N’awwww Cute…

Cute As A Button

I’m telling you, whoever heads up the Essie Nail Polish Naming Department is an absolute babe. Whenever I pick up a bottle to have a read of its official title I always end up nodding along in agreement or having a little chuckle: Ballet Slippers could not be more apt, Bikini So Teeny always comes to mind, Mint Candy Apple for such a bright shade is so well recognisable and Mink Muffs? Well that one always makes me eject a giggle. But perhaps the most aptly named of all is one that I rediscovered the other day. When riffling through my rather extensive Essie stash (see for yourself here), I came across the following and said out loud – ‘n’awwww cute’. Yes I talk to myself. All day long actually. It’s one of the quirks of working from home alone. I flipped over the bottle and there it was ‘Cute as a Button’

How could I forget about this? A bright pink with a coral dash that just says ‘I’m going on holiday/I’m not but I’d like to pretend that I am’. It does take a good three coats to build, but it’s worth the wait and once I had it on I couldn’t bear the thought of removing it. It looks kind of neon-ish sometimes and I like that chameleon quality, but the coral tone stops it from being too girlie and just charting it as an alternative bright for us gals that rock Nails Inc Porchester Square for eleven months of the year. It really is pretty cute.