The Basics You Need For Your Winter Capsule Wardrobe

It’s time to wrap up…


Yep my winter capsule wardrobe has arrived. Well, kinda. I set out my plan a fortnight ago, did the groundwork, made the orders and then when it all arrived I realised that some of my picks were just a little off the mark/I couldn’t fit them past my knees. I try everything on in the video and give you twirl of all that I purchased – the good and the bad – however I think I need some of your input in sourcing out the final items, so have a scroll to the bottom of this post for that.

Instead of talking through items that I own in today’s blog post, I thought I’d mull over some winter capsule additions that are a little more trend-led than what I usually go for, but will elevate everyday items that you already own. Plus, most you’ll still be able to nab as part of the Black Friday discounts – check out this post for the low-down – so get ready to bundle yourself up with a bargain…



I can pretty much guarantee that only one in ten people that dons a beret or a baker boy cap doesn’t look like they’ve found it in their Grandma’s dressing up box. I can also pretty much guarantee that next year we’ll all be like ‘Hey, do you remember last year we were all obsessed with baker boy hats, berets and Gemma Collins memes – sorry MEM-AYS – wasn’t that funny?’. However these points do not stop me wanting one. I’ve tried both on and can confirm that I sit firmly in the ‘does not suit’ camp, but that hasn’t stopped me putting one in my bag on ASOS and taking it out again, approximately 56 times. If you too are feeling undeniable peer-pressure from the likes of Allana and Liv, who look flippin’ amazing in theirs, then I’d recommend checking out Topshop for berets and ASOS for baker boys. The Topshop berets come in a glorious palette of ice cream-like colours and are a steal at £12, so it’s not too painful if they end up at a charity shop next season. Then the ASOS baker boys come in a nice neutral selection, again all under the £20 mark. Plus both are a good way to spice up old outfits AND keep your head warm.




Long boots and I haven’t had the best of relationships. I coveted the Stuart Weitzman ones for about two years and THANK GAWD I didn’t buy them, because I ended up buying a pair from ASOS that were too high and I never wore them. In fact I think I can count on one hand how often I wore them. I hate having items like that in my wardrobe so I sucked up my loss and passed them onto a friend, patting myself on the back for not buying the ridiculously pricey pair, but still feeling pants that they didn’t work out. However they are still on my radar – why can’t I shake them, eh? I think where I went wrong last time was with the heel height. I rarely get really dressed up and even when I do I like it to look pretty casual, so I think a low-heel would be a better fit in my wardrobe and more versatile too. These Mango Over The Knee Block Heel Boots (from ASOS so you can get your Black Friday 20% off!) have got my name written all over them.




You know my deal with dresses. It’s just very rare that I find one that I feel truly ‘me’ and comfortable in and it’s even more of a rarity that I find one that I can wear out of formal-only situations. Wear a dress during the day?! Who’d have thought it. The thing is though, a lot of the gals I follow on Instagram wear dresses ALL. THE. TIME. So I have to say that I’m itching to dip my toe and bare ankles back in the pool again. Thankfully there is a winter suitable option, thanks to good ol’ tights and a midi-length; it’s not ankle length, nor knee, but somewhere in the middle. It works perfectly with ankle boots and a long coat and it doesn’t have to look like you’re on your way to be a wedding guest. Of course all the ones that I like are neutral and/or black, although there are a few patterned ones below that I like the look of too. I think the key here is go simple with the rest of your styling; wear a larger bag so that it can’t be confused with a clutch, don’t fuss too much with your hair, keeps the layers and lines simple and you’ll look so frickin’ chic.




If you watched my winter capsule wardrobe planning video, then you’ll know that a faux fur, maybe leopard print, coat has been top of my list for years. If I dig out my teenage Christmas lists that I wrote for my parents way past the age that it was acceptable to write Christmas lists for your parents, then I’m pretty sure that you’d spot ‘Topshop Leopard Print Coat’ on there. I should have taken the plunge years ago and then I wouldn’t have wasted all this time longing for one, because actually they kind of make me look like a Michelin Man who is smuggling a large sack of potatoes under their coat. I just can’t seem to make them work – watch today’s video for further evidence of this. So I’m thinking that maybe a teddy bear coat should be the way to go? You still get the warmth, but it’s a thinner textured fabric so it doesn’t add so much bulk. I’ll make an order and report back, but the two that are tickling my fancy the most are the Whistles Ultimate Teddy Coat and the Mango Colour Block Long Coat (both 20% off – WHOOP!).


Photos by Lauren Shipley

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