Our Wedding: The Details

a.k.a) One big ol’ excuse to post some wedding pictures


We finally have our wedding pictures which means I can get round to putting this dissertation-length post together that’s got all the nitty gritty details of our wedding day. I thought it might be helpful for any of you out there who are newly engaged, anyone who’s nosy; plus, it’s just a great excuse to share some more pictures from the day with you. I’m not going to lie, when we got these through I got about 10 minutes in before I started crying. It’s not really even the pictures of us that choke me up, it’s more looking at the faces of our friends and family. I love them so much! Anyway enough gushing, on with the deets. Holler in the comments if I’ve missed anything…



We decided not to go all out with wedding stationery, instead opting for good ol’ Papier for the actual invites. We went for the Kun design for the invitations and the table settings too. In my eyes they’re a bit of a bargain, arrived really quickly and looked all fancy because you can customise your names and details on there. We didn’t bother with any fancy planners either, instead Mark did some crazy spreadsheets in Excel that I still don’t understand and I jotted down things like notes, to-dos and table plans in my BulletJournal.


Mark bought his suit the day after we booked our wedding – so efficient. He wore a REISS Suit (similar to the one linked, but in the sale), with Loakes Shoes and a General Knot & Co Tie. I feel like the main reason we booked the wedding back in December, was because I knew that in February Whistles were launching Whistles Bridal and that my dream wedding dress would magically materialise. Thankfully, it did in the form of the Eve Dress which didn’t even come close to anything else that I saw online. I wore it with Gianvito Rossi Portofino Leopard Print Heels and I couldn’t have been happier with my get-up.

In terms of hair and makeup, I did my own on the day; mainly because I just wanted to look like myself and I always end up rubbing half my face off when someone else does my makeup. I’ve done a little wedding makeup tutorial if you fancy watching that and also a post on my pre-wedding skincare and body prep too.



Although we dilly-dallied for ages about our wedding plans we knew that we wanted food, and lots of it. After getting married in Brighton Town Hall, we wandered through The Lanes to one of our favourite restaurants in Brighton, The Coal Shed. Here you’re able to have the whole space for lunchtime and the afternoon in exchange for a guaranteed minimum spend and your guests all get to pick between four choices as their starter, main and dessert. We bloody love it there and the whole thing ran so smoothly. We ate steak, drank a lot and after speeches we came back to the flat were my Mum had made us a wedding cake and a million and one other homemade-baked goods.

As the evening wore on everyone everyone tucked into the booze that we’d got from a supermarket dash that seriously weighed our car down on the way home and… Domino’s (you know that that was my suggestion, right?). Within 5 minutes, 10 large pizzas had disappeared and we had to run out to buy more Aperol.


The weekend before the wedding we realised that we had nothing to decorate our flat with, which was where we were holding our reception. So I made a dash to Hobbycraft with my Mum and left with a bin bag-full of bits and bobs. Fake Ivy was awesome and some Gold Dot Garlands turned out to look so much better than they did in the pack. Also this Just Married’ Sign looked great taken off the string and blu-tacked over our fireplace.

In terms of flowers, I could have done some groundwork and got in a tonne of quotes, but instead I went for a local supplier that I use for all my flowers and plants around our home. They’re just lovely ladies in Florian and I knew they’d be great to work with (and they were!). We just had a bridal bouquet, mini bouquets for my three ladies who walked in before me (we didn’t have traditional bridesmaids – they all wore their own clothes), buttonholes for Mark and his best man and some mini table settings that we got all our guests to take home with them afterwards.



Photography is a tough one and we were given some quotes that would have taken up practically all of our wedding budget. In the end I found our photographer, Amy, on Coco’s Wedding Venues list of approved suppliers. We spoke over email where we agreed pricings, timings and all that other boring stuff before we met and we all just clicked. Mark loved that she shot a lot of the wedding day on film and I loved that she had the same keyring as me. On the day she couldn’t have been better. She was a seasoned pro who put everyone at ease and it never felt like we were having a camera shoved down in our faces. Amy also completely didn’t mind when we said we only wanted to shoot couple pictures for 15 minutes (I think it was even less!) and that we only needed her for half the day. She couldn’t have been more accommodating – thanks Amy! 


Wedding favours certainly aren’t something that are necessary and weren’t really on our minds, till the guys from Space NK said they’d hook us up despite my protests that they really didn’t have to (side note: I wasn’t into the idea of getting PR favours for the wedding day but the Space NK team still insisted because they are ridiculously lovely people – thanks Jinny and Chris!). So our guy guests went home with the Aesop Post Poo Drops, much to the confusion of my Grandad who thought it was a miniature bottle of wine and the ladies each received a mini Diptyque Figuier candle – my favourite one. We packaged them up with bags and tags that I got from Hobbycraft.

In terms of a gift registry we decided to ask for donations to Alzheimer’s Society, which is a cause that’s very close to our hearts. Our friends and family were so ridiculously generous that I kept tearing up each time a new donation came through. BABES, all of ’em.



After food and a ridiculous amount of Whiskey Sours had been consumed (our itemised bill made for some interesting reading!), we grabbed taxis back to our flat for the reception. We weren’t super secretive about our plans for the day, but there was one element that only Mark and I knew about. We thought to pass a bit of time we’d pull everyones names out of a hat, organise them into teams and do a pub quiz in our living room. We just googled questions online, made a music round from a Spotify playlist and printed out scoresheets for each team. Fitting almost 30 people into the living room was a bit of a squeeze, but it was one of my favourite parts of the day, watching everyone chat and loudly debate answers – who knew our mates were so competitive, eh?

Later on we cracked out a speaker and played songs again from Spotify to dance the night away. In hindsight it perhaps would have been a good idea to create a playlist (it was on my list of things to do, but we ran out of time printing out bloomin’ pub quiz scoresheets the night before!), but a bit of Despacito got everyone going. The night ended with my friends Nick and Sammy-Jo doing the Moulin Rouge duet together in the front room and I’m sure our neighbour downstairs rolling her eyes for the 134th time that night. Sorry neighbour!

Photos by Amy O’Boyle 


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  • What would my Wednesday mornings working from home be without Anna’s new video and blog post? Amazing as always and love the detailed breakdown!

    • P.S.: I am trying to avoid self-promoting by all means, but I started a blog (writing mainly to relax for now) inspired by you and Lily and Caroline and Ruth. Thank you for being so cool.

  • ella ryder

    This sounds like such an incredible day Anna! I love how personal it was to both of you. It’s exactly the sort of wedding I hope to have when I’m older. Congratulations once again to both of you!


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    You’re one of my favourite YouTubers/bloggers EVER and reading about how personal your wedding was to you and Mark just increased my love towards you. I love that you did things your own way, and your wedding sounds like my dream wedding -very intimate, no faff and filled with the things you and your partner love! Also, clicked on the link for your wedding dress and I have to say that it looks better on you than on the model 😉 Many congratulations to you and Mark, and I hope you guys have an everlasting marriage x

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    That sounds like SUCH a lovely and unique wedding! I love how low-key and cozy it sounds. You looked absolutely beautiful and happy!!

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    Wow Anna, The wedding is usually all about the bride and in all the movies their like ‘its my day’ and everything revolves around them. But, your wedding has blown me away and I can only hope mine is anything like yours. It sounds so amazingly family orientated, you cut out all the things people do for ‘show’ and made it uniquely yours and it sounds as though it wasn’t too stressful? And your donations blow me away, definitely considering something like that If I ever want to get married. xxx

  • Anna, I love love love your wedding. I am so inspired by the smaller guest list, lovely dinner after, and even your beautifully simple gown. It looks so lovely! I really want to have a smaller wedding (I don’t think that will ever happen based on mine and boyfriend’s family sizes) but if I am able to, yours will be my inspo! Lovely photos and congratulations again to you and Mark!

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  • Anna, this post is WONDERFUL. Like so incredibly melts-your-heart-and-makes-you-grin kind of wonderful.

    Firstly, it’s amazing to see a wedding from someone online who actually pulled off a beautiful, memorable wedding without spending a fortune. Which I can only assume is what most people do now-a-days (I eloped, whoops). Proof that you can have the best day without having to sacrifice all your future finances!

    Secondly, you can tell in the way that you write how special that day must have been for you. Weddings like this — with personal touches, that feel more like YOU than some weird grandiose version of someone else — are the best. And I think this post proves that!

    Plus, this is actually useful. 2 years after our elopement, we’ll finally be having ‘the wedding,’ and I plan on taking one or two pages out of your book. Thank you! And so much love to both of you. Being married is the best.

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    Your wedding sounds incredibly similar to mine. We invited 30 people only, got married in our city’s town hall, then to a little French/British bistro where we all sat at big tables, listened to our tunes and drank delicious wine and ate wonderful food. And like you I also wore my hair out and just in waves! You look gorgeous by the way. I think these kinds of weddings can be refreshing for people, being more relaxed. I love that you got Dominos at the end of the night.

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