Something To Do on a Sunday #453: Make Your Own Lipgloss





If you’re ever stuck for what to do on a Sunday then may I suggest the following activities: make a roast, have a bath, read a book, annoy your other half while they watch the F1, make your own custom lipgloss from scratch. Yup. The last one may seem a little against the norm compared to the others, but it’s exactly what I did last Sunday and it was so much fun. I’ve always liked to get a little crafty. My Grandma used to come over everyday Friday with a fresh Playdays magazine and all the tools and equipment we needed for that week’s craft project (my Mum being my Mum, still has most of these half decayed craft projects hanging up in her pantry) – my Grandma rocks. So it was nice to get back to my slightly messy roots, but this time round there wasn’t a bottle of PVA glue in sight.

Although a quick google of ‘How to make your own lipgloss’ will show you approximately 2 million plus results, most that probably include not much more than mixing your favourite lipstick with a tub of vaseline or purchasing a long-list of items that you most definitely do not have in your cupboards from Amazon; there’s actually a kit that already has the whole process ready and raring to go. The Silk + Honey Natural Lip Gloss Kit has it all: empty tubes, pipettes, oils, gels, pigments, cute little naming stickers – it’s like all the best bits of my Playdays craft making days and school Science lessons rolled into one.

You start with a base mixture of the Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Gel, give that a good mix and then begin with your colour. The kit contains three base pigments: a cherry red, orangey red and a brown-y nude. You begin with these and then add a blend of the four mica powders on offer to add shimmer, soften the blend, make it pinker, redder, deeper – this is where it gets creative. I’d struggle to actually tell you exactly what went into each one as I got a little mad Scientist with the whole thing, but I ended up with a brown nude which looked a bit ’90’s but came out very sheer, a bright red and then a more deeper red with just a touch of shimmer to it and the final formulas felt nice on the lips – not too sticky, nicely nourishing and the colours were right up my street.

It certainly kept me busy while Mark glued himself to the F1 and it got me thinking that these would make a ridiculously cute gift for friends or family. Blending up personalised colours and adding a named sticker on the side. Hey sis, you want one?