My Top 5 Fashion Reads


Don’t get me wrong – I love a good beauty read – but you know, a girl gotta wear clothes and sometimes it’s nice to dip my toe into the world of style blogs. You’ll know by now that my wardrobe consists of the three main clothing groups: black, grey and denim, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feed off a more colourful palette. So with that in mind here are my top five fashion reads to turn a Sunday funday into a stylish Sunday…

Five Inch and Up – Sandra is just so cool (and yes I know that makes me really not cool saying that). Great photos, great hair, great shoes – what’s not to love? There’s a six part footwear collaboration with River Island in the pipeline and I’m fully prepared to wait in line for the pointy toed mules that have been leaked. Race you to the front…

Style Drifter – with an extreme love for grey marl I feel like Teresa and I would get on like a house on fire. A full-time stylist, whether she’s rocking denim cut offs with trainers or an evening gown with heels that I would absolutely not be able to walk in, I want it all. And I’m telling you that girl knows how to rock a good short. She’s not only my fashion inspo, but my fitness too. Check out her Instagram for daily nudges to get your ass moving.

Style By Kling – every time I go to the hairdressers, it’s with a picture of Elin in one hand and a mind pondering whether the bleach the absolute bejesus out of my locks. When I grow up I’d like to be Elin please? I don’t think Scandi/New York neutral palette designer chic gets much better than this? If anyone knows how to make a plain grey t-shirt look effortless cool then it’s Elin. You get the gist. I’ve been following her site for yonks and it’s still one I come back to time and time again to scroll through her latest outfits and work out what I can piece together from my wardrobe to perform a lame imitation.

Man Repeller – Leandra and co not only provide a daily bout of laugh-inducing copy, they also provide my source of fashion education. The other day while watching Pointless over my Dad’s shoulder I correctly identified a picture of Marc Jacobs and I’m thanking Leandra for that knowledge (it had a score of 1 – so close). This differs from my other reads in the fact that there’s a bit of colour here and there, making it my go-to choice when I’m not feeling like throwing on my all-black uniform that day.

Frills and Feathers – this is the most recent addition to my reading list and one I actually discovered one day while perusing the Instagram ‘Explore’ page. Up popped this picture and two seconds later the follow button had been pressed (and that watch screen grabbed and sent to Mark as an addition to my birthday list). Victoria posts a mix of lifestyle, OOTD’s and shopping edits, but it’s her Instagram that wets my style whistle the most. A constant stream of visuals to fuel my love for black, grey and denim. My favourite.