Stocking Up On Bioderma

I’ve raved about the Bioderma Crealine H2O solution before, but it’s always good to give you guys an update and keep you in the loop about whether I’m still using things and I can definitely say that this has become a firm favourite of mine. Gone are the days of using baby wipes to remove my makeup (unless I’ve had a few too many Ameretto’s) – the Bioderma is all I use in the evening to get off my slap!

It’s part of a new wave of makeup removers called ‘micellar solutions’; consisting of oils held in water molecules they offer the effectiveness of an oil-based makeup remover with the gentleness of water. I use this in the morning soaked in a cotton pad to quickly kickstart my skincare routine if I can’t bothered to faff around with my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and then again in the evening to remove my makeup before using my Philosophy Purity Cleanser with the Clarisonic. I soak one cotton pad with it in the morning and then two in the evening, three if I’m wearing slightly heavier makeup and it’s all off. I have normal/combination skin and I find it to work really well with my skin – not too drying, not too oily, it has no scent, is the consistency of water and feels nice and cooling on the skin. I had the 500ml bottle and it lasted around four months using it daily.

So basically it’s an all-round winner! The only problem is it’s availability. It seems like all good things in the beauty world are hard to find! I get mine from this eBay seller who I can definitely recommend. Really fast shipping and an alright price for the UK. I just stocked up on the 500ml bottle and got a mini 100ml one for travelling – gosh it’s so cute! Quick note I purchase the Bioderma Crealine H2O Cleansing Solution Sensibo which is for all skintypes, but there is also a ‘TS’ version for sensitive skins and a green lidded Sebium H2O Micellar Solution for oily skintypes. So are you a Bioderma convert? Or does it not live up to the hype for you?


  • Anonymous

    I’ve just ordered my first bottle (or 2, it was a double pack) and can’t wait for them to arrive! Heard so many good things about them I hope it lives up to the hype! X

  • Anonymous

    I love Bioderma 🙂 AND I have tried several micellar waters from other French Pharmacies brands 🙂 it’s THE best 🙂

  • gemma.features

    I’m using the Dior cleansing water at the moment and I love it. I HATE taking my make-up off with a passion and it makes it that little bit nicer. I’ll try the Bioderma next then! 

  • Anonymous

    I started using Bioderma after I had such problems with my skin in 2011 and I love their products. I am actually using the seller you recommended and continue to recommend it to my readers as well (just today actually)…
    The little bottle is so cute and I really wanna get that one as well (I know I could just refill from the big bottle into any container but well… I am a sucker for anything cute) but I still have plenty in my current bottle. But I will get one soon, hehe 🙂

  • I have been using the green one for oily skin after reading your blog post! And I thought id tell you its great! Removes make up great, no fuss doesn’t hurt my eyes and leaves my skin feeling fresh! especially in the mornings!  Thanks for your post or I would never have known about this product!

  • Anniemorgan

    I love bioderma! I have a few of the small bottles, i buy them in paris. Also, it says on your bottle for ‘peaux sensibles’ which means sensitive skin.

  • Nicola

    Everyone raves about this, i need to give me skin a little tlc. 

  • Bianka

    Yes!!! I love this product, i also use the moisturizer version of this, which is amaze!!! Definately recommend! 🙂

  • Lucy

    it looks good, but its a big step to take- from wipes to liquid!

  • Eleanor Baldry

    I’ve always used my trusty Lush 9-5 cleanser but im thinking of trying this Bioderma out, everyone’s raving about it! 

  • Anonymous

    Bioderma is a total must-have for me. We’re so lucky it’s easy to find in Canada!

  • Anonymous

    you are a blog posting machine and I love it!

  • Shenley Gallimore

    Thank you for linking the seller. Sounds great.

  • Safiya

    Hi Vivianna 🙂 This is completely off topic but the post I would have asked this on is quite old and I wasn’t sure if you still reply to comments on it. I am looking to buy some makeup brushes and am interested in trying the real techniques brushes and was wondering if you recommend the starter set over the MAC 217 and 239 for eyes? Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

    I am total Bioderma convert!  After watching your review of Bioderma on YouTube, I decided to try it and it’s one of the best products I have ever used.  It leaves my skin looking so clear and fresh.  I actually enjoy taking my makeup more than putting it on now!!  I have used this ebay seller too and can’t recommend them enough.

  • Anonymous

    I love this for removing eye make-up and I’ve been using the same eBay seller, just ordered a new one at the weekend!

  • I really need to get bioderma in  my life! xx 

  • if i ever go france i will get a bottle to try iy out as it does look good, but i cba to order it online for more money lol

  • Meritxell

    I’ve been using bioderma for about 7 years now. Luckily for me in Barcelona they have it in every pharmacy and it isn’t that expensive! I had eye surgery a few years ago and even my surgeon told me to use bioderma to remove my makeup because it’s very gentle. I’ve tried the green one for oily skin (i have combination to oily skin) and i much prefer the regular red one because the green  one  has a flowery scent  that i don’t really like.

  • Kellinas Thoughts
  • I’m literally so excited to try bioderma! I have so many problems with taking my make up off etc and I’m just hoping this is what I’m hoping it will be xx

  • Makeupbynora

     I love this product. You should try the cleansing gel that goes with it. the combination is great.Kiss from France ♥

  • Naythar Dino

    Oh, I am obsessed with Bioderma too and just like you I have swiched from using wipes:) Thankfully for me it is widely available in Dubai.

  • hel

    would you recommend this over the liz earle hot cloth cleanser & tonic? if so why? i appreciate your opinion you see <3 xx

  • Amy

    This looks great… may try the travel size so that I dont buy the 500ml and then realise maybe its not for me! Thanks for the recommendation of the Ebay seller too xx

  • I love this cleanser. I’m living in Paris at the moment and have just managed to buy a twin pack of 500ml bottles for £12! Such a bargain. I use this daily and can’t recommend it enough. I may have to stock up before returning to England!xx

  • claire

    I love this cleanser it’s perfect for late at night,  a few sweeps and everything is gone 🙂 I will definitely have to get the mini one for when I go on holiday in June 🙂

  • eleanor

    hi i’m really interested to know how you whiten your teeth? what products/treatments have you used in the past? it is one of your most prominent beauty features and it feels you have never covered it 🙁 do let us know!

  • amy.bevissmith

    I recently caved and got this prod from ebay too…i think its ok but it doesnt really rock my world lol but maybe because its skin care and i’d much rather a pretty lipstick haha

  • That mini bottle is too cute! I’m determined to try this product, no matter how difficult it is to get hold of. 

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you on the availability. I liked it at first, but didn’t think too much of it until I stopped using it & went on a mission to try to find something else to replace it. Needless to say, I’ll be stocking up on it again ASAP. I get mine from Amazon in the states.

  • I use organic coconut oil to remove my face makeup and eye makeup.  I remove it with a hot muslin cloth, followed by Dr. Alkaitis cleanser.  I looked up the ingredients to this Bioderma product… I’m not impressed, but everyone likes something different! xx

  • Naadia

    Im a bioderma addict too! Has done wonders for my skin which flares up at the sign of anything new, so this stuff is awesome. I just thought i would let you know about a website i order bioderma off of. I think its a french website so shipping is quite high but even with higher shipping you get 2x500ml bottles for about £25 all in (the prices are in euros). So it does save a bit of money and their shipping etc is great.!6781.html 

    not affiliated or anything, i just like their website and only buy bioderma from them! Hope it helps! xx

  • I’ve heard some good and bad comments about this so not quite sure whether to give this a go.  And the fact it’s not easy to buy is off putting

  • Lucia Gáborová

    I´m definitelly a Bioderma fan. I´ve been using their micellar solution for around four years now, fortunatelly we have Bioderma, La Roche and Avéne brands in every pharmacy in my home country which is Slovakia. I absolutelly love their Hydrabio Mousse which is a foamy cleanser reminding whipped cream kind of texture. Love their sun block creams as well as moisturizers (Sensibio Legere and Riche – red line, Hydrabio – blue line).

  • Rachelpretzel

    I like it! It works really well to take ou the make up without effort, even waterproof mascara!! 
    For me it’s important to remark that this does not clean your skin but it removes your make up! You need to clean after…
    I use it in the evenings and then wash my face with La Roche Posay physiological gel (which is mazing too) to deeply clean my skin

  • Rachael H

    I’ve not tried it yet, but I picked up a Garnier make-up remover that seems more similar to it than anything else I’ve seen on the shelves in the UK.. it’s a make-up remover and a cleansing liquid in a bottle, which you shake up and use.

  • I bought this after reading one of your previous posts about bioderma…& I am a total convert!! I used to use a good ol’ wipe to get makeup and such off, but since using this my skin has been behaving so much better! I cant stop recommending this to people!

    Hayley xo

  • Talisa Piggott

    I bought two bottles of this in Paris last June for 20 euros and am a couple of weeks away from finishing the second bottle. I love this stuff, it’s definately a must have product in my opinion. Definately dreading running out. I’ve considered a day trip to Paris to re-purchase but I think that would make the cost per use a little too expensive, think I’ll be using your recommended ebay-er.

    Talisa xx

  • xblueluvax

    I’m definitely a Bioderma convert! I used to use the Avene cleansing milk but now I love using Bioderma, thanks to you! 

  • I bought this because of you and I’m glad I did it 🙂

  • Poppilicious83

    Like u I swapped from wipes to using this and I love it 🙂 I got the cute travel size just to try it but I will deffo be stocking up myself soon with the larger size. So thank u for the recommendation!! xxx

  • Clay Beauty

    I really need to get my hands on it, but my Avene is lasting me ages ! xx

  • Natalie

    I bought this after seeing your previous reviews and I really love it! The makeup removers i have used in the past have left my sensitive eyes burning  and this really does just feel like cooling water and removes everything so well without the burn that I used to get. Luckily this is available quite easily in South Africa where I live so I will definitely carry on buying this 🙂 Ps: I love your blog! Just wish we could get some of the products you mention here in South Africa 🙂 xx

  • Sam

    I thought this was going to be great for me- but it didn’t take off my mascarra well (there was some heavy scrubbing involved) and after two days this gave me the worst break out of my life! I have rosacea though… could have been why it failed me! My friend has dry skin and seems to love it – nothing has happened to her

  • I absolutely love this. A must have for me! 

  • I’ve been trying this out as I found I had a sample of it and I’m not sure I like it. It takes off makeup so easily, and gently but I think I still like using cleansing oils more. I’m not a big fan of messing around with cotton  pads to remove my makeup :/  The 100ml bottle is so cute though. I’d totally buy a smaller size of this product for my lazy days.

  • leetal

    i live in the u.s and i don’t  know which ebay seller is trustworthy and which product is authentic… i’ve had experience with ebay and fake beauty items which is why i’m so nervous

  • I found a sample of bioderma in my bathroom yesterday and I’ve heard so much about it. I tryed it today and its so good :))

  • Emily

    I want to try this!! On ebay right now aha:)

  • Alex

    The only difference between this and the TS version you mentioned:  that one is for very dry skin ( tres seches), but both are for sensitive skin 🙂   and in some coutries on the packaging it is written Sensibio and in some Crealine, not H2O Crealine Sensibio

  • Ashyy03

    where can we get this from???

  • Naz

    I really like this product as one of the many steps in removing my makeup…still use my Liz Earle, Philosophy Purity etc. Anyway, if you live in the UK, you can purchase this from the following website, LeGuideSante:

    I usually purchase the twin pack as it is most cost effective.
    Hope this helps

  • mademoisellebrigitte

    It is the best. If you are ordering in the U.S., go to Around $30.00 for 500 ml.

  • Lily KG

    Thanks for this! Just bought Bioderma from the same guy on EBay. So much cheaper than loads of other places!

  • joysteib

    Oh thanks for recommending someone who is reliable on EBay!!!  Would love to try Bioderma !!!! Thanks for sharing!! <3

  • Ive heard about many fake products on the market.. how can one differenciate between a fake and an origional bioderma product? any tips???

    • al

      buy from authorised sellers – check the manufacturers website for stockists

  • Karina

    Hi, sorry it’s not correct about the TS version. The normal one is for sensitive skin types, the TS is for very dry sensitive skin types, and then there’s one for combination/oily ones. Now you can get it at: or or 🙂

  • Harry Ganz stocks Bioderma – with next day delivery as well

  • Minty

    I am amazed you don’t use Bi-Facil by Lancome! It is one of our biggest Make up remover sellers! More so than the Avene Gentle eye make up remover even!