New Hair, Old Products

I’ve had the chop. And about time too, my lemming for shorter locks was a well documented one. The appointment’s been in the diary for a full-month and if I had any scissors sized up from the mini nail ones I own I probably would have delved in and snipped it myself. Even my Mum’s chuffed. It’s not the usual ‘trim’ I go for – it’s a satisfying, ‘somebody get out the hoover cause there looks like there’s a small furry animal on the floor’ cut. I’ve had about five inches off since my last run-in with the hairdressers, it now sits above boob-level which hasn’t happened for years and the ombré’s been toned down to a more subtle caramel. It feels lighter, fresher and I timed how long it took to blow-dry this morning…..12 minutes. I die. I’m one happy member of the mid-ish length hair crew. But a new doo doesn’t necessarily mean a spanking new hair regime, I’ll be revisiting some ol’ favourites to tame this mane…

Seeing as there’s no longer so much colour in my hair I can afford to harvest away the heavy conditioners and hair masks for a while and be a little riskier with what shampoos I add to the mix. With this in mind, I’ll be lathering and rinsing with Bumble and Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo and Phyto’s Express Conditioner* – just the right equilibrium of cleansing and conditioning. But the fun really kicks in with the styling. This was my main reasoning for lopping off my locks – shorter tresses equal more volume, and you know how I love a bit of jushing. I’ve become rather fond of Living Proof’s Prime over the past weeks, it just holds my tonged-in curls for that extra day and takes my two day hair wash cycle to three (win!). For heat protectant I’ll be using the lighter textured one from my stash, Redken’s Anti-Snap and to get a bit of hold and texture to my mop I’ll spritz in my trusty Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. Post blow-dry they’ll be two choices on offer: Oribe Dry Texturising Spray for some matte oomph or Bumble and Bumbles Semisumo for some piecey shine. Simples.

I think that’s it. No more trips to the hairdressers, or eying up nail scissors seductively to snip an extra inch off….for now.

*PR Sample