Pointy Heels That You Can ACTUALLY Walk In

Ever wanted a macro close up of my extremely veiny and pale feet? Well you’re in for a treat today. And yes that’s an image of me walking cross my coffee table which caught me some perplexed stares from my neighbours outside my window. Don’t ask…

Heels that you can actually walk in pain-free and without the ‘maybe if I walk like this I won’t get blisters’ hobble – sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? I seem to have acquired a fair amount of pointy toed courts in recent times that I tell myself I’ll wear out daily after watching too many Vogue documentaries and vow to channel my inner Carine Roitfeld. But they all cause great, great sole discomfort and end up making the contents of my wardrobe look pretty, while my mid-heel boots get worn to the point of holey-ness. However thanks to the high shoe goddess (and major sunglasses enabler) Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later my attention was pointed in the direction of a pair that don’t leave you stumbling behind and silently mooing in pain….. and she was right. Say hello to the ASOS Spring Break Pointed Heels.

I went for the black option (dur), but ASOS offer them up in green and silver too, they fit into the midi-heel range, come in soft suede looking fabric and have a pointed but not-too-clown-like toe. And they’re comfortable – what’s not to love? Sure they need a day or two of breaking in and they’re not akin to what I can imagine walking on air like, but they’re really not that bad. Though may I suggest to be a little generous when it comes to size; I run a UK 6/7 and the 6’s gave me a case of the seriously squashed toes. Come on ASOS I’m feeling a blue or a navy next to add to my collection…

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  • I’ve had these saved in my ASOS basket since I read Laura’s post. I must get them now before they all sell out haha!

  • Kash

    The only reason I don’t own many pointy heels is because sometimes I just don’t think the pain is worth it ahha, love the green ones!

  • Evelyn Morales

    I love pointed shoes, I think they are super feminine and look chic. I also saw laura talk about those shoes, maube I should get another pair of my all time favourite pointed heels!!

  • Manouk

    Looks very nice on you. I believe Fleur de Force also has a star tattoo xx beauty & drawings

  • ElisabethRilatt

    Hi Anna!
    I got these in silver on Laura’s recommendation too, they really are super comfy! I love them, might have to bag a black pair too!


  • Anna Blush

    Oh these sound perfect! May just have to give them a go x

  • They look beautiful! They would be perfect for working in the city! So classy. xx

  • sofika
  • These are lovely, never underestimate the importance of heels that you CAN actually walk in! x

  • Louise V P

    are you standing on your coffee table?

  • These look beautiful. More colors would definitely be a bonus…

  • lauren

    I love these they look lovely, I find it difficult to wear heels so I don’t usually buy them but these to look really nice πŸ™‚

  • Lulu

    Oh the countless times I’ve convinced myself “maybe this pair won’t hurt” has caused too many heartbreaks and giveaway. I’d like to try these πŸ˜‰

  • These are gorgeous! *adds to ASOS bag* – now who’s enabling!?

    Tiny Alis

  • Kat

    Hello, I like your jeans in this post (well at least what I can see). Could you tell me where did you buy these ? I am trying to find black jeans that are very tight (superskinny?). Thank you ! πŸ™‚


      Try the topshop Leigh jeans. Anna’s spoken about them before too.

  • Danielle

    Ooh I love these, so pretty!! Danielle xx

  • Cool, uhm question, how long can you last in this pair? my work involves 8 hours of standing and walking so… i need something comfy

  • Zazie Bibi

    These look lovely, and your feet are gorgeous Anna! πŸ˜‰ xx

    A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I reeeeeally like the green ones, but I just know if I got them, I’d never wear them. Agree with you Anna, we need blue/navy ones!

    Shel x

  • Oooo! Thanks, Anna! And we’re not breaking the bank with this pair. They look fab! I must snap some up!!

  • Bri

    Those silver pumps have my name written all over them! I’ve been looking for a pair to dress up my boyfriend jeans

  • Stephanie

    Fab post, your writing really is beautiful Anna! I’ve never known someone who can make me laugh the way you do in writing!

    ps. the shoes are great too!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)


  • They look so pretty!

  • Esme

    Oh these are pretty. I need some shoes for prom and these look perfect. Lovely post Anna <3

  • Annie Lindsay

    That green pair looks spectacular! It’s hard to find low-heel shoes that don’t look a bit dowdy. Loving these though.

  • So pretty, I love the shape and everything about these! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Tarte Tanya

    These look amazing.
    LOL i had a good laugh when i realized that was a coffee table.
    We’ve all been there… I once took blog pictures at the parking lot a work.
    The lighting was good, but my co-workers thought i was nuts and prob still do!
    Lovely shoes!

  • oh I love those! and didn’t know you have a tattoo πŸ™‚

  • Connie

    Thanks for the tip!
    xo, Connie

  • Oooh I think I may have just ordered the silver ones after readin this

  • I keep looking at the Asos heels and I keep not ordering them. Maybe I will now!


  • Everydaymelissa

    will try them…need a good pair of work shoes

  • Gyaaaa, the green ones are lovely!

  • Oooh those green ones are cool. And literally the perfect heel height, not too high but not a frumpy kitten heel. Parfait! QworterLifeCrisis

  • Emily Slee

    And t here I was thinking that there was something wrong with me being unable to walk in my pointy heels! Ha

  • Ada Drgas

    Oh, even though I don’t need another pair of black high heels these are just too pretty to let them go past… Plus, I don’t own any pair of midi-heel which looks so perfect!

  • Mish

    anyone confirm the sizing of these pumps?! does it run small or big?

    • They run large. I’m a 4.5 and based on this post ordered a 5 which were far too big. I’m wearing the 4 right now and they’re perfect. Though my pair seem to have a shorter toe box to show some toe cleavage and Anna’s don’t, so maybe they changed the design/manufacture since she posted.

  • khannablog

    I have serious shoe envy! xx