Tanning Routine

Link to ‘Tanning Routine’ video

I know I always say this, but this really is a video that I have been meaning to film for ages! When I originally started started fake tanning I followed a long list of commandments and the whole process was long and laborious, but since I’ve been using the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe a load of other products have been thrown out the window and I’ve spent a lot more time sleeping, instead of rubbing various lotions and potions all over my limbs. It’s seriously heavenly stuff. Have a watch to see me gush on about it and for a little review of other products I use!


  • Joanna

    You’ve convinced me! I currently use St Tropez but I will defiantly be ordering this now! xxxx

  • Em

    the link doesn’t seem to go anywhere 🙁 xo

    • Em

      ie it doesnt work, unless my computer is playing up! 

  • Zoe

    The link doesn’t seem to work/appear for me either :-/

  • anca.lb90

    More sleep, less rubbing sounds good to me. I own St Tropez but I can barely be bothered lately…


  • Kate Mathewson

    I get so worried using fake tan, but maybe this should be the summer I start looking less pale. This might be the place to start, hopefully relatively pain free! xx

  • I’ve never tried this one but I’ve definitely been curious about this product! I’m usually a St Tropez girl! Unfortunately the video isn’t working for me 🙁

  • Yay! I’ve been jealous of your bronziness for the longest time, so yay to a tanning routine video! 🙂

  • I use this & after many years of trying so many different products & so many different techniques I completely agree with you its the best 🙂

  • oooh i might give this a go x

  • I’ve never actually fake tanned before, hangs head in shame, so thank you for creating this video. You have been a lot of help =)


  • Anonymous

    I would recommend Vita Liberata tanning lotion – it doesn’t dry out your skin and gives the most natural colour I have seen – it smells like chocolate too 🙂

    I’ve done a post on my favourite self tanners on my blog. Check it out if you fancy! 

  • Anonymous

    You do such a super job on here 🙂 Random question…how do you tan your back evenly please? I always struggle, is there a secret knack that I’m missing out on?! xx

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