Style Inspirations: Making It Your Own

How to turn Pinterest into your actual wardrobe


Is it just me, or are style bloggers having a moment right now? Maybe I’ve just been sleeping under a rock for the past few years, but with Instagram and the stories function being my most used social media these days I am constantly finding women who I’d like to swap wardrobes with (and preferably be their BBFs too). If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago who my style inspiration was I probably would have said ‘Summer from The O.C’ – she was really up there for me for a long time – but these days my list is kinda of endless, with Aimee Song, Lizzy Hadfield, Lucy Williams, The Frugality and Lindsey Holland topping the list, just to name a few. With so many images that I’m constantly pinning and tapping it’s hard to sometimes translate your inspirations into what’s actually hanging in your wardrobe, whilst also making it your own. So here’s my advice on that…


Step 1. Instantly discount anything tried-and-tested that you didn’t get on with. Much of the ‘saved ‘grams‘ section of my Instagram feed consists of women looking seriously sophisticated wearing denim and heels in everyday situations. Although I do think that it’s the most chicest combination known to man, I’ve attempted wearing towering shoes as I tried and failed to jog to the station because I was late for my train and it wasn’t pretty. I like to be able to break out into a light (and pant-heavy) jog if I’m running behind. I like to be able to carry bags that equate to the weight of a small human without feeling like with each step I’m about to fall on my arse. I like to be able to walk down a cobble street without looking like I’ve wet my knickers. Basically, heels and I don’t get on. So whenever I see them being worn beautifully on my feed by my latest style crush I applaud them for their core stability, ogle at them and move on knowing that it won’t be an outfit formula that works for me because of my lifestyle, the fact that I’m constantly late and because my mid-section has the stability of a bowl of jelly.


Step 2. Put in the research. It never hurts to put a bit of thought and time into any shifts you’re making in your life; whether it be a new boxing class you’re taking up or an investment purchase of a bomber jacket you’re pondering. I like to take one big scroll through all my various inspiration boards – Pinterest, Instagram saves and the profiles and blogs of my favourite style peeps – to scan for reoccurring trends, cuts and colours that turn my head every time. From this you’ll be able to amalgamate all your fashion influences, and not to just become a clone of your favourite (because in an ideal world I’d just be Aimee Song) and it’s easy to make a shopping list of the items that you fancy adding to your wardrobe. A list is a good visual way to see what your wardrobe could look like in the future and from writing them out there might be some pieces that fall into the previously mentioned ‘tried-tested and failed’ category that can be instantly ticked off. Try to be specific here too. Instead of writing ‘white blouse’, really take a look at the ones that make you pin or tap. What’s the fabric? Are there any special details that really catch your eye? The more speific you are, the more likely you are to make a purchase that you won’t regret.


Step 3. Scan your own wardrobe first. I’m a big fan of the ‘Let’s not feel like we have to buy new shit all the time‘ movement and the best way to get out of that habit is to shop your own stash from time to time. Us beauty blogger lot have been doing it for years (very much inspired by Buy Now, Blog Later), but it’s only recently that I’ve applied the same thinking to the contents of my wardrobe. The premise is simple: just have a rake through your rails and dust off some old gems that you may have forgotten about. Given that my clothing archive as a whole is not that large, for me it’s more about discovering combinations that I had never considered before. For example I’m really into Lindsey’s blog, Ropes of Holland, and she wears white t-shirts under camisoles and it just looks really bloody cool. I have a white t-shirt. I also have a camisole. TA-DAH! There’s a new combo that I’d never thought of wearing together before; adding another string to my outfit bow and I haven’t even had to spend a penny. So before you head out to the shops take a look through your list and moodboards and see if you already have any items that fit the criteria.


Step 4. You know what you’ve got to do. It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to hit the shops. The advice I would give here is know that it’s going to be a bit of a process. Go at the time when the shops are quiet, not in sale and you’re having a day where you feel flippin’ fab about yourself. Wear comfy clothing and be prepared to shop around until you find items that fit exactly what you were looking for – don’t settle for anything less. If you’re like me and the idea of shopping in person makes you shudder, scroll away on the online sites you love, click through links of your style influences and find alternatives if they’re not just right and be prepared to head to the post office to do returns EVERY. DARN. DAY. In fact have a read of this post to see how I’ve been trying to make better clothing purchases. Then hang up your new purchases and love them, feel like a million dollars in them and become your own bloomin’ style icon.

Photos by Lauren Shipley