The Autumn Launches That Have Sneaked Into My Beauty Routine

Did someone say a RED LIP?!?

Autumn fashion is completely my bag. It’s the time of year that I look forward to style-wise where I can put all my camisoles and skirts that I never wear despite good intentions, into storage and get out the coats and jackets and boots and scarfs and knitwear that I just ADORE. However, autumn makeup always feels a bit stale for me – it’s the complete opposite of how I feel about fall fashion. Bronzers that look completely fab during the sunny summer months now look muddy and powdery on my skin that has decided to replicate the dry ol’ landscape of the Sahara. Makeup sits differently, the dark mornings make application practically a blindfolded process and I just don’t much fancy a berry lip….. yet.

Of course I’m over-egging it a bit because actually there have been some beauty items that have creeped into my routine; some skincare, some makeup and a perfume too. So today I’m introducing you to my most-used items: the autumn edition…


Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum. For full transparency I worked on the launch for this brand in the U.K with the lovely lot from Space NK, but I can hand on my heart say that this product (along with a few other bits from the range) are just absolutely incredible. My skin feels so darn soft and in good condition and I can’t see there being a time in the close future where I’m not using them in my routine. I have a full post on my skincare routine coming soon, but their version of a Vitamin C serum is probably the stand out for me because Vitamin C serums on the whole are kind of rank. They’re thick, they’re gritty, some can be a bit too much on my sensitive skin – but this one works fantastically and doesn’t ball up under makeup either, which is a huge plus compared to others I’ve used.

Weleda Skin Food. This product is having a moment. It’s everywhere. You know how years ago everyone was raving on about Bioderma like it was the ultimate cool girl holy grail? Well these days it’s this. Now let me warn you – this stuff is THICK. Some will find the texture absolutely too much and 100% understand (for me it’s too thick to use all over the face). However as someone who suffers with particularly dry skin all over my body, this works wonders at keeping my knees, feet, elbows and hands hydrated and greasy (in a good way). I do like to use it on my face, but like a highlight – deposited directly on areas where I need extra glow and steering clear of those where I don’t. For the price it’s a really good multi-tasker to have in your winter emergency beauty stash.


Vita Liberata Beauty Blur in Latte Light. If you’re not a fan of your face looking a bit like a mirror then step away from this product because it adds shine like no other. Personally I quite enjoy the ‘You could fry an egg on my face‘ look and the teeny tiny shimmer particles that are dispersed throughout this low-coverage formula do exactly that. It’s sheer and it’s über dewy, so for me it’s something to add to a base that has a tad more pigment but needs a bit more glow, or just to wear on its own whenever I’m having a good skin day.

CHANEL Ombre Premiere in Terre Brûlée. When the autumn rocks around I’m all about the orange-tinted eyeshadow. Who am I kidding? I’m about the orange-tinted eyeshadows all year long, but there’s something about this time of year that makes me embrace them even harder. The slightly more bold shades! The shimmer! The mattes! I love them all. This is a cream shimmer eyeshadow that isn’t packed with glitter, but more glimmering notes that leave a nice sheen on the lid. Pair it with a primer and once this stuff dries down it ain’t going anywhere.

CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet in Emotive and Liquid Powder in Radical. These were both released as part of their autumn range and I have to say these colours in particular are exceptional. First up – Emotive. I sometimes find that nudes released at this time of year can be too brown or mauve which really isn’t my vibe, but this is perfectly pink – just like a slightly muted, slightly rusty version. Nice. Radical is a classic orange red, but the formula is something else. It’s a powder that turns into a liquid once it comes into contact with the skin and leaves more of a sheer stain rather than a full-on load of colour. Being a fan of barely-there textures in general, this is great if you want to rock the ‘no makeup, makeup’ vibes and some kind of colour on the lip.


Clean Reserve Sel Santal Eau de Parfum. You know Jamie Genevieve? Well, she smells fab. The transaction was simple; I asked her what perfume she used, she said this and then the next day I bought myself a bottle and have loved it ever since. You know me and perfumes – I’m not a huge fan. A lot of them make me feel ill and some I have to wash off immediately after spritzing, but the Clean Reserve range are a safe bet for me. They’re all light and airy, without feeling heavy at all and this one in particular has something a bit woody and sultry about it and is definitely more of an AW scent for me. Citron Fig for the summer, and this for the cooler months.

Photos by Emma Croman

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