Stripe Up Your Life: The Breton Stripe Edit

a.k.a) My style comfort blanket


My love for stripes has been around for as long as my love for black. Yep, we go way back. In my early teens I had an Avril Lavigne phase (I even went to see her in concert at the Brighton Centre and sang my heart out as her belted out ‘Sk8ter Boi’). It was during this time that I had a short and not so sweet dalliance with black eyeliner. Thankfully no photos from this time exist. Back then I was rather fond of a pair of over the knee purple and black striped socks that I wore with clompy trainers and short skirts. My Dad would roll his eyes each time I left the house in this get up, but with true teenager attitude, I thought I looked flippin’ fantastic.

Thankfully my style has evolved since then and even though I’m feeling a little lusty over a red and white striped number (thanks to Lily’s recent purchase!), it’s a classic navy and white breton stripe that I feel will forever be a staple in my wardrobe. Here’s a mini history lesson for you. Back in 1858 breton stripe tops were prescribed in Brittany, on the north west coast of France as the seaman’s official uniform. If we’re going to get really specific here, the white stripes were 2cm wide and the blue 1cm. So actually none of the bretons I own are true, true bretons, but they are pretty dark close.




Above features a snippet of what my current breton stripe wishlist looks like right now, but I’m showing some restraint, one – because I’m in a mid-season capsule wardrobe no-buy ban and two – because I have a t-shirt, jumper and long-sleeved t-shirt that serve me well for all occasions when I’m feeling in a stripe top kinda mood.

First up is the one I’m wearing in this post, the ASOS Boxy T-Shirt. It was as cheap as chips (£12!), but the quality is there and it fits in a nice, relaxed way that suits being tucked into jeans. Then I have the Armor-Lux ‘Lesconil’ Genuine Breton Shirt, that I picked up from a local independent shop – Our Daily Edit (you can see me wearing it here). When you look into the real deal breton tops, Armor-Lux are a brand that get recommended loads. They specialise in the things and it shows as I’ve had this top for over a year now and it washes well, plus is thick and sturdy so makes for a great layering piece in the cooler months. Speaking of which, do you remember the ASOS Breton Stripe Cashmere Knit that I picked up last year? This slightly boyfriend-fit jumper became one of my favourite pieces over the winter because it kept me so toasty (and also wasn’t black). It’s so darn comfy and even on chilly days now I find myself reaching for it. Not the cheapest purchase ever from ASOS, but it’s one that has some serious legs in my wardrobe.

I mean, not that I need any enabling, but do you have your eyes on anything of the breton variety right now? Just look at those breton stripe pyjamas – they have my name written all over them…

Photos by Lauren Shipley