The Bathroom Spring Clean

A few weeks back I let you guys in on a clip of me cleaning my bathroom. I know – quality entertainment over here. I had a little rearrange, streamline and clear-up in the process and as a few of you asked for a more in-depth peek around my stash I thought I’d cobble the results together a rather mundane, but organisation freaks dream of a Weekend Post. I’ve broken it down into five points to consider and depending on how out of control the product strewn corner of your bathroom has got I say reserve just under an hour in the schedule, load up an episode or two of The Mindy Project on your laptop and balance it precariously on the corner of your bath (maybe ignore that point) and fish out your rubber gloves…

1. Get Cleaning. It’s an obvious one, but before it’s time to move onto the fun bit you’ve got to make sure your shelves, sinks and all the nooks and crannies are looking brand-spanking new. Throw everything on to your bathroom matt or clear it from the room completely. On a side note I use the Method Bathroom Cleaner which does make things look like the after of a cleaning product advert. I got it because it looked all fancy and Pinterest-y, which is most unlike your conventional household stuffs, but it is really rather good.

2. Streamline. The reason things had got so crammed on my shelves is that I’d let everything pile up – use things once and then let them have permanent residency – so it was time to comb through, leaving only the creme de la creme to have their spot. Really think about your skincare routine – What do you use everyday? What isn’t floating your boat? And get things down to as smaller number as they can be. Keep things that you reach for every morn and night out on display and store more occasional products like tanners, face masks and brush cleaners away.

3. Rediscover. Now I don’t know about you, but my arsenal of shower gels, skincare stuffs, body oils, tanners, buffers etc etc rivals that of any other beauty category. I think I have enough moisturisers to keep my limbs silky for the next 10 years – it’s bad. So this is the time to have a little re-jig, sort through your stocks and re-find some old good’uns. Switch things in, bin anything that’s expired and make a pile for family members and friends to dig into of bits and bobs that you’re never going to use. You never know what you’ll find.

4. Not all flannels are created equally. This might be a bit of a weird one to throw in, but while in the process of cleaning up I realised that it was time to replace my flannels that I use for daily cleansing. Previously I’d picked up the cheapest one I could find in Primark, but after grabbing some in John Lewis the other day in a rush I realised that the J.L offerings were oh-so-soft and felt seriously dreamy on the skin. Sounds bizarre – but it’s worth shopping around for your flannels. Who knew?

5. Storage. Daily grabs in the skincare, shower and bathing category are kept out on display, but the rest of my bathroom bumf is kept in this handy tower from MUJI. I take up two drawers, Mark has one and the bottom one keeps all our cleaning clan in it. Another tip would be to use empty candle containers as holders for your array of cotton products – there’s a how-to post here. Fill them up with buds and pads and then it’s time to admire your work or Instagram it if you’re anything like me. Actually tag me @ViviannaMakeup on Instagram if you get round to it today – you know I love that sort of stuff. #VirgosUnite.