New-In Beauty: Tried & Tested


I’m in a real funk when it comes to makeup and you know what? I’m really ok with it. I’ve reached a point where I know what I like and I’ve got a daily uniform of products that I’ve used for yonks, love dearly and perform well. New stuff in the beauty department just doesn’t get me as excited as it used to. Now that’s not to say that it doesn’t get me excited at all – there are always a few bits here and there that tickle my pickle – so I’ve been hoarding on to a handful of items that I’ve discovered recently that have made me ‘ooh‘ and ‘ahh’ and today’s the day that I finally get to have a play with them.

You know the set-up of these kinds of videos by now. I take five new items, throw them on my face and give you my first impressions of them. Then I take you around for the rest of the day (on my new vlogging camera – ooooh fancy! Now I can finally see myself in the flip-up screen) and let you know my final thoughts after a solid 12 hours plus of wear. This time round there’s a new foundation from Hourglass which promises to bring coverage without the cake, an eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills that I’ve been dying to get my hands on, a liquid bronzer and highlighter from Cover F.X that I purchased because I completely fell for the hype and then some limited edition lip beauties from Clarins, which I know I’m going to be crazy about already.

That’s it for the new beauty hauling from me for a while. Time to get back to purchasing copious amounts of workout leggings. So have a watch and let me know what you think. What’s been tickling your beauty pickle recently?

Photos by yours truly & Lauren Shipley