New to the Handbag

Every now and again I have to sit down, riffle through and sort my handbag. Throw away all the Ben’s Cookies and Space NK receipts (opps), the old and now fluffy and half-eaten pack of Love Hearts and the grimey makeup samples that have been swimming around in the depths of my tote for months and start again from scratch. It’s actually one of my more enjoyable beauty-related tasks and in my last tidy I added some newbies into the mix which I’m rather liking…

I don’t actually carry that much around with me makeup-wise. As a general rule, I have a little pouch that I can throw into whatever bag I fancy for that day and if worst comes to worst and I haven’t had time to do my fancy-dancy makeup routine in the morning I can make myself look half presentable. For me, that means I need to have something that can double up as a foundation and concealer and a little pot of Origins Plantscription Foundation that I nabbed from their counters has been filing that role pretty perfectly. I’m actually planning to pop up a review on it next week sometime, but as a quick brush-over  it’s dewy, medium coverage and ridiculously easy to blend on and apply with my usual Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I like, a lot. For fragrance, I’ve swapped out my rollerballs for a mini spritzer and solid perfume sample of Diptyque’s Veloutes scent – which is stunning! A smokey, spicy, sexy, sensual masterpiece – this fragrance has already been added to my Christmas list. I love a good handcream to slap on while I’m sitting on the tube – yes I’m that person sitting there massaging away at my cuticles, humming to myself – and I’ve finally dug out an ancient Clarins gift with purchase number, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. It smells somewhat of baby wipes, which takes me back to my teenage days of working in a well known baby shop, and nourishes without leaving my greasy mitts slipping all over the tube poles.

So into the handbag all of that goes, and if you ever spot me on the tube going wild with hand cream, give me a nudge and I’ll be sure to give you a splodge.


  • aah I really want to try that brush xx

  • sarirah

    That Diptyque scent you described sounds like something I’d love. Will have to go check it out. 🙂

  • joysteib

    I’m a true lover of hand lotion(cream) so yes I would have to nudge you with my hands held out for a splodge!!!!!!! 🙂

  • The perfume sounds so lovely! Haha, I apply hand cream religiously and always get funny looks when I rub my hands together for 2 minutes xx

  • Beth Bradley

    Gorgeous bag. A mini pot of foundation is a great idea, I hate lugging around a big make-up bag but this is perfect for on-the-go touch ups.

    Beth @

  • Catherine

    Is that the Kurt Geiger pouch I spy? 😉 bought mine when ELLE magazine gave away a £20 gift card! I love the texture & colour 🙂 must remember to use mine more often! x

  • Lou S

    The hand cream looks amazing! And the mini pot with foundation is a fantastic idea!

  • Alisha Mahay

    I Adore Clarins Hand & Nail cream x

  • katherine.parkes

    so wish the origins foundation came in a pale cool toned shade, sounds so beautiful! 🙁 x

  • Rebecca

    I’m the same way when it comes to my bag! that hand cream also sounds amazing.
    Rebecca @

  • Awwww Anna you’re so sweet.. I can just imagine you on the tube surrounded by hoards of commuters and you’re there humming to yourself slapping on hand cream 🙂 If I were still living in LDN I would have loved to meet you! 🙂 Origins seems to be quite a brand in the blog world.. I wish I had a Boots or an Origins shop round the corner.. unfortunately in Italy it’s not so easy 😛 take care!

  • 🙂 love this post! i’ve been hearing alot about that diptyque scent, so i’m really curious about it!

  • chloe

    Why boots dosn’t do international shopping?? Why Boots?? Why??? ; ) Tooo Baaad!

  • Natalia Jackson

    Oooo we have the same KG purse! x