Sad Skin Wednesdays

If I’m out and about on a Wednesday morning and just so happen to bump into a Stylist vendor outside a tube station then I know it’s going to be a good day. My to-do list can wait. I’ve got some very important reading to eyeball. And a few weeks back their beauty feature had me even more engrossed – stroking my imagery beard peach fuzz, and nodding along – than usual. Titled ‘At 3.30pm on a Wednesday, Your Skin is Sad’ and put together by the whole Stylist beauty bunch; Stylist + skincare, yep I’m listening. The piece outlined a challenge to the notion that we’re fed in the beauty world that skincare needs to be amped up at the weekends (a line I’m guilty of pushing myself, hello ‘The Weekend Post’, but what’s a Sunday without a face mask, right?), and proposed the idea that paired with a Sunday SOS session, a Wednesday skincare seeing-to is the best way to go.

‘The Wednesday Post’? Their suggestion of skincare regime tweaks had substance. And it all comes down to the not so lovely ‘S’ word – stress. By midweek our stress levels are at their most ‘I need a chocolate bar or this is not going to be pretty’-est, causing cortisol levels to rise which can lead to the skin’s strength to weaken and oxygen flow to diminish. Not fab, huh? Their prescription to hump day mind, body and soul blues? A good chillax’, no more smash-grab-and-slump sugary snacks and a souped-up Wednesday skincare routine. Here’s what I’ll be throwing on this AM and PM to push my skin over today’s bump…

This morning they’ll be two additions to my usual skincare line-up. Firstly post-toner and pre-moisturiser I’m planning a hefty dose of Vitamin C laced serum, Olé Henriksen’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster. It’s an antioxidant beefed-up formula that tells environmental aggressors to back off and I find it to layer well under and over my usual skincare old timers. Then as a bit of a primer/brightener duo I’ll smooth on Clarin’s Beauty Flash Balm. It’s one of those ‘can’t quite put my finger on it products’ but it smooths, provides a good base for whatever comes next and keeps things looking that little more glowy.

And tonight another two tweaks. A face mask? On a Wednesday? I know. Wild. I’ve pre-planned to plump for REN’s F10 Smooth and Renew* offering as it’s effective but über gentle at the same time. Similar result as their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask but in a sensitive-souls-friendly formula. And then I’ve scheduled in an application of my latest facial oil lurve; Georgia Louise’s Sleeping Beauty Oil – that does exactly what it says on the bottle – or so I like to think. More coming up on Miss Louise’s new range tomorrow. Four products, a new skincare outlook; goodbye Wednesday blues, hello wowzer Wednesdays.

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    I love tis post. Of course you should pamper and spoil yourself on a wednesday also. I’m do a post about my wednesday skin spoil too.


  • Olivia S

    I think the REN Glycolatic will be too strong for my skin, so ill try the F10 Smooth and Renew, thank you! Xx

    Olivia –

  • Sophie Brewster

    I’ve actually always done this. I always feel way better for it too – it’s not as indulgent as my Sundays “pampering sessions” (as my boyfriend calls it,) but it definitely helps – the products I use on a Sunday are different to that on a Wednesday too, just to switch it up.

  • I always throw on a mask on a Wednesday. Just seemed right somehow 😉
    REN’s mask is my favourite!

  • Anna Blush

    I’ve never thought of a mid week pamper but after this post, guess what I’m doing tonight?! x

  • I always need a mid-week pick me up, especially after some long shifts at work.
    What a great post! This is exactly what i need, yet to have a Wednesday face mask, lets see if i can grab five minutes tonight!
    I’m still in dire need of something, anything from REN, what is happening in my life!
    Thanks Anna.


  • Abby

    Weirdly enough I always have a pamper session on a Wednesday! I tend to do all the usual face masks, hair masks, tan etc and then on a Sunday I do a more extreme pamper session to rid myself of the weekends antics! I really do need to try REN products! xx

  • Yes, I agree with this post my wednesday I already want to chill out like its saturday! Now this gives me the excuse to do more pampering to my skin!

    Eloise |

  • Shevasherapy

    I haven’t even gotten on the Sunday pamper routine and now I need to do it every Wednesday too? Lol But yeah makes senses that by mid-week, we need to detress mind, body, soul and face! This is a good suggestion!

  • Maddy Cane

    This makes so much sense, definitely moving my routine around! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Alissia

    Haha love this post! The REN face masks is creeping up its way on my wishlist x

  • AgentSmyth

    I love a good Wednesday pamper sesh! Great choice in products, might take a look at that serum as it looks fab.

    Claire |

  • I actually agree that on Wednesday not only I start to feel a bit ‘meh’, but my skin does, too, so I usually put another mask on just to brighten my complexion. I’ve been looking for something more gentle than the REN glycolactic mask so thanks for that!


  • Alice evans

    I remeber reading this and nodding along as well! X

  • I could definitely go for a pamper session right now!

  • Great post! I’ve been using that Truth Serum Collagen Booster daily and my skin’s loving it! x | A his & hers blog entailing adventure of food, fashion & London lifestyle

  • TheYummyChummies

    I’ll never say no to an impromptu pamper session. Will definitely be noting these products down for the future. Great post 🙂

    K x

  • Great post! I actually treat myself to a facial peeling every Wednesday 🙂 To celebrate hump day I guess, lol.

  • Danielle

    Great post! And it just so happens that today being Wednesday, I woke up with a couple of breakouts on the bridge of my nose. I will be treating myself to a LUSH Fresh Face Mask later!

  • Eleanor

    Anna says midweek pamper? Okay I think I can get on board with that! Is a trip to John Lewis also excusable for some Wednesday-appropriate product purchasing? haha!
    Eleanor x

  • Parisian To Be

    Genius, GENIUS post! I know what I’ll be doing tonight. Normally, I apply a face mask on Wednesdays and Sundays because my skin can be pretty congested, but I find that it’s all I need to keep my skin in check…plus my normal routine. I can’t wait to hear about the Georgia Louise line!

    xo Parisian To Be

  • Kelly C.

    Well now I have plans for my wednesday nights! My skin is a bit greasy today, so I think i’ll try the Aztec Clay mask!

  • Rebecca

    I absolutely love the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum! I really have to try out more REN stuff!

  • Celina

    Oh REN products. I’ve been lusting over almost everything they offer but I still haven’t made the first move yet. I don’t even know where to start.

    Celina | The Celution

  • Ada Strauss

    I used to take care of my skin religiously. I mean, I still make an effort to face mask once in a while and use my Clarisonic after removing my makeup, but my heart’s not really in it. Definitely need to step up my skin regimen.

    my beauty blog

  • Anfal

    Never knew Wednesday nights could get so interesting. This calls for a trip to space nk to pick up some new skin care bits (justification? Anna told me to)

  • Sarah

    I read this article! It was so interesting.
    Great Post 🙂

  • Emily Allen

    Everything here makes so much sense :p xx Emmi

  • Anastasia

    This post was very interesting to read, especially since I’ve had a Wednesday pamper routine for a few months now. I even have a reminder on my phone for it because it’s so easy to forget during your working week madness. My Sundays are for deep cleansing or exfoliating treatments and Wednesdays are for moisturising treatments. Using masks twice a week makes my face very happy – highly recommend it to everybody. 🙂

  • Never thought about this before but it’s so true, need to sort out my Wednesday regime asap xx

    Heels Forever

  • This makes so much sense to me. Usually, I “listen” to my skin and do treatments as needed, and it usually needs it by Wednesday!

  • Emma Diggins

    Hahaa wow so true! Better get my Wednesday pamper routine on the cards

    Emma x

  • Allison

    I always have done masks twice a week, usually its Tuesdays and Fridays or Saturdays!

  • Ashley

    A face mask and some chilling… sounds good to me 🙂

  • Kristie Blogs Beauty

    I try to do a face mask once a week, love pamper nights!

    Kristie from Kristie Blogs
    // Follow me on blog lovin!

  • Brenda

    What’s wrong with having a mask on Wednesday? Funny logic.

  • sarirah

    I usually do face masks on a Wednesday haha. I just like the mid-week and find Sunday’s more stressful…odd. You’ve also just reminded me to get hold of the F10 mask. Great post as usual. 🙂

  • Carrie Ward

    I am a fan of the three masks a week, one of which will fall during a week day whenever I am in the house, and double whammy during the weekend. This will coincide with a bbc iplayer ‘top of the lake’ or ‘white queen’ viewing. I read this article too and was intrigued….
    I love Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask I feel like I am putting marmalade on my face 🙂

  • Mariea Jarin

    I always use face mask two times in a week Friday and Monday. These really keep fresh my face and increase my confidence hehe 🙂 thanks for share the great post…