makeup like no other. Keep the soap close and attempt a deep clean once a week – shall we make it a little pact? Fab, ok moving on; with cleansed brushes, it’s only right to ramp up your skin cleansing routine. I’m a diehard Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm fan, oh I am, but I’ve extended my bevy of balms to include Elemental Herbology’s Purify & Soothe Facial Cleansing Balm*. Slightly thicker than Emma Hardie’s offering, so a little more suited to drier skins and without any fancy scents – it’s a stripped back offering that does exactly what it says on the tube.

For makeup I propose just three products to get those cosmetics cogs moving in a more springlike fashion. A dewy base is always ‘in‘ and is something that I can very easily get behind, who doesn’t love a good glow? Bourjois’ new Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix Foundation* is a rather good option to create a sheen while scrimping. The best of the budget foundation board I’ve found, so into the bag it goes. Mascara needs to be swapped in for a new tube every six months (yawn, groan, I know), so in goes a new one of L’Oreal Telescopic’s Waterproof Mascara. I’ll leave it at that. A recent find and one that I’ve been striping on since I scouted it out in the aisles of Superdrug is Revlon’s Baby Stick for Lips & Cheeks in Pink Passion. A flipping bright fuschia might not seen like an obvious choice for me but it gives an equally gorgeous glow to the apples or pout and I’ve liked sporting it on the lips paired with mascara and base for an inconspicuous splash of colour.

Five products into April’s beauty bag that shall have my brushes, stash and skin looking squeaky clean and spring-esque in no time. Done and dusted. Regime rotation sorted out, you know what else is a good way to see in the month? Chowing down on another pack of mini eggs. Cause one more won’t hurt will it? 

*PR Sample


  • Loren Scutt

    You are the first person who has said you like the Revlon Baby Sticks! I haven’t yet tried them but I hear they are far to sheer to work with and quite waxy.

  • Rosie

    I absolutely love the way you write your posts! Who knows maybe we will see you as Beauty Editor in a high flying magazine 🙂

  • oleta

    I really want to try the Revlon Baby Sticks! I toyed between the Boujois Healthy mix and the revlon nearly naked I went with revlon in the end! xx

  • Chelsey Westby

    Of course one more pack of mini eggs wont hurt, but in my case it is one more creme egg! The Revlon baby stick looks like such a gorgeous colour, definitely one I’ll be looking for on my next boots or superdrug trip. xo

  • Maddy Cane

    One more definitely won’t hurt! I really want to try the Healthy Mix Serum because it sounds so much better than their foundation! xxx


  • All of these sound amazing! I have never herd of the revlon baby sticks though. I will have to check them out next rime i shop 🙂

  • xxs

    what shade is your bourjois foundation? x

  • talisa

    Love the minimal contents. Beauty is meant to accentuate your features, not cover them up!

  • Millie

    Your writing style is so so good! I need to try the bourjois foundation…


  • I didn’t know the Revlon baby sticks were out here yet! Bobbi Brown used to do a cheek and lip tint which looked the exact same. Might have to go for a swatching session soon! xx

  • Maxine Whitney

    That Revlon Baby Stick is GORGEOUS! Right at the top of my wishlist I think!

    Maxine, xx

  • Pippa Jones

    Looks like some good choices 🙂

    Pipp xx

  • Rocio Letitbecosy

    I actually nearly bought Bourjois’ new foundation but the lady at the counter said it was almost identical to the serum, which I own, so I didn’t get it. Was she right?
    Oh and I love the look of the Revlon Baby Stick!! You can never go wrong with lip + cheeks products, they are so handy!

  • Heidi Wright
  • Danessa Martinez

    I love Dr Bronners soap. I even use it to wash my son. I’m dying to try the bourjois healthy mix foundations.

  • Amysbeautyjournal

    Love this! The revlon blusher sticks sounds amazing, might need to get my hands on one of these soon x

    Amy |

  • Beca Alderson

    I just invested in the healthy mix foundation this afternoon, I hope it’s as good as I’m expecting! 😀 xxx

  • Ah, I would love to be able to try the Bourjois’ foundation. It’s something that’s not available in the States. The Revlon duo reminds be of the Clinique duo. Great choices.

  • Laura Galve

    Oh dear, my brushes are loving the Dr. Bronner’s soap!x

  • beth.willcox

    Hey anna, i just want to say your blog is my absolute favourite, perfect posts with the most beautiful layout. it really is a pleasure to read! i look forward to ‘the sunday post’ every single week. reading your posts often perks up my day if i’m having a bad one. i’m 14 years old and i really do look up to you. i totally believe in great skincare and love caroline hirons (on your reccomendation). sorry if this is super cheesy and annoying but i just thought maybe it’d be a nice thing to

  • beautyandtheb

    The revlon stick looks gorgeous, may have to get one of these!!

    B xxx

  • Katja

    I absolutely love the way you write! Your posts always make me smile – thanks for that! xx

  • Alice

    ooooh revlons baby stick looks very appetising!

  • Letters To Lashes

    I love these monthly make up bag posts, makes me want to spring clean my own kit! Do the baby sticks feel as moisturising as a lip balm? I tempted to buy one but I hate lip products that aren’t moisturising! x

  • Marina Blissious

    Revlon’s Baby Stick looks absolutely amazing!!!

  • Aurora Ammy

    Haha, your posts are so wittily written, I love reading them! I have just started to swap my beauty bag up as well. Starting by buying a new Primark number to keep all the goodies in! Lovely post.

  • katherine.parkes

    would love a review of the revlon baby stick! x

  • romantics

    Alright, alright. You’ve convinced me. I’ll try the L’Oreal Telescopic next time I’m in CVS. I know how much you love that stuff!!


  • Celine

    Love your blog posts so much!!

  • Camey

    Hooray, time for another beauty bag! Loved finding out your picks for this month. L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof doesn’t seem to exist in the US, I’ve only ever seen the non-waterproof version – so weird!

  • Jamie Lewis

    LOVE the post!!! The new Revlon cheek and lip sticks are AMAZE very much like Tarte!!! And Dr. Brommers is a MUST have . Brush Cleaner, Body wash, Overall cleanser.. PHENOMENAL!!!

    xo- Jamie {}

  • Stevie-Rose Miller

    I got that Bastille Soap in a beauty box and never really known what’s the best use for it. I’ve yet to find an effective way of cleaning my make up brushes so this will be perfect!!

  • I love this series of posts! I really want to try the elemental herbology facial cleansing balm! I love switching things up in my beauty bag!