Rimmel Salon Pro Polishes Rule

Sometimes I come across a product that I’m just itching to write a post about. Case in point: the Rimmel Salon Pro Polishes. Hot shades, a hell of a wide-brush and the hardiest varnishes I’ve tried. In fact I went six whole days (including a lot of maverick marigold-free washing up and housework) before things started to look a little raggedy and I required a repaint. The formula’s sorta gel-like, high-shine and some of the shades do need a third coat to reach an opacity level I’m happy with but they last, oh gawd do they last.

Hip Hop is the frontrunner at the moment – a pink laced coral, Summer Orange – a shade sister to CHANEL’s Holiday comes next, New Romantic and Peppermint, both still stunners trot at the back of the pack. Sandwiched between CND’s Stickey Base Coat and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat I’ve never had any polish stay so pristine on my nails for so long. In fact, someone even asked where I had got my nails done; ‘In bed while watching The US Office’, was my reply.

£4.49 from all the usual Rimmel haunts; I’m pretty sure my stash won’t be capped at four colours for that long…


  • This look amazing, I really want to try them

  • Amy

    These sound fantastic 😀 I’ll be having a look at some colours next time I’m in store 🙂 Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

  • Laurel

    I actually bought Peppermint and Summer Orange yesterday! Along with Barmy Blue… can’t say no to 3 for 2 at Boots!

  • I have been loving these polishes too! I’ve always liked Rimmel polishes but they seem to have made the formula even better xx

  • Lil

    Ooh I must try these – love the look of Peppermint. x

  • Hannah Mc

    I have the shade ‘Punk Rock’ which is a really nice dark grey/taupe mix – stayed on 4 days without a chip which for me is v.unusual!

  • UKBeautyBlogger

    super post, always in the mood for a good nail polish, thanks!! x

  • Kate F

    Might need to try these 😉 I’m currently wearing Virtual Violet by Sally Hansen, it’s a stunning colour! Just did a post on it on my new beauty blog

    Check it out if you’d like 🙂 I’m a qualified makeup artist from Australia.

  • t
  • Angela

    These colours looks great! I have Soul Sessions too and it’s lovely x

  • Ampersaand

    They look amazing – and there’s nothing I like more than a long-lasting polish that comes with a massively wide brush. Win!

  • Lillian ParisianToBe

    You sure do love a red nail! Unfortunately, you Britons always get to try the Rimmel stuff first. Great post, Anna (as always)! You stunning creature…

  • Laura

    These sound amazing and the colours are gorgeous. I definitely wont be able to resist on my next trip to boots!

  • Pippa Jones

    I have been loving these nail varnishes at the moment. I have a few colours in them!


  • molly

    these sound great! i have heard so many people talk about these, i really need to try them xxxx

  • Rosie

    I love Rimmel polishes, the brush makes it so easy to apply it without making a huge mess, even with my left hand.

  • Rhian

    I love these colours! Definitely have to try them now! Great post 🙂 xx

  • Marina

    Inspired by this post I went to the shop today and bought one! Hopefully it lives up to my expectations. I am looking for nail polish that does no chip after 2 days!

  • Amy

    I need to try some of these! They look – and sound – amazing

  • Mila McKinnon
    I recently started my own blog.
    Maybe you want to check it out 🙂

  • hurtlebobs

    Guys if any of you have Savers near you, these are on at £2.95 at the minute!

  • Sarika

    i just got one of these in Cocktail Passion yesterday! it looks coral-y in the bottle but comes out as a highlighter pink. it’s the kind of colour that looks OK on my medium skin but will look even better when i get darker in the summer.

  • gigi

    have never tried their polishes the colors look so lovely would love to see them on your nails. thanks for sharing this review/rave 😉 xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Viv Yau

    Ah, the reason why I hate painting my nails – is because of the inevitable chip. Once that first chip happens, you know the rest are soon to follow! This looks good though, perfect infact! xx

  • I like Rimmels maxi brushes, but I picked up a pearly one and it was just dried showing all the bristle strokes and just.. really ugly polish. A few in this Kate range they have in their normal Lycra Pro and I already own all the ones the shop had, desperate, I picked that up but.. wasn’t a good choice 🙁

    Lizzums x

  • Joey Ho

    Why do we in Asia never get the cool stuff that you girls get in UK?! So freaking unfair!! Haha….. But now I know what I would be looking out for in my next trip to Europe!

  • Emily Wright

    These look really nice! I really like the Peppermint colour:D

  • Lydia

    These are such nice colours, I have to try some of them out! I absolutely love the way you take all of your pictures, the background and the way you lay everything out is always amazing.

  • Six days?! That’s amazing, I must invest once they are available here.

    <3 Carolyn

  • disqus_qQG4e9DGG3

    Do they contain Formaldehyde? I wanted to try the Barry M Gelly nailpolishes but I’m pretty sure that they are not 3 Free and these Rimmel look gorgeous.

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  • sballi

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  • mBellish Knits

    I have two of these and both colours lasted for close to two weeks, and still shiny. Love the brush, too. By contrast, Butter and OPI polishes last about 4 or five days for me, and the L’Oreal allegedly long lasting ones chipped before I went to bed on the first night. I’m going to try one of the darker colours next, and I think I’ll try the top coat too.

  • Just popped on Hip Hop again, and remembered why I love it so…!