So, You’re Coming to London?

A frequently asked question on my Twitter timeline, goes a little something like this – “I’m visiting London (insert timeframe here), do you have any recommendations for (insert activity here)?”. Nowย I may only have been a London lass for just over a year now, but I have fully committed the tube map to memory, scouted out the best stocked and quietest Whistles/Space NK and Boots (Spitalfields, Broadgate and Westfield White City respectively) and am able to predict which branch of The Breakfast Club will have the shortest queue on a Sunday morning (always Hoxton, never Spitalfields – don’t do it). But it turns out I’ve already covered the topics of the best beauty landmarks to peruse in the big smoke, along with what to buy and where to eat, so I thought I’d plop them all into one easy to access post. So you’re coming to London? I’ve got you covered…

Where to Shop – Roll up, roll up for the London Beauty Landmarks VDM Tour, featuring five of the best spots to find the best beauty purchases the city has to offer. I’ve even created a little map scoring out the best route between them all for you navigate your way.

What to Buy – an oldie of a post, but a goodie. There are so many UK available beauty purchases I’d recommend, but here are five from the shelves of our drugstores that may be a little difficult to source elsewhere and are all worthy additions to your basket.

What to Eat – the most recent addition to this collection of posts featuring five of my favourite places to eat in the capital including the New York-import that does some seriously kick-ass burgers and the food establishment where I’d recommend ordering pig ears. Yes, really.


  • Oumi

    Coming to London next month!! Can’t wait!!

  • I’ve never been to London but your post is very tempting…thanks for sharing.

  • Moving to London in a few months — excite! Thanks for the tips. Gots to try those pigs ears, yo.

  • I love drug stores in Europe. Are there products in American drugstores that people in London wish they had?

  • Tiana Esparon

    I love this post. I live in London and these are definitely some of the best places to visit!
    Tiana x

  • sofika
  • I have a friend visiting this summer and turned to me for advice, but I was severely lacking, so I’ve just directed her to this! Cheers!

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French

  • Iso Bean

    I love visiting London so much! Will definitely be checking out your recommendations ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous Four

    Oh i really wanna go to London sometime, i only hear good things about that city. It’s a really nice blog you have, and i will like if you go visit my blog sometime, and mymous maybe commented it. Im sorry about my english, but i normally speak danish, Sorry.

    KH anonymous four

  • So useful! Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    Tiny Alis

  • Sally

    Will definitely go to some of these places if I go to London!x

  • I’m traveling to London in June! Can’t wait!

  • Same here, I’ll be going to london in july and I fully trust your recommendations! Will definitely check out some of these spots!
    The Beauty Break //

  • Ella

    I’ve lived here since I was born, so I definitely agree with a lot of your picks! I also really like beauty shopping in covent garden, as they have a Space NK, Boots and Superdrug as well as plenty of one brand shops (Benefit, Bare Minerals, MAC, etc.)

  • Lina Smith

    Thanks again for your recommendation. After reading this I already plan my next visit!

  • Manouk

    London is the BEST place on earth <3 I've been an au pair in London, I miss that city ๐Ÿ™

    WOMANOUK (beauty &

  • keeley

    Thanks for the advice! Im surprising my younger sister to a weekend down London for her birthday so MANY tips are welcome haha!

    Keeley | Keeley’s Wardrobe

  • Fiona Bradley

    This has just made my day! It’s like you read my mind! I live in Galway, Ireland but I’m travelling to London at the end of the month. I’m beyond excited! Cannot wait to finally see and sample all the lovely stores you frequently mention (Space NK, Bills ahhhhhhh!!!!!). Thanks Anna, there’s one less question I have to pester you with on Twitter now! ๐Ÿ™‚



  • I live just outside London and couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have to fit all kinds of activities into a short stay. Great post xx

    Abby |

  • Rachael

    You should head out to the shops at Canary Wharf, especially at a weekend. It’s so quiet in the shopping mall, I always find it’s a well kept secret as the shopping mall is below ground level.

    There’s a mac, bare minerals, space nk, whistles, rituals…, a bobbi brown stand, Kiels, kurt geiger, zara, the white company, and a few decent Boots (1 even has the Liz Earle counter). Plus loads of other shops too.

    Rachael | Rachael Lucy – blog

  • One day …

  • Oh my god, I love you. This is perfect! I’m studying abroad in London this summer so this is absolutely fantastic. THANK YOU!

  • Chrissabella

    This is such a great post as when someone asks me what to check out in London my brain always freezes, now I have something to refer to haha ๐Ÿ™‚

    Greetings from London,

  • Celina

    This is perfect! I’d love to visit London one day (maybe in another year or so), so all suggestions and recommendations are very much sought after!

  • Ellie

    Great post! Especially where to shop! I live in Nottingham and have only ever been to London to sightsee! At least now I know where to shop! ๐Ÿ˜€


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  • Amy Taggart

    Thanks for the links! I’m hoping to go over to London in the next year and this will be so helpful! X.

  • Ha! love it. And VERY helpful for London visit in June too!

  • Summer

    Wonderful! So efficient and thoughtful. I’m hoping to make good use of this info later in the year. Thanks. (:

  • Carrie Ward

    That is so weird, that is my local space nk and I always score the hard to find stuff there. The whistles nearby I can take it or leave it I never seem to find what I want in that one. I tend to go to St Christopher’s place Whistles or order online. The Mac in Spitalfields is the best, it usually quiet so its not a bun fight to get what you want like in Selfridges. Boots in Westfield is the best!

  • Ella

    When I visited London we ate a lot of indian food.That smells great and tastes even better! Things like sausages are horrible! XP


  • Ashley Angle

    Love this post! I visited London when I was 17. I’d love to get back as an adult!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  • Megan Roisin

    Great post! I shall use it next time I am in the capital ๐Ÿ™‚

    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  • Sassa

    The next time I’m in London, I am beelining it for Jo Loves.

  • Emily Miller

    This was a very helpful post, I love London!x

  • Molly Robinson

    I am constantly dreaming about one day moving to London, it is a city with endless amounts of character and I cannot wait until one day I can explore! Great post!

    Molly x

  • I would LOVE to live in London. Most of my family lives there so it’s great to visit them and see the city at the same time!

  • Ivana Perincic

    If only you didi this post 2 weeks ago. I just came back from London few days ago. The most beautiful city! I would move there asap if I could!

    Ivana, xoxo

  • I would love to visit London some time! Hopefully I’ll get there in the Summer and get to explore some of the places you mentioned! x

    Amy |

  • Louise

    oh my gosh! I’m sooooo sooooo excited to go back to London, i wasn’t able to spend much time last year. thank you for the post!! ๐Ÿ™‚ can’t wait to shop!

  • Sabrinna Baglio

    God I want to live in london so fucking bad I have visited family over 4 times and my heart stays there every time!
    fashion music beauty lifestyle and more x

  • Almost Insiders

    This is the perfect post for my imminent London trip, can’t wait for it!!
    Anna your videos and blog are too addictive…and iI love it!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚