Sharing the Love

As it’s the last day before we finally get what we’ve been counting down till since 26th December 2012 I thought I’d spread some festive flavour and share the love, giving you guys all the deats on my favourite guys and gals to read, watch and follow in the beauty world. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy that way tonight if you’re too excited to sleep. Here are a few places to check out all of my personal faves:

  • My Bloglovin’ feed. This is a page that I check every morning before anything else. The best of the blogging world drip fed to me as posts go live. Here you’ll find all the blogs that I peruse on a regular basis; spanning the fashion, beauty and lifestyle categories.
  • Top 10 Beauty Blogs Post. Narrowing the best reads into just 10 was a toughie, but I still stand by selection today. All fab blogs and sites that are well worth checking out if you’re into makeup in anyway shape or form. Just make sure you’ve got a spare hour or two free to peruse before you click through first.
  • Best Beauty Instagrammers and Nail Artists to Follow on Instagram Posts. Ah good ol’ Instagram. If you’re up for a tonne (215 to be precise) of new accounts to follow then you can always check out my following list but for the abridged version then read-up on my two posts detailing the crème de la crème of the filtered world.
  • My YouTube Subscriptions. My YouTube newsfeed is something that makes every activity from hanging up the washing to curling my hair that little bit more enjoyable. I’m rather partial to a video or two while doing the washing up actually. This is the one area of social media where I venture a little out of my makeup comfort-zone sub-wise, so there’s plenty here to to keep you busy. Enjoy.