Palette Pondering

I’m a few weeks late on this bandwagon, but I’ve been spotting ‘The Perfect Palette TAG’ cropping up all over my YouTube feed and when I spotted the ever lovely Estée tag me in her version, I thought I’d give it a nod on my blog instead. So here is. A bit of palette pondering if you will. All my favourites clubbed together in one post and surprise, surprise they are all neutral. Ah come on, what else would you expect? 

Let’s start with the most bruised and battered palette of all, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. The original and in my eyes – the best – perhaps even my favourite palette of all. It’s got a bit of everything in there; taupes, golds, mauves, bronzes, heck even a black and let’s not forget two of the most buttery beautiful matte shades ever, Naked and Buck. Plus I will never forget the excitement experienced when I finally managed to get my hands on it. Palette porn at it’s finest.

A close second, lagging behind because its limited edition status made it a fleeting appearance on the beauty landscape is CHANEL’s Ombré Matelassées Eyeshadow Palette in Charming Ombre. That copper gold in the centre of the line-up is fast becoming a daily go-to and it certainly wins the prize for most expensive palette ever purchased. Another LE offering that makes the cut is the Bobbi Brown Warm Smokey Eye Palette. Again, a hard to find bad-boy but well worth the rummaging. Three shimmers and three mattes make for a comprehensive palette that has the whole day to night eye makeup thang down.

The winner of the most recent addition to the ranks goes to Charlotte Tilbury’s Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette in Dolce Vita. I’ve fallen hard for this warm quad; the textures are beauts and the colours compliment green eyed gals rather nicely if I do say so myself. It’s the edition of the press-on golden pigment that really makes it. Pricey, but it’s pretty close to perfection, though the Rimmel Glam Eyes HD 5 Colour Eyeshadow in Brixton Brown is good dupe if you don’t mind the non-appearance of a glitter-laden shade.

A good all rounder to finish off? NARS’ And God Created the Women Palette, which has made a recent reappearance on Space NK. Hooray. Not only is this set fab because it comes with a rather lovely fluffy eyeshadow brush, but it also comes with the NARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base and is where I originally fell in love with the stuff. Of course the palette is a tasty one too, featuring both mattes and metallics and as always the NARS formula does not disappoint offering a texture that’s fall-out free and long-lasting. Palettes closed. Over and out.

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  • Anna Blush

    Palettes are the ultimate beauty world eye candy, I absolutely love them! That CT one looks absolutely stunning!

  • Shaun Nolan

    So many gorgeous palettes!! I have the NARS one and I am IN. LOVE.


  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Beautiful collection of palettes for me the next one to get is Sleek’s Eden, Dior’s new S&S collection and Charlotte Tilbury… not easy when I’m trying to be good with money at the same time LOL. Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • Kristina

    Lovely collection of palettes 🙂 I am particularly jealous of the Nars one!

  • Such a beautiful collection. I’m a neutral girl myself and I just love bronze shades even though I’m blue eyed. I really want to try out one of those Charlotte Tilbury palettes.

  • Loewisa

    I love the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes as well! Vintage vamp, Dolce Vita and The Sophisticate are my favourites, such luxury products! I’ve been eyeing at the Laura Mercier Artist’s Eye Palette as well, but couldn’t get my hands on it yet! In my eyes the perfect winter palette with it’s purpully and brownish nudes!

  • Maddy Cane

    I love the Dolce Vita, everything about it is so gorgeous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • I’m in love with that Charlotte Tilbury palette, I’ve been dying to try some of her makeup line for ages but I’ve never been able to find it. Wish I could though!

    Stephanie | Love, August

  • I just love owning pallets! I hardly ever actually use them! lol

  • eli

    I agree with you on the NAKED palette! Even when I try out new awesome ones,I always end up going back to it 🙂

  • Lydia

    I have the Naked Basics palette but am so tempted to purchase the original! Such gorgeous colours! Fab post x

    The Style Château

  • ak

    I jjust together Rimmel one. Did you swatch it? Because it’s AWFUL. The ttaupe shade I bought it for has absolutely zero pigment. I got it before you blogged it but I really think it’s a good reason to test stuff like this!

    • ak

      Sorry, GOT the Rimmel one – bloody autocorrect.

  • I really need to test out a Charlotte Tilbury palette! My current obsession is the Naked 3 palette, I can’t get enough of the beautiful rose tones. x

  • Anoushka Urban

    Ah Anna, I seem to be gravitating towards another Charlotte Palette. I have the Vintage Vamp, and being green eyed like yourself, well that bad boy gave me the most popping peepers I have ever seen. Beautiful!

    Anoushka xx

  • Stefanie Meier

    I am so in love with every single one of these palettes

  • PeonyandPeach

    Thank you, I now want them all!

  • Maddie

    Drool! I love my Naked palette and have had my eye on the Naked 3 for ages but am yet to take the plunge. Although that Bobbi Brown number’s looking pretty tempting now! QworterLifeCrisis

  • N

    The Chanel palette is wicked! It’s the most expensive I’ve purchased but definitely worth it.

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    I really want to get one of the Charlotte Tilbury pallets! They look amazing!

  • Really want to get my hands on the bobbie brown chocolate palette that lily’s been waving around! xx#

  • Parisian To Be

    I only own a Stila palette and a MAC quad, but I have the feeling I need to up my palette game–perhaps with the NARS offering. xo

    Lillian from

  • Catrin

    All the Charlotte Tilbury palettes are stunning, I’m stuck between Dolce Vita and the Sophisticate.


  • Marlenne

    Ahw, I’ve missed the NARS palette and I can’t get my hands on the Charlotte Tilbury ones. So for me, the best is the Chanel Ombres Matelassees and the Bobbi Brown Hot Chocolat palette

  • Annie Lindsay

    My palettes are just the same- lots and lots of browns, taupes, shimmers, pinks and golds. Nary a blue, purple, or green in sight!

  • Can’t believe you’ve recommended a more budget friendly dupe for such a coveted eyeshadow, definitely going to try xx


  • Ella

    OK, so I finally decided that my first Naked palette would be the Naked 2, and then Is aw this post and Lily’s recent video… It’s too hard! I’ll just have to buy both! (And the 3 while I’m at it…)

  • Daniela

    I bought the Rimmel 5 colour palette in Brixton Brown on your recommendation and have never looked back. The coppery/reddish colour in the centre is just amazing swiped all over the lids with a little brown eyeliner! Love it!

  • Lovely picks! I finally got the Naked Palette and haven’t regretted it for a second- it’s perfect! And that Charlotte Tilbury palette looks beautiful. I’ve watched several of the tutorials on her site and I’m transfixed! Wish we could get the line here in Canada.

  • Kirsty

    I have to agree my Naked palette is my favourite too. I bought the Naked 2 first as I preferred the look of the shades but these days I get most use out of the original palette.

    Everyone is posting pictures of the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette, it’s making me want it more and more….maybe next month! xx

  • Chelsea Leigh

    that charlotte tilbury palette looks amazing!

  • Eleri Roberts

    I still need to snap up the Urban Decay naked palette! I love Rimmel’s Brixton Brown though, it’s amazing for drugstore xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • I treated myself to the Smashbox Fade In palette last season & although I love it, I’ve not really seen anyone else mention it. Not as many shades as the Nakeds but I’ve used every one. Charlotte Tilbury & Naked Palettes are both on my wish list for this year though.

  • Sarah Jayne

    The Charlotte Tilbury palette looks gorgeous! My favourite would have to be Stila In The Light – such amazing colours and the pigmentation is incredible!

  • Amy Taggart

    The Charlotte Tilbury palette is absolutely beautiful! I love the Urban Decay palette too! X.

  • Amber Hunter

    I wish I could get my hands on the Nars and God Created the Woman palette. It looks so perfect for traveling! Two of my favorite palettes are the Naked 2 and Stila In the Light!


    Lovely Notions

  • That Charlotte Tilbury palette is so pretty!
    I also have the Naked palette and I use it almost everyday!

  • roshkud

    The Charlotte Tilbury is on my birthday wishlist. Its so beautiful especially the glitter shade!

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Amy

    i like the naked one palette the best! i think its the most versatile, plus those warmer colors look better on my skin tone! love this post!!


  • Francisca Ferreira

    I wish i had money to buy that amazing pallets!!! but thats i why i love dupes ehehe!

  • Nicola Jayne Robinson

    If you think your naked is battered you ought to see mine!! I feel it will see it’s death and repacement in 2014

  • Sybil Mae
  • Those are awesome palettes.. Thanks for Sharing it.. You can even visit,, for make up course and improve your beauty techniques.

  • I love using this Naked palette, it has so many pretty shades! Great post xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • Why is nothing ever quite so appealing as a palette?! I’ve been trying to get the NARS one out of my head for months but if by some miracle it’s still in stock when I next go on Space NK I’m taking it as a sign!

  • Kaelyn

    I wanted to do this tag on YouTube, but I feel it’s a little too late now… Really love your selections, and I am glad you featured them on your blog 🙂

  • MyOwnLoves

    Lovely selections. Looking forward to trying the Nars one xox