My Winter Capsule Wardrobe Wish List

It’s small, it’s edited and there’s a surprisingly lack of the colour black

My conversation starter for the past week, along with the rest of U.K population who struggle with small talk has been, ‘Well, hasn’t it got SO COLD in the past few days?‘. But seriously, it has. The cold snap has firmly clicked back into place and things are beginning to feel – dare I say it – festive. While we’re still in the season where your fingers don’t feel like they are about to drop off if you venture outside without gloves, it’s time to rejoice in fluffy jumpers and toasty coats, scarfs and hats and tights. In fact this weekend I’m planning on doing my winter capsule wardrobe re-jig (video coming on Sunday), and of course with that comes the winter wish list.

What to add? What not to add? What will I still be enjoying for years to come? I’ve been pondering these thoughts and feel like I can break my shopping list down into three categories, of which I’ve picked my favourites for each and dumped them down below incase you too need some inspiration, or fancy getting your juices flowing for the upcoming sales. There’s a surprisingly lack of black and a new love for seventies brown…


You know when a marketing email drops into your inbox and just speaks to you? It feels like you were the destined recipient even though there are probably tens of thousands more on their mailing list? I felt like that last week, when a Topshop email landed that was all about boilersuits and how fab they are (FYI they currently have up to 50% off everything!). Last year I was all about the boilersuits and treated myself to one from Winser London which I adore, however this year there are SO many more out there to choose from and given that I’ve got so much wear out of my basic black number, I thought perhaps it’s time to branch out.

I love the royal blue hues of this ASOS Design Casual Boilersuit with Tie Waist and feel like it would be a good one to wear through the warmer months too. This Stradivarius Button Detail Boilersuit is such a great shade of mustard and I think would look great with a black coat and some chunky black boots. However my favourites are this army green & Other Stories Belted Wool Blend Boilersuit that I’ve seen in person and looks so much more expensive than it actually is, and The Range’s Washed Satin Jumpsuit that I think would look cracking with some heels for a night out.


Every time I see something I like in a shop, it’s brown. Every time I save someone’s Instagram photo, they are wearing brown. Every time I go ‘ooooh that’s nice!’ at a friend’s piece of clothing, it’s brown. Is brown the new black? Well I feel like it certainly is for me this season and if anyone needs an extra for a seventies sitcom then you know where to find me. I feel like this colour is getting a lot of love right now because it pairs so well with denim, from faded pieces to a dark wash. It looks effortless and good on everyone; brunettes or those with deeper skin tones should look for a brown with more orange undertones, and fairer complexions and blondies can go for more of a classic brown.

& Other Stories is serving some of the best brown clothing pieces right now in my opinion. I mean, just look at this Oversized Turtleneck Sweater, or this Thin Wool Turtleneck, or this A-Line Wool Blend Belted Coat. All STUNNING. However, I can’t stop thinking about this Mango Oversize Soft Shirt and have been lusting after it for about two months now and the Loewe Puzzle Bag now comes in a camel leather with gold detailing. I know, I know. Maybe as a book treat in the new year if I can do some serious saving?


My least favourite type of clothing is occasionwear, by an absolute country mile. These days I rarely have the occasions to wear it anyway and I like to fill my capsule wardrobe with items that I wear day-in, day-out, instead of pieces that hang there collecting dust. Thankfully I have a few jumpsuits that should see me through most social gatherings that we have planned over the Christmas and New Year season, but seeing as the first half of next year is going to be packed with book events, talks, Q&A’s and just generally things that I have to look a little fancy schmansy for, I don’t think an investment (or two!) in this area would be a bad idea. Here’s what’s tickling my party pickle…

If I had to pick something colourful then this & Other Stories Slit Back Dress in Yellow would be top of the list. I love a good primary colour from time to time and my inner Uni Anna still loves a mini dress. In fact I 100% would have worn this & Other Stories Velvet Blazer Dress at University and I 100% would still wear it now. So chic and flattering. I feel like you just can’t go wrong with a Rixo dress and I’m desperately eyeing up this one to see if it makes it’s way into the Black Friday sale somewhere. Then finally, we have the Diane Von Furstenberg Marle Wide-Leg Jumpsuiterm, this is just stunning. The price tag is pretty eye-watering, but I feel like it’s such a classic and something that I’d wear for years and years to come. Black Friday please, please do your thing on the jumpsuit of my dreams!

Photos by Emma Croman

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