The Battle of the Volume Sprays

Given that they are a product that I spritz on every day, I have no idea why they haven’t cropped up in a whole post of their own until now. Volume sprays – the cans of backcombing in a bottle that you can apply anytime, anywhere on an ad-hoc basis. I love ’em. They keep things from looking too shinny and primped, adding a matte finish and tousled texture; second day hair without the grease if you will. Many make a whole host of promises: volume, texture, oil-ridding. But which one rules the roost? Let me tell you…

For a matte mopOribe Dry Texturising SpraySpace NK. Oh hello you. You knew this one would be the headliner before you even clicked on the title, right? The main thing this delivers on is texture, dispersing a matte mist at the roots and lengths; but texture and volume go hand in hand and there’s no denying that my hair gets a lift whenever this is applied. I currently have four bottles (I know, *weeps into a tin of cold baked beans*) dotted around the flat.

For cleaning things upBumble and Bumble Pret â PowderBumble and Bumble (coming soon). This one differs from the others in its set-up; instead it’s a white powder that has to be shaken on hair and blended in. A volume powder going back to its roots. Get it? Though this does deliver on oomph I find it best to mop up grease on ‘damn I really need to wash my hair but CBA’ days. Here’s a tip: after some trial and error (and pouring powder all over my completed face of makeup), I realised it’s best to put a bit into your hands and dust on with your fingertips.

For big hair with holdSerge Normant Volumising Dry ShampooSpace NK. I spoke about the tress-setting properties of this last week; it really is a volume spray/dry shampoo/hairspray hybrid. There is a touch of a grey tint left behind, but it’s nothing that a quick juzch can’t fix and afterwards my hair is huge and stays huge. For like the whole day, seriously.

For a bit of everythingOscar Blandi Pronto Volume and Texture SpraySephora. Currently unavailable in the UK, this is one to pick up on your next US adventure (or stock up, I’ve got two bottles of the stuff). It’s a bit like the Oribe, but creates a more piecey texture; perfect for wannabe beach babe locks. Plus, I’m pretty into the citrus scent (though it’s a bit of a marmite thing so I’ve heard).

For a budget bout of volumeCharles Worthington Salon at Home Volume and Bounce Texturising SprayBoots. Volume? Check. Texture? Check. Big hair? Oh yes. Finding a dry volume spray in the aisles of Boots is harder than you think, but this one is spot on…well kinda. It can become a little hairspray-like for my tastes, though for the price you can’t go wrong. Like a slightly more tacky-in-finish Oribe.

In an unsurprising conclusion, the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray really is d’bomb all-round. But there’s an unexpected formula from Charles Worthington coming in a close second. Bank balances of volume-loving gals around the world can (sort of) breathe a sigh of relief.