Seven Days, Seven Hairstyles & One Big Giveaway

Head & Shoulders

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Screw the whole ‘days of the week’ embroidered knickers you wore back in school; seven hairstyles that you can whip out for each day is what you want. Now here is where Head & Shoulders come to the rescue. For the first time since it launched 50 years ago, they’ve released a product for helping to create thicker looking hair – see it isn’t just for dandruff. Designed to dose up your locks with their ‘Triple Active Complex’ – a formula that gives both short-term oomph and long-term hair thickening benefits – the extra hit of volume allows for even more options in your hairstyle repertoire. Together with Peter Lux (professional stylist, full-time babe – can he come and do my hair everyday?), Head & Shoulders have created a collection of 7 looks so that everyday is a good hair day and being a bit of a styling noob I was more than happy to play hair model for Peter to guide me through his creations…

For Monday he suggests the ‘Classic Blow-Dry‘ – giving bounce, a good style foundation for the next few days and a fresh start to the week. Then there’s the ‘Fishtail Plait‘, a side-swept style that’s surprisingly easy to do despite its complicated appearance, for Tuesday. A bit of date night glamour is added for Wednesday with an ‘Elongated Waves‘ look, which was created by a bit of tonging and then adding texture – like a polished surfer gal vibe. For Thursday’s style Peter pinned up my lengths into a ‘Beehive Bun‘, which I loved. He made two buns at the back and gave height at my crown giving it a modern twist.

Things got a little bit higher for Friday’s look which was a ‘Braided Topknot‘. Peter gathered my hair on top of my head before securing it into a plait and wrapping it back round on itself to create a bun, pulling the sections apart slightly to beef it out. For Saturday we went for the ‘Glossy Waves‘ curled, but brushed out look which may just be my favourite of them all (big centre picture). Then finally a brunch-appropriate ‘Volumised Pony‘ was called in for our Sunday look, using the wavy base and adding a bit more lift at the roots.

If you’d like to win the chance to have Peter Lux create your favourite style for you then head over to the Hang Up Your Hang Ups hub to enter and for expert tips and advice on creating the looks yourself. And if you win you must get him to snap a picture of your new do too – he’s quite the photographer. Say hello to your new FaceBook profile photo…