September Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

It’s a mixed bag this month


As I spent a week this month away, slathered in suncream and not much else (oo-er – the poor pool boy got an accidental eyeful when he came to visit) and the the following week making tea for builders, catching up on writing and trying to get away with wearing the comfiest clothes possible that wouldn’t look like pyjamas; I haven’t had the most glam month. This means that my actual makeup favourites were a little meagre. So instead I’ve decided to beef them up for this month’s best of round-up and instead throw in my top fashion and fitness picks too.


Beauty-wise, there’s still the spray SPF that’s so darn convenient and I’ll definitely be repurchasing for future hot weather trips. I had to steal it away from my friend’s clutches whilst we were away – I kept finding it secretly stashed under their sun loungers. There’s also a decent dose of skincare with the facial that blew my mind (and de-puffed my face), the K-beauty trend that I’m fully on board with and the mask that I didn’t have too much luck with. You know? You’ve got to balance out the raves sometimes.

In terms of fashion and fitness there’s not a shedload, but I really wanted to give a shoutout to my new sunglasses purchases that have replaced my beloved Ray-Bans (and I actually love them more – shocker). They seem to hide my double chin rather well which is always a bonus. Then finally there’s my fitness back-cracking girl crush. You know the lovely Charlie that I mentioned in this post? Yep, I’m still going on about it, spine-popping episode and all. Have a watch below…

Photos by Lauren Shipley