My Top Five Healthy Eating Cookbook Picks

I am so into cooking at the moment. I reached a point in the Christmas holidays where I couldn’t take the leftovers and the copious amounts of chocolate anymore and I was so excited to get back into the kitchen again (side note: if you have any sealed leftovers that you’ve yet to open and with a long date on them, then drop them off at a foodbank for your good deed of the day). After the mountains of stodgy food – mmmm mmmm my favourite – I was actually craving something fresh and healthy on a plate and fancied vegetables which is pretty much unheard of for me, so I got down to reading my cookbooks. Now I have a tonne of cookbooks, but there are a few that are tried and tested and whenever I’m not feeling like trawling through my library, these are my five favourite healthy-ish picks that I reach for…

Gizzi Erskine – Gizzi’s Healthy Appetite. Non fussy. Non faddy. Right now this is my favourite book to cook from. Not all the recipes are a 100% clean, but the ingredients are always high-quality and the recipes are a bit more out of my comfort zone than the other cookbooks that I tend to use. I highly recommend the New York-Style Meatballs and Gravy with Courgetti (P.139) which has fast become one of our favourite dinners that we make.

Anna Jones – A Modern Way to Eat. We have quite a few friends that don’t eat much meat these days or are vegetarian and for occasions when they come round for dinner, this is the cookbook that I whip out. It’s one of those reads where you leaf through, get to the end and didn’t even realise it was vegetarian because it completely debunks the whole ‘boring and bland’ veggie myth. A really good one for some filling and wholesome dinners especially.

Ella Woodward – Deliciously Ella. I flick through this one for sweet treat ideas mostly because there’s a lot of baking and snacking covered in this book. It’s also a nice one to get to grips with if you’re just getting into healthy eating because there’s a tonne of information and wordiness in there too. I always return to the pages on how to cook grains (P.26)

Madeleine Shaw – Get the Glow. I feel like this is one of my favourite all rounders. It’s not restrictive in anyway and covers everything from breakfast to lunch and dinner to dessert. It’s all good, clean, healthy eating here and has some good weekday quickie options, as well as some show-stopping feasts for the weekend. I love cooking the Slow Roast Lamb Shank (P.190) when we have family over for dinner.

Women’s Health Magazine. So this obviously isn’t a recipe book per se, but the recipes that are included in each issue are so darn good that I’ve begun to rip out the pages and collate them in a little slippery fish folder. My sister got me a subscription for Christmas and it was one of my favourite gifts. Have a flick through next time you see one and I guarantee you’ll want to pop it in your basket too.


  • The Sunday Mode

    Bookmarking this post because my sister would love all of these books. I picked her up Deliciously Ella for her birthday last year and ever since then she’s been like Mary Poppins in the kitchen, always whipping something else up from that book…

  • Sharmi Shah

    I was looking for a vegetarian cookbook that wasn’t boring! Thank you for the suggestion Anna! 😀
    YouTube: Sharmi Shah

  • Interesting post! I love Gizzi Erskine so I think I might look into her book. Donal Skehan has a new healthy cookbook out and a brilliant Youtube channel if you are in need of any more inspiration!


  • La French Connection

    “A modern way to eat” sounds really interesting. I’m not a vegetarian but I eat very little meat and I think that if I lived on my own I would probably eat even less or none at all. I often lack inspiration and I’d love to find a cookbook that would make my boyfriend forget that he loves meat from time to time:)

    Mika |

  • I love Women’s health magazine! It always has very interesting articles and such good recommendations.

    I hope you have a great day xx


  • Great recommendations I have actually been looking for some new healthy recipe books.

    Jess x

  • emily couture

    I love the Women’s Health magazines and the Deliciously Ella book 🙂

    emily xx

  • Alysha Paulsen

    I absolutely love cooking it is fun and enjoyable and I prefer healthy meals so I might take a look into these cooking books as they look really nice. Great post.

  • Best cookbook for quick healthy weekday dinners is now lean in 15 by joe wicks I’ve been only using this book since I got it and everything is so so delicious!

  • I don’t have any of these books(I’d lik to get Ella’s one, since I enjoy her recipes from the blog), but I follow Women’s Health Magazine from time to time. Whenever I find a good recipe, I just keep it for a future use.

    Ela BellaWorld

  • I love Ella’s – I’m excited for her second book to come out soon. I also love the Honestly Healthy book.

    Nourishing Amelia | Food, Health and Lifestyle Blogger

  • I think both Ella and Madeleine’s recipes are really accessible to people just getting into healthy eating. And even though Ella’s is all plant-based, it doesn’t feel restrictive at all. My only issue with Ella’s book is that I don’t find the way the sections are split very intuitive. I prefer to see types of meal grouped together so that when I’m looking for dinner options they’re all in one place.
    I also got Jamie Oliver’s Superfood for Christmas and I’m loving it so far!

    Roisin x

  • Eleri Roberts

    Such great picks – yet to try the offerings from Gizzi and Anna Jones, will have to try! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  • I got “Get the Glow” and “Deliciously Ella” for Christmas and cant wait to discover more.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • I can’t say I’m familiar with any of these but they have now been added to my list of books to look at! One of my resolutions was both to cook more dishes/eat healthier so adding a new cookbook or two would definitely help in that department.

    I think you might really love one of my favorite cookbooks called La Tartine Gourmande. It’s not specifically a “healthy” cookbook but a lot of the recipes seem to be quite healthy and fresh. And when you see the author’s photos, you will simultaneously want to cook the dish/start food blogging haha. (And not that I really believe in “diets” but if you ever feel like you need a clean slate, my mom swears by a lot of things in the Flat Belly Diet book; I mostly just like the sassy water).

    Amber | A Write Through Life

  • I’ll definitely check out one of these, need to be better about cooking!

  • linda

    I love Anna Jones and her book is my favorite go-to book to date. Great recommendstions I really want Get The Glow now. What about Gwyneth Paltrow’s cook book?

  • Had to google what a slippery fish was. Honestly never heard that one before!

  • Andri Hadjichristou

    so weird, before I saw your post, I was going through my anna jones “a modern way to cook” planning some recipes to make and wondered if I should tweet you anna to see if it was on your radar! I’ve honestly never cooked so many recipes from one book as this. I also got deliciously Ella but Anna Jones is the one!

  • Kristina Behner

    Not a cookbook, but I LOVE the BBC Good Food recipes you can find online. They have a ton of healthy, veggie and vegan options, and all the ones I’ve tried were absolutely delicious.

    • Vanessa

      They have great meal plans and guides as well! I made good use of their meal plan/food guide for runners during marathon season.

  • Ilia Mura

    A Modern Way to Eat sounds so good. I love vegetarian/vegan cooking as it “forces” you to be more creative with your ingredients. Will definitely give that one a try.

    x Ilia from Ilia’s Cup of Tea

  • I definitely need to pick a few of these up including Detox Kitchen as I’m vegan and sometimes struggle with oomphing my meals!

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  • Susan

    I think anything you cook yourself is healthy.

  • Anotherfreakyblog

    Eveybody is talking about the Delicioulsy Ella book, I might give it a go! I really love this post and I can´t wait for your recipe videos in your new fancy kitchen! 🙂

  • All of these books sound great! I’ve had my eye on Deliciously Ella for a long time. Oh She Glows is also a really good one. It’s by Angela Liddon and I think her second book is coming out this year too!
    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

  • Omg yay! I asked for this post in one of your “what do you want to hear about post” so happy to dive into these!!

  • Loved this post Anna! My boyfriend and I have a slight cookbook obsession and our collection is now over 50 books – eek! The Get the Glow book is definitely on the list. I remember Lily mentioning it in a video too. I also love Jody Vassallo’s Beautiful Food for healthy-ish recipes x

    Jess | It’s That Time For

  • The Modern Way To Eat is going to be a life saver, as I have started dating someone who is a veggie and sometimes I struggle to think about stuff to make that is a bit more special for date nights.

    Inma x

  • Claudia

    Thanks for your cook book round-up, Anna! I asked you via Twitter to share your cook book collection and I’m glad you did. x

  • I love the madeleine shaw cook book and deliciously ella one, I don’t own the rest yet but I have my eye on them! I have a blog post scheduled for next week on my favourite cook books and it seems we have similar tastes ? Can’t wait for your cooking videos ?

    Daisy Candle

  • Lucy Birchall

    Madeleine Shaw is the one book I recommend to everyone, regardless of whether they’re into healthy eating or not. It’s so versatile and only a handful of recipes call for outlandish ingredients. I’ve made half of the book already and can’t wait for the new book in April. I do like Deliciously Ella’s but find the quantities are quite off and everything sweet contains overbearing dates, eugh!
    Anna Jones’ A Modern Way To Cook is one I’d definitely recommend.

    She’s So Lucy

  • I do the same thing with Women’s Heath, except I scan the images and save them as a pdf (no more clutter) then can view them on an iPad.
    Lisa x

  • Harriet Pattison

    So in love with Deliciously Ella’s book – you’re right, it’s perfect for sweet treats and snacks. Must check out the Madeleine Shaw book too as i’ve heard nothing but positive reviews! Lovely post, as always Anna <3

  • El Ach

    A life altering read was Thin… Positive: Secrets to control hunger and appetit + diet coaching.
    In 2013, UNESCO added the Mediterranean diet to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This book offers you a key to unlock the secrets of this dietary pattern. It gives practical advice and it is a page turner. Give it a chance. You will not regret it!