Serozinc in the UK

….now it’s not time to do a skincare celebrating conga round your room. La Roche Posay’s Serozincthat toner that everyone won’t stop bleating on about – hasn’t joined the rest of the L.R.P crew in the aisles of Boots just yet. But, I found a way to get my paws on it without having to trek over the channel and haul a whole suitcase full of the stuff back to my front door - eBay. Revolutionary I know. Now I’m always a bit iffy about buying beauty-related bumf off there but with my bottle running low and a quick pop over to Paris a pipedream I took the plunge and I’m pleased to report a fresh blue bottle of the stuff arrived in mint condition just a few days later.

If you’re unaccustomed with the Serozinc way then here’s the need to know. It’s a Zinc Sulphate solution formulated with that and little else that can be sprayed or soaked on a cotton pad and swept over the face post-cleanser, pre-serum. Said to be soothing and cleansing and to get to work on minor skin irritations it’s one of those pillars in my routine that does what it says on the tin and I always turn back to in times of skin rage. The seller I used? Here. And let’s just keep our fingers crossed that one day, one day (can you sense the manic wailing in my tone?) it will magically appear in Boots…

[UPDATE 06/08/13 2.30pm: So it appears that it’s already out of stock – bookmark the seller though, hopefully it will make a re-appearance soon *crosses fingers* again.]