New Shades of The.Best.Lipgloss

I’m not sure there’s ever been a lipgloss launch that I’ve been so excited about. Balms always win for me, lipstick coming in second and glosses bringing up the rear without a real lip look-in. But there is one gloss offering that’s a staple in my stash. I first spoke of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors* in July of 2011, and boldly declared them the ‘best lipgloss of them all’ – a statement I still standby; and with three new shades being added to the trio I’m stifling my squeals right now. Here’s the catch, they’re not out till May. But with so many Lip Perfector fans out there I thought I’d wet your lipgloss whistle and give you the scoop (squealing optional)…

Housed in the same squeezey tube sponged tipped applicators, the three new hues follow the same balm-like sheer sheen roster. Never sticky, never gloopy, just a pleaser of non-sterotypical gloss lovers like myself. So what new shades are on their way? Well from top to bottom we have Petal Shimmer – a baby nude, Candy Shimmer – a rosey pink and Rosewood Shimmer – a more sophisticated brown. First up lets address the fact that these have no shimmer in them, making the latter part of their names redundant. And colour-wise Clarins have replicated their original line-up but in slightly more saturated hues; Petal Shimmer correlates with Apricot Shimmer from the original line-up, as does Candy Shimmer with Rose Shimmer and Rosewood Shimmer with Nude Shimmer – you follow? The same colour vein, but this latest drop has a little more pigment and colour to them. My favourite pick is Candy Shimmer (Petal Shimmer a very close runner up), which falls into the ‘my lips but better category‘, adding an everyday subtle pink veil of colour to the lips. I’m applauding the additions of more pinks, peaches and nudes to the range, but I’d be all over a glossy red or shades a bit more unexpected. Although I guess part of the pull of the perfectors is their easy to throw on allure and I’m all over that.

They’ll be priced at the usual £17 for a tube of the stuff, though you can usually find them a wee cheaper online and don’t worry, I’ve got your back – I’ll be sure to shout from the twittertops when they make their debut on counter. But until May, it’s one (or three) to add to the wishlist. In fact skip ’em up to top priority, they’re a good’un.

*PR Sample


  • Petal shimmer is definitely top of my list too! Do wish these were a touch cheaper though 🙁

  • I bought Rose Shimmer last week and absolutely love it! It just leaves my lips with the prettiest sheen! I will definitely be buying Candy Shimmer…can’t believe I have to wait until May 🙁 X

  • How could I miss them? Candy Shimmer makes it on top of my list now 🙂

  • Hannah Cagney Lace

    I’m definitely add these beauties to my wish list – I’m never usually one for lipgloss but if it’s got your seal of approval Anna then it’s alright by me!


  • Millie

    These sound great! Clarins are coming out with some amazing makeup products this year! 🙂 ♥

  • Can’t wait to try them!

  • OletaEilis

    Petal Shimmer looks gorgeous! Definitely going to invest xx

  • Beautypositive

    Nice colors, I can not wait to try them! I follow your blog for some time and has motivated me to create my own. I’m new to this but I hope to go slowly learning. Kisses from Spain.

  • Michelle

    they are already out in germany, as well as the bb cream! so excited to try the new shades!

  • Gillian

    These sound lovely and the colours look great. Will need to look out for these at my Clarins counter.

    Gillian from  x

  • They look so pretty, I think the pale pink is my favourite, but I don’t think I’d ever spend that much on a lipgloss because I don’t ever really wear them!
    Eleanor x

  • Sharon

    These look gorgeous, perfect for summertime.   Look forward to trying and also the new Clarins BB cream.    I think Candy shimmer will be #1 choice…

  • Lucy Garrick

    OMG! I am so excited. Literally these are my favourite lip products hands down. Great post Anna! x

  • I need Candy Shimmer in my life. *squeals* 

  • Janelle

    They are already available in the US. I just bought Candy Shimmer as part of an order that arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Love it!

  • Elinor Minett

    Candy shimmer looks really nice! I could do with a good quality lip gloss.

  • Pippa Jones

    Love rosewood, REally pretty colours, Lucky for getting them :) 

    Pipp xx

  • Charlotte

    Oh my good I can’t wait! I already own Rose Shimmer so Candy Shimmer will obviously be the very first one of these I’ll purchase 😉

  • Surlacinquieme

    I’ll definitely be trying these since I’m not much of a gloss lover either.
    Petal shimmer is beautiful!

    Laura Evelyne

  • OfficialSarah

    Hey love,

    the noew shades are AMAZING. They already came out in Germany (and rest of Europe – except UK apparently) in January and after I already fell in love with the 02 I purchased the number 05 and LOVE it. The new shades can now finally  being called “colors” as they actually tint the lips. LOVE it.

    For everyone who doesn’t want to wait: as they are available in Germany etc. already you might be able to get it over an online store there.

    Love, S.

  • gleepface

    Ooh hello there, these sound right up my street. I sort of hate lipgloss, despite having a drawer full of the stuff. It’s just too sticky and often too glimmery for my taste, but I might dip my toes back in the lipgloss water when these arrive!

  • Luisambgomes

    these are available in Portugal, already. I am so tempted!! but what do you think of their new bb cream? is ‘light’ a bit ‘not so light’ ?

  • Hmm, I recently bought a Clarins Lip Perfector from Escentual since everyone raves about them and honestly I don’t get what all the fuss is! To be honest I think it’s partly because they’re so sheer so these new one sound a bit more up my street!

  • Candy Shimmer looks really nice! x

  • Beautybellenotes

    Can’t wait to try them!

  • Yasmine

    Such pretty shades, these are defs to consider on my next shopping spree haha 😛


  • Bella

    I’ve bought Candy Shimmer, for once the Netherlands receives a product on time. I’m underwhelmed, though. It’s joined my gym makeup stash.

  • TheCurleyGirl

    They definitely are a lot of money for a lip gloss so they better not disappoint !

  • camille

    These look really pretty- need a new lipgloss as well so added to my wishlist 🙂


  • Beth Louise

    These look soooo nice! I love lipgloss 

    Beth-Lou’s Beauty Blog


  • Squealing mandatory.

  • I love them all but I think I might delve into the brown colour! I never try those kinds of shades!  Then again candy shimmer is calling my name…

  • Beautyandtheb

    I’ve wanted to try this for ages and now with new colours, I have no excuse! 🙂

    B xxx

  • Amy

    candy shimmer really stands out to me, i already own one of them and have fallen in love, so i will definately consider buying this! fantastic post!
    Amy |

  • I was going to buy this but then I saw the fur and it put me off but now I can not say no definitely going back to get it 🙂

  • Danielle Barbeau

    I do love me some of these babies. I have Apricot Shimmer, which is typically a shade I don’t go for (usually I am a more rose kind of gal), but this is lovely on days that I want to play up my eyes. I still have a full tube of this stuff, but maybe if I try I can be ‘out’ by May and pick up a new shade haha!

  • Laura

    Im so excited about these, i want them all…

  • Lauren P

    I squealed!  I am sooo excited! I will definitely pick up the pink and nude! YAY!

  • welljess

    literally read this and went out and got one. 

  • Zobloggs

    Yay, finally they released more colours!! Not sure if they are out in Aus yet but as soon as they are I am rushing out to grab all 3!! My fave lipgloss ever!!


  • Kayla

    I’d love to see them on the lips – I can never picture the true colour on a lip from a swatch. x

  • Claudia

    ohh, these look wonderful. I love the texture of the Instant Light lipglosses because they’re really not your typical lipgloss.. have to get my hands on Candy Shimmer!

    I’m hoping we get to see pictures of you wearing those pretties 🙂

    PS: my tiny OCD side noticed you should have turned the third tube around so they would all say Instant Light on the top, haha.

  • i’ve got to get my hands on one of these – i’ve been wanting one for so long already!

  • I own Nude Shimmer and blimmin’ love it. I agree it’s the best lip conditioner/lipgloss around. Smells lovely, tastes yum, feels great and looks great. Loving your swatches. I’m deciding on my next Clarins Instant Light purchase. x

    Jules x