Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Trying to find a lightweight, skin-like finish foundation for under a tenner is like trying to find a needle in a very matte and chalky haystack. Historically for me I either find drugstore base offerings to be too oily and slick for my skin, or on the other end of the texture scale creating a horribly troweled on appearance that can only be described as ‘cake-face’. But hold your horses and withdraw out that tenner as I’ve found one that fits the ‘nice and natural’ bill and doesn’t leave me reaching for the bottle of Bioderma after application – Revlon’s new Nearly Naked Foundation*. Playing on that word we just love to hear in the beauty world, it surpasses all my usual budget base niggles. Here’s its report…

Trying to pigeonhole Nearly Naked into a coverage category is a tricky one. More flaw-reducing and less glowy than a tinted moisturiser but sheerer than your usual foundation – I guess it sits best as a light-to-medium coverage base layer. No shimmers, no powdery pigments just a pretty spot-on skin-esque finish; the shade 120 Vanilla blends in with no face/neck shade difference to be seen (which makes a change). Applied with my usual procedure – no primer, Real Techniques Buffing Brush, no powder – the longevity isn’t anything to write home about, although there is a Nearly Naked powder to pair with it – I find it to dull the natural finish so suck it up and go for a dab of retouching instead. The not so rave-worthy pointers? As with any highstreet lineup the range of shades is lacking. There’s 10 in total and they lean more to cool colours and aren’t as pink-toned as other purse-friendly choices I’ve tried, but there will be those that still struggle to find a good match. Things could also be improved packaging-wise. No pump means you end up with a shedload of product dripping down the back of your hand and things can end up getting a wee bit messy. But it’s still a good’un and will be sure to keep the legion of lighter coverage lovers happy. To see this foundation whipped into action lay your eyes on my latest video.

Marching onto makeup counters as you read, it’s priced at the very reasonable £7.99. A bit of a bargain if you ask me. Will the Nearly Naked franchise be Revlon’s new ‘thing’? I’m bagsying the first place in the queue if they add a concealer to their range…

*PR Sample


  • I’m loving No7’s essentially natural foundation at the moment, sounds similar to this, but No7 colour matched me so it’s my perfect shade 🙂

  • I don’t think my base drawer could take another addition but I’m more than slightly intrigued by the thought of such a good quality drugstore foundation x Becky

  • Jadelouisegrimes

    I love this foundation, I picked it up the other day from boots and the shade matches me perfectly!  Im reviewing it on my blog soon once i’ve wore it a bit more xx

  • We still don’t have this in my country, and I am gutted. Been wanting to try this after a few guru’s raved about it!

  • Ria Harris

    I love the sound of this foundation but I just wish revlon would add a pump to their foundations. Its a shame that half of the product will be wasted or left at the bottom of the tube.

    Ria x

  • Letterstolashes

    Fab review as always 🙂 I have this foundation too and reviewed it on my blog a few days ago, I love the natural skin-like finish but I would also love it so much more if there was a pump! X

  • and kate

    This is a great review – really helpful as I am actually looking for a new foundation!
    Happy Monday Vivianna!
    Much love,
    Kate xo

  • Diane11792

    Safe to say that this is now noted in my ever expanding beauty wish list. Sounds like my kind of foundation. Thanks Anna for another fab recommendation. I know I can always count on you 🙂

  • joysteib

    As you said in your review Revlon needs to improve on their packaging and its a winner in my book! Loving the lightness of the texture!!  All that is missing is a Nearly Naked Concealer!!! Thanks for sharing!!! <3

  • Divs

    Great review..getting a foundation for 7.99 is unrealistic! And it got her approval too now that seems like a real treat! Just got over with ordering mine!! Lets see how it turns out


  • I want to try it, too.

  • I quite like more full coverage foundations, but am still tempted to give this one a go. Despise these sorts of packaging though, no-one has ever said ‘darn I wish this came as a pour out’ now have they?!

  • Had a look at it the other day and agree that they’re quite yellow toned. Unfortunately had to pass as I’m an NW15 and it just wouldn’t have suited 🙁

  • Maddy Cane

    This looks really nice but I don;t think that they have a shade close enough to my skin tone to make it worth it! xxxx 

  • Alara basul

    Will definitely have to try this one out! I’m a huge fan of Revlon’s Photoready foundation! 🙂

    Lovely post 🙂 🙂

  • Denise F.

    AAAAWWWWWWW want!!!

  • Olivia

    Great review! I love all your reviews.

  • gleepface

    Very tempted to snap this up now that my skin is behaving a bit better, although I will probably be adding powder to the mix as touch ups are just not something I have the time for (remind me again why my handbag is full of mascara and cream blushers??)

    I am a bit wary though, since I was allergic to the Rimmel Wake Me Up, and now have a fear of drugstore foundations! Still, at that price it doesn’t hurt to try!

  • Danielle Barbeau

    I had never tried a Revlon foundation before trying this one, and I really do love it! And I am definitely a more “low coverage” kinda gal, and can sheer this one out quite well. I do find the shades to look a bit dark though and my Superdrug didn’t have all the shades (ahem…Ivory).

  • Millie

    Really want to try this! I’m a huge fan on Revlon foundations and for the price I think the quality is great!! Fantastic review too, I love the way you write! 🙂 ♥

  • ShannMarieeDee

    I have to try this foundation…I heard it is an excellent dupe for NARS Sheer Glow xx

    Shannen |

  • Pippa Jones

    Quite an interesting review, It is good for the price, yes i do agree about the packaging it looks quite basic but for the price what can be expected? could be a bit of waste. 

    Pipp xx

  • jessica

    Great post Anna 🙂 What cleanser would you recommend for oily/blemish prone skin? You always seem to suggest superb ones!! x

  • hannahapps12

    A budget buy foundation that you like? I really want to try this and may just have my hands on it by the end of this week as I am a big fan of the lighter coverage spectrum so it sounds like it fits me perfectly. Lets just hope they have a colour to fit my skin tone 🙂 xx

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    I need this, sounds perfect 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Lauren

    I’ve been dying to try this! Every time I go to Target they are out of the lighter shades! I’ll have to try a CVS.

    How does it compare to NARS sheer glow? Based on your description they sounds very similar.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Zoe Kennedy

    I am actually in love with this Foundation. I find it undetectable on my skin, which is what I always go for!

  • katherine.parkes

    I seem to be the total minority here but this didn’t work for me, so sad! Pretty sure it’s cos I have an oily t-zone but can’t get it to last on my skin at all! Shame cos it looks gorgeous when it’s first applied x

  • Everydaymelissa

    absolutely trying this out! thanks for another great review! – everydaymelissa

  • Georgie D’Souza

    The USA and Canada have more shades, 16 I think it is, though i think they simply offer more darker tones

    Guess they were trying to keep costs down with the packaging

    Anyone tried the Revlon BB cream?

  • Paulina Data

    Very curious about this foundation 🙂

  • Carreen Cole

    I am confused about your statement on the colors. You said they lean more cool toned but aren’t as pink as other… Do you mean that they are cool toned but not overly pinky? 
    I find that most ranges cater more to the warm skin tones, with a yellow undertone, and it is hard to find a match, when you have a cool undertone.

  • I have been itching to try this! Your so right about how hard it is to get a great foundation for under a tenner! Thanks for the review.

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  • Porcelaineleanor

    I really want to try this, but I’ve got loads of foundations already, and I feel bad buying another! This is definitely top of my list for when I used a couple of he others up!
    Eleanor x

  • LoloAmore

    I own this foundation and am really loving it for the most-part… except its’ staying power. xP If you were wearing a long sleeve shirt, don’t even think about resting your head on your wrist!! It transfered almost instantly for me… 😛 Very unsightly. I’m not sure how this might change with the Nearly Naked powder, but I might just have to get it and give it a shot.

  • So tempted to try this but I have plenty of foundations still to use up!  xxx

    Georgia’s Make Up Addiction

  • I was wondering what the darkest shade of this would be? Drugstore foundations never seem to come out anything near the equivalent of MAC NW30. It would a dream to find a cheaper alternative to NARS Sheer Glow though!

  • camille

    Just bought this foundation today, bought it in the colour nude and tried it as soon as i got home. Thats how excited I was! I fell in love straight away!


  • Andrea

    “they lean more to cool colours and aren’t as pink-toned” – I’m a bit confused by this statement; cool colours means pink tones. Please explain what you meant?

    • Carreen Cole

      That’s what I said but I never got a response :/

    • I always use the MAC method of warm and cool tones, so refer to pink tones as warm and yellow as cool. Hope this clears it up! 

  • beauty bash

    love the review would love if you could check out my blog

  • Heloise

    My hopes were high when I went to colour match myself to this product, but ended up walking away empty handed 🙁 I just couldn’t get a good shade match! The search for the holy grail foundation continues………. :s