Super Casual…

It’s clear to see that this week’s style pictures certainly weren’t taken today. I think I would instantly melt on the spot if I did so much as cover up a limb with this beautiful heatwave we’re having. This is an outfit that I wore over the weekend when me and the boy went for a little day trip that included a stop at Bill’s for breakfast (yum), a tiny bit of shopping (haul coming soon), and cumulated with a Pimms in hand laying back on the beach. I don’t think a my grin disappeared all day – except from the photo above of course where I am barking instructions Naomi Campbell style at the photographer, poor boy…

The pinky hued shirt, which blends oh so lovely with the brick background, is from Miss Selfridge and is what I like to call my lucky top. I always wear this to job interviews and manage to bag myself the job – win. No job interview over the weekend of course, but a nice and comfy laid-back top nonetheless. The jeans are a slightly new-ish purchase from Topshop. I always bitch and moan about the Leigh style going baggy after a while but they are some of the best fitting skinnys out there – plus they come in about hundred different washes. For the fairly decent price I will button my mouth and shut it. Black sandals are from Aldo, sunglasses are Ray-Bans (style RB2140’s for those wondering), and necklace is Topshop.

But I guess what I really want to chat about at show and tell this week is my new Zara bag. It may not be the sexiest bag out there but it is the smallest in my collection (bar clutches of course). As much as I adore my other Zara bags, they are big, and I tend to overfill them which leaves me with a poor and achy back – not good. So I thought I’d pick up this little number – one because it’s nice and light, and two so I can’t stuff as much in there. Of course at the weekend I managed to stuff in my purse, keys, phone, iPad, huge camera, my boyfriends purchases, my purchases, two bags of coffee (don’t ask), and a bottle of water, oh dear – it was a nice thought.

The bag is part of their new line and can be purchased here – although I urge you not to browse the rest of the website as you will end up with about £300 worth of stuff in your basket. Also if you haven’t been to Bill’s, schedule in a trip there this weekend now, it does the best breakfast ever. Full stop. Hmmm I’m hungry…


  • mediamarmalade

    this made me laugh, you sound so much like me in the top section. barking orders to whoever the poor soul is that i’ve roped into taking photos haha 🙂

    Sounds like you had the perfect day to me 🙂 Love the look too, the jeans are a lush colour mix too 

    Mel x 

  • You seriously have become one of my favorite Makeup/fashion bloggers. Love the outfit and the bag is making me want to pick up one. Sounds like an awesome day cannot wait to see more from you . 

  • Justynaszymankiewicz

    you look lovely, as usually

  • WY

    Your outfit is lovely, and those jeans fit you super. Hmm… might consider getting a pair ha-ha! Enjoy the lovely weather in England, I’ve heard it’ll start raining on Friday already:-( x

    Raves ‘nd Ramblings

  • Haha ‘two bags of coffee’ -sounds like Mary Poppins 🙂
    I love your ‘lucky’ Miss Selfridge shirt, I think I need a lucky shirt myself and this looks really pretty
    Daniella x 

  • Sarah S.

    For some reason my smallish satchel is sooo heavy! Heavier than when I carried a larger bag like your old one.  I think it must be the bag itself, evil little thing.
    I love the fit of your top – I’m forever looking for tops that fit relaxed but look elegant like this one!

  • you look lovely! i love the top and i caved and got the bag oops!

  • Gem

    I absolutely adore this outfit! It’s classy but also laidback 🙂 And that Zara bag, oh gosh! I’m definitely going to have to add it to my collection.

    Gem x

  • Natascha

    I love the colour of the top and you look so pretty – as always. 

  • Margaret

    the top has an amazing colour! xx

  • Bhavi

    You look proper sophis miss! I wish I could find that pair of perfect fitting jeans! 


  • Nicola

    You look beautiful, your style is amazing! 

  • evie

    you look nice!

  • Annie Shepherd

    Hey Anna! I’ve never posted on your blog before but I post all the time on your wonderful YouTube videos (shrimp611). Your little blurb about that top being part of your lucky interview outfit made me think that you should do an interview style guide as one of your style posts! I’ll be going on some interviews soonish so it would be super helpful to myself and I’m sure a lot of other readers 🙂 Keep up the great blogging!

  • Gabriela

    Great outfit. It’s definitely something I’d wear in a heartbeat! Those jeans fit you so well, too.

  • Amanda_thorell

    Love your blog! Have you ever tried the swedish brand Make up Store? I work for them in Westfield London and would be fun to see what you think about the brand.
    Hope you enjoying the summer!

  • senoritad

    love your style, love your youtube vids and I absolutely LOVE your hair in these photos. Beautiful!

  • Becs_parker

    OMG. We’ve been to Bill’s in Lewes and IT IS THE BEST!! Love it!
    Love the outfit.

  • Genevieve

    Lovely outfit! and great blog, I love your template 🙂

  • Love that you were ‘barking’ instructions at the boyfriend. I bet he’s well trained by now?!

  • I love your shirt, such a nice colour! And of course that big is just stunning! 

    Check out my recent outfit post 


  • Hannah Wood

    I love your style Anna, you really suit that laid back classic look.

  • J’adoreparis94

    You have amazing sense of style Anna.How tall are you?Your legs look stunning:) xx

  • Lauren Davies

    Love the jeans! they are sooo cute! Have to laugh at the fact your hangbag is a downsize, even though it’s still rather large hehe! We girls carry alot!!


  • What a lovely outfit, you look gorgeous! X

  • Lorna Patrick

    that necklace, wow. keep seeing it in store and am tempted everytime!