My Super Fast & Super Glowy Beauty Routine

It only takes a minute girl. Well, more like 5…


I like to check-in every now and again with a current makeup update. Mainly just incase I wish to recreate the look in four years time and cringe at the results (HA! See what I’m going on about, here). I can’t see this getting too cringe-induing mind you though because right now my makeup wearing is at an all time low. Most days I’m at my year 7 level ‘face of the day’ of just a bit of clear mascara (this time through my brows), a curl of my lashes (mascara if I’m feeling fancy) and then some gloss or balm on the lips. It’s completely Headteacher-approved.

Of course I jazzed things up a little because on occasions when I do actually make some kind of effort, I use a little more than that (plus no one wants to see a 30 second video of me applying lip balm – right?). Mark usually remarks that I ‘look nice’ and I reply ‘thanks – I actually washed my hair today’. That should tell you how often he comes home to me sitting there with my hair swirled up in a three-day old sweaty bun. Right now though, I’m just enjoying the more au naturel look. Of course my skincare use is still at an all time high, but when it comes to make-up I’m feeling a more pared-down approach. A little dusting of bronzer here, a rake through my natural brows with a clear gel, a subtle colour on the lips that doesn’t even look like anything is there. You’ve seen it before – you know the drill.


So here it is. My current beauty routine that’s super speedy and heavy on the sheen. There’s not a tonne of products here, nor is there much that you haven’t seen before – but as always, they are things that I love and when they come together I feel polished and preened, but without things looking too perfect. Just the way I like it. Oh and there’s a bit of mini skincare routine thrown in there too. See – it’s not 30 seconds long… 

Photos by Lauren Shipley