Birchbox, Beauty and Babes

Occasions sometimes arise where I have a brow-furrowing, head shaking, ‘Is this real life?‘ moment, but without the trip to the Dentist prior. Case in point: an email arriving in my inbox from the team at Birchbox inviting me over to New York to sample a snippet of Big Apple life. I know. Madness. A four day whistle-stop tour of NYC of all things Birchbox including: a snoop around their HQ (there’s a lot of pink, a huge chalkboard wall and the Editorial Director, Mollie Chen, shares my loves for cookies and cocktails – babe), a chance to meet with some founders of their favourite handpicked brands and a look backstage at the NYFW Ruffian SS14 show which they collaborated on the nail design for. I thought I’d share, so think of this as a speedy peruse over my diary for the past few days with a hefty photo load. Here are the highlights – it was a toughie to cut down

Meeting with Sarah Tay. Now I’d heard of and tried some bits from Tay Skincare before. An all-natural brand, that’s stocked on Cult Beauty in the UK and loaded up with pure essential oils, antioxidants and all-round skincare goodness without the nasties. The founder, Sarah Tay (another babe) invited us into her workshop in her back yard in Brooklyn and talked us through the brand, while feeding us up on fruit and macaroons and letting us pet her rabbit that was hopping around and joining in the fun. As if that wasn’t cute enough, she treated us to a personalised blend of their best-selling All Purpose Shea Butter – to which I plumped to have Argan Oil and Tea Tree Oil mixed in, which smells ah-mazing. My new dry cuticle companion.

A bit of calm from Caudalie. Another kick-ass beauty business woman that we were lucky enough to meet was Mathilde Thomas, one half of the husband and wife team that started up Caudalie. Being a bit of a fan, I thanked her personally for making the Divine Legs and Beauty Elixir and then followed that up with a heart-eyed emjoi gaze in her direction. While sipping on wine (grapes, wine and Caudalie go way back) we had a little mini facial that felt so good that Patricia, Lily and I all ended up purchasing the same product on exit – their Grape Water. A refreshing mist that sits somewhere between those water sprays that are good for cooling and something with souped-up skincare benefits like the Beauty Elixir. I’ll report back on this one.

Backstage at Ruffian and some snazzy talons. New York label Ruffian and Birchbox have struck up quite the friendship and for this season’s show they collaborated on the nail design; with Ruffian coming up with a selection colours and the Birchbox Facebook fans having the deciding vote as to which ones made it to the models nails. Three shades made the cut – a metallic green, purple and orange. The cuticle cut colour manicure is something that Ruffian have been doing for years – so much so that it’s dubbed ‘The Ruffian Mani’ – so they stuck with tradition and striped on the fan picked shades on the bed and finished off the rest of the nail with a classic nude. A tricky one to try at home but I might get a little funky with some stickers if I’m feeling fancy. We’ll see.

Sample stocking up at Birchbox Local. Our final trip was to the New York Fashion Week timed pop-up in Chelsea Market – Birchbox Local, which was sort of set-up like a one-stop beauty shop. A place to chill, charge and surf the wi-fi (much appreciated), indulge in a little pamper and shop the best of Birchbox. My favourite bit though? A sample stock-up bar where you were armed with a box and a five product limited. A ‘make your own Birchbox’, like a sweet shop – but beauty style. I plumped for some bits from Mally, Serge Normat and Twistband.

And if you’d like to see the above, plus more, in video format then return to these parts tomorrow as there’s a vlog on the way. Oh yes I’ve got all bases covered. In terms of Birchbox on UK shores, I’ve heard a sneaky snippet of info about next months box and it sounds HAWT. Subscribers I suggest stalking your postman and Birchbox virgins, you may wish to visit here. And Mollie whenever you’re next in the UK – me, you, Ben’s Cookies. It’s on.

*Press Trip


  • Anna Blush

    This sounds like the most amazing experience! With all the hard work you put into your blog you definitely deserve it x

  • myrabev

    loving this post, already signed up so excited cant wait.

  • Noisy Rain

    Loved this post! Wow what an occasion, visiting NY must have been awesome (and I think it did from what I saw in Lily’s vlogs). I wish I had that chance! The sample box idea sounds great 🙂 xx

  • Shrutilaya

    Wow, what a lovely trip that must have been!
    I’m eagerly awaiting a second haul post! x

  • Amazing trip, well done!!!
    Looks like sooo much fun ♥
    Stevie |

  • Oh wow, you truly live the dream Anna! What an amazing opportunity. And it looks like you had an awesome time!

    Cannot wait for your next post.

    Gracious Silhouettes

  • Anya Cross

    This sounds like a dream! I’m so envious of your trip, I’ve never been to new york x

  • Hannah Burrows

    Sounds incredible! I hope you had a great time, New York is amazing 🙂

  • Holly Cooke

    Sounds like you had the most amazing time! Visiting NYC is a huge ass dream for me! x

  • Gita Bončina

    I loved it – the vlogs that Lily made, everything. I bet you girls were crazy-happy about the whole experience with Birchbox :). Amazing!


  • Imogen x

    Sounds amazing! It seems like Patricia had more than 5 products… Do you have to pay after a certain amount? xx

  • Lydia

    Ahhh amazing! Sounds like you had a fab time! x

    The Style Château

  • Wow! It sounds like it was SO much fun!!!

  • Parisian To Be

    Oooo–this sounds amazing! I can’t believe you get to have such amazing experiences. You deserve it! I think Birchbox is a great brand.

    xo Lillian from

  • Debbie

    Anna, I love your shorts you are wearing in the photo in front of Birchbox! Where did you buy them from please? So jealous about your trip, NY is absolutely amazing!! x

  • MonochromeMagpie

    That wall of samples beats the pick and mix tubes at M&M world hands down! I watched Lily’s vlogs this morning and it looks like you girls had a wonderful time!

    Isabel x
    Monochrome Magpie

  • roshkud

    Oh, this looks amazing! The nail samples are kinda creepy lol :). Tay skincare sounds amazing.

    Roshni’s Journey

  • sara

    Anna, did you get to explore the rest of Chelsea Market? It’s an amazing place!

  • Emily Allen

    I saw you go to birchbox local in lilys blog I was so jealous it looked so cool, u clearly had a few days beauty dreams are made of :p xx Emmi

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    If i was around all of those caudalie products i might’ve just fainted!

  • Oh yes, I’ve been using Caudalie’s Grape Water/Toner for ages now. It’s brilliant. My mom is hooked and doesn’t want anything else anymore. x

  • Oh my I’d love to build my own Birchbox!

  • Amy

    Looks fabulous! I may be a tad jealous right now hehe x

    Amy |

  • Sounds like you are having an amazing time there! Not going to lie I am extremely jealous!

  • Ellen Findley

    That sounds heavenly! What a cool experience for you, Anna! uwu

  • ah the life of anna so adventurous, every day something new, somewhere to go. Great post

  • Petra W.

    Tay Skincare is one of my most trusted skincare brands, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on it anymore, because it has been out of stock on Cultbeauty for quite some time now. Will definitely keep an eye on Tay in case of a restock. Pure love.

  • Claudia

    sound amazing. What a brilliant experience! Can’t wait to see the video

  • Shruti

    Sounds amazing!! Lucky girl xxx