New Blog, New Hair?

Well hello there! Yes it has been a while, hasn’t it? Well I’m back and as the title suggests with a new blog (well redesigned) and new hair (well trimmed)! First up the blog. I have wanted to redesign my blog for a while, although I loved the flowery prints and pink, it just wasn’t really ‘me’ anymore so after mocking up some rather awful visions on Paint, one of my best mates Nick, who is seriously a computer genius, created this for me! I felt quite sad to be giving up on my blogger baby, but this is the sleeker, more sophiscated version of ‘Vivianna Does Makeup’ and I hope you all like it. Rome wasn’t built in a day and there are still a few tweaks I’d like to make here and there (I think I am seriously testing poor Nick’s patience), but hopefully soon everything will fall (exactly) into place.

Next up my hair. It is probably one of the most talked about topics in comments and emails that I receive and everyone was always so complimentary of my long locks, but unfortunately as with everything there comes a time and I felt ready for it to be lopped off. It wasn’t like it was in poor condition or anything, in all honestly I hadn’t had a haircut for a very long time and it needed some neatening up around the edges. My hairdresser Aunty who has been cutting my hair since I was about 3 months old did it for me; long layers with some shorter bits round the front, and I am very happy with the result. It sounds quite strange but I actually feel ‘lighter’! I have been swishing my hair around like I’m in some hair advert since I got it cut!

A few more final formalities till I resume my usual beauty ramblings! I entered the Zuneta Vlogger Search and it’s now down to the final voting stages, there are some other amazing Youtubers there as well including my current fav Megan Isobel, so if you fancy voting you can do so here. Also I’m aware that the blog isn’t looking too fruity layout-wise on handheld devices, so it is best to view from laptops for the minute although hopefully that will change soon. I think that’s it for now, hope you like it! Normal service will resume tomorrow 🙂


  • jade hewitt

    love your hair!! to be honest i can’t tell much difference in length but i looks a bit more wavy! Also loving the new layout, looks very professional xxx

  • joolie18

    I’m always so envious of long hair – it just doesn’t suit me! love the new layout, your friend did a brilliant job! 🙂 x

  • Anonymous

    Oooh your hairs beautiful! Your hair is always looks amazing- JEL! x

  • Lauren xo

    Hair looks beautiful! xxxxx

  • Amy Pocock

    As always you are looking stunning x

  • Ree

    Your hair looks so much thicker now it’s cut. Great look for you xx

  • love your hair like this. Looks really healthy and it’s just the perfect length if you ask me!

  • Mysentimentalheart

    I had a haircut on Friday to after leaving it for about 6 months (shameful I know!) but can’t believe the different it makes, so much lighter and less hassle! Love the new layout too hun 🙂

  • Love both the hair and the blog!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • blondie294

    your hair looks sooo much thicker now its been cut! its always good to have the stray ends blunted out! xx

  • Besutyandablogger

    Your hair always looks so lovely! Major hair envy hehe really like the new layout too 🙂 xx

  • WhatRebeccaSaid

    Absolutely love the hair! xx

  • Love the new layout, very sophisticated! I got bored of hving mine as busy and floral so went for black white and bright pink instead…nowhere near as good as yours though, wish I had a cmputer whiz friend! Your hair looks so lovely, its still soooo long but in a good way love it xx

  • angelamarie_beckett

    Your hair is gorgeous!

  • You have such gorgeous hair (: Loving the new layout too xo

  • Anonymous

    It looks gorgeous!  

    My hair is also really in need of a cut and I’ve been putting it off for so long, but you’ve inspired me to accept the fact the time has come.

    Love the new layout too 🙂

  • Well it isn’t like your hair is short now 😉 Still looks lush! And I love the new blog design x

  • I looooove your blogs new style!! It’s much more sophisticated!

    And of course, as always i looooove your hair! Its length, texture, colour, styling…everything! I wish I could make it to get mne so long in good condition;-)

  • I love the new design and your hair looks gorgeous Anna!! 🙂

    Gem x

  • smith70

    Hair is lookin’ fine! How many inches did you lose?

  • Scott

    I like the lighting in this picture.  That’s something I hope you can improve on with your videos and future pics — the hair is/was great!  Nice that you love it too.

  • Megant62

    I like your lipstick, is it hue?

  • Love the new blog design and the hair:)

  • Love your new haircut, so flattering!  Nice blog design too:)



  • Anonymous

    love the hair 😀 but i always love your hair lol 😀 xx

  • Anonymous

    I really like your new blog design.

  • Love the shorter hair! And the blog layout is seriously chic!

  • Sarah

    Love the hair, not so keen on the blog layout, I think it’s a bit boring and bland!

  • Zoe Hodges

    your hair looks amazing and so nice 🙂 and love the new blog layout its amazing :) 🙂


  • Lil xo

    I love your hair! How have you styled it, it looks like the perfect waves! x

  • Lisahh-jayne

    Love your new hair and your new blog 🙂 looks great! xxx

  • S Cameron

    Your hair looks gorgeous as always…I just can’t seem to grow my hair to this length.

    I love the new layout, very clean and classy looking x

  • Gillian

    Oh does your blog have a different platform now? Are you no longer on Blogger? Love the new layout xx

  • ella gauntlett

    oh your hair looks beauts. and so does your blog! im abit sad that im not seeing one little dash of pink though ..  i would absuloutly love a video or blog post from you on how to be a succsesful blogger, or tips ect. not ‘how to make money by blogging’ thats not what im after, id just love to know what you think is best when blogging. layout pictures ect?

  • pandaeyezbeauty

    your hair looks fabulous! I wish mine would grow longer so I could have a go at looks like this:( Love the blog!

    Hollie xox

  • Hannah Wood

    Oh you hair always looks so lovely and healthy, can’t wait until mine is this long!

  • ces30

    Your hair looks gorg! and loving the new layout 🙂 very sophisticated!

  • Your hair looks so lovely, I am thinking of dyeing my hair darker but can’t bring myself to do it yet! Not ready to go back to darker hair! Love the new layout, too! x

  • Love your new hair 🙂 and I was reading this before on my phone, and your so right- reading it online on a computer is so much better! Love the new layout, its so sleek! xxx

  • Lara Inez

    You look gorgeous 🙂

  • Clay

    Love the new blog design ! You hair looks gorgeous !! xx

  • Your hair looks amazing! 

  • sweetyemsen

    love your new hair ! <3

  • I love your hair ^^

  • Anonymous

    i have only LOVE for your new blog layout. Very sophisticated and chic. 😀 Well done to your friend. Wish I had a computer genius friend too. haha

  • Francis Dodson

    I love your hair, and have always loved it. You gave me the courage to chop off the ends of my hair too 🙂 so much better now! x 

  • Alice Byers

    I love your hair – it looks so bouncy. Mine is a nightmare to style – frizzy, and wavy in a way you couldn’t leave it naturally. I will keep trying to emulate yours!

    Love the new blog layout. And I voted for you – definitely my favourite youtuber!


  • Just want to say I LOVE the new blog layout, very chic:)

    The Blossom Shed

  • Ki

    i dont like the new layout, i hate having to click on every link to read it, i like to just scroll and read it. please change it back

  • Hayley Boers

    Hi, I love your new blog. I have just started one so I would love if a few people went and checked it out. It’s a work in progress 🙂 

  • I love the more colorful one! More … YOU 🙂 and more fun to read.

  • You looked amazingly beautiful with long hair.