NARSissist Palette 3 Ways & Giveaway

You seeing double? Athough the perfect symmetry appeals to me I just can’t provide a good enough home for two NARS NARSissist Eyeshadow Palettes, so ones for you. Well, one of you. Scroll to the bottom of this post to submit your Rafflecopter entry – easy peasy. But while we’re on the topic of it I thought why not add to my ‘1 Palette, 3 Looks’ archive and let me tell you there are plenty more where these can from. With a whole range of hues from pinks to purples, bronzes to greys – there’s something for everyone. There’s just enough mattes to keep an occasional shimmer free lover like myself happy, but there’s the odd glitter-packed shade for when you’re feeling wild and as expected the smooth, slimline packaging has meant that when I’m on my travels this is what I’ve packed first. Yes I can confirm that it was so worth the 7am wake-up call to traipse into town on its day of release. So, my favourite colour combinations?

THE NEUTRAL EYE: Bellissima I (bottom row, 1st one) + Nepal (middle row, 2nd one) + Madrague II (top row, 2nd one). Ahhh my comfort zone. The left hand side of the palette lends itself to a no-fuss, ‘I’m not wearing anything on my eyes’ look. I began with a shimmery white in the corners – I’m not usually into something with such a sheen to it, but it actually left things looking nice and bright once I’d patted down the shade a little. Nepal was swept all over the lids; to cut a long story short it’s NARS’ version of MAC All That Glitters. Then for a touch of definition I blended Madrague II all round the edges of the shadow and under the eyes. This caramel matte barely leaves a trace of colour, but somehow has a magical power to make everything look finished.

THE PURPLE POP: Ashes to Ashes (middle row, 3rd one) + Brousse II (middle row, 4th one) + Madrague II (top row, 2nd one). The middle row was just calling out to be made into a purple blend, so I began using the mauve-y taupe Ashes to Ashes all over the lid which is for me one of the stand-outs from the palette. A twist on your usual taupe. Brousse II gave things a purple silver tone and I pressed it over the centre of my lids for a purple pop and blended it slightly in the crease. Hint: of all the shadows I tried, this was the most droppy so make sure you have a fluffy brush on hand for fall-out emergences. Then to clean things up around the edges I used that trusty shade Madrague II, again. 

THE BRONZE WASH: Fez (top row, 3rd one) + Madrague II (top row, 2nd one). This is my favourite look of all, purely for the fact that the reddish, rusty tones of Fez leave things looking a little Olsen-like on the lids. I actually owned the shade before, but it got smashed up years ago in an unfortunate hard floor dropping incident and now it’s easily one of my favourites in the palette. Metallic, but not too sheeny and in a buttery formula that makes it a breeze to blend. Another thing we’ve learnt here? Madrague II doesn’t look like much in the pan but is actually the most versatile shade ever. Every crease is calling out for this colour.

Just an FYI – though it’s currently out of stock everywhere (I’d place a bet that your best place to find it would be on-counter if anywhere), I’m signed up online to all the ‘notify when it’s back in stock’ alerts, so keep an eye on my Twitter activity cause I’ll be dropping instructions when it decides to make a reappearance, which rumour has it could be April-time. But now for the giveaway. Got my fingers crossed for ya…

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