My Newest Beauty Discoveries

Yep, NEW THINGS! So exciting, I know…


If you saw my latest makeup collection video, you’ll have seen that I’ve streamlined my beauty stash in a big way. I no longer hold onto things ‘just in case’, buy or keep makeup that I just know that I’ll never use and just like my wardrobe, I’ve got it down to a capsule selection of items that I actually enjoy using. Because I’m just a bit of a bore when it comes to makeup these days, it’s rare that new things get added – so it’s taken a good couple of months to get these five things together. But I thought it was worth sharing – LOOK NEW STUFF! Although it’s worth noting that none of these things are life-changing essentials. They’re more of a want, rather than a need. Actually, that’s a lie – there is one thing that I absolutely will be repurchasing again for sure, but I’ll save that one till last. Oh, what a tease… 


Urban Decay Quick Fix Hydracharge Complexion Prep Spray

No one does complexion sprays, quite like Urban Decay. I love their All Nighter Setting Spray and have been a fan for years. This priming spray is an interesting one. I like my primers to be hydrating and this certainly ticks that box. I spray it on quite liberally before makeup and leave it to dry for a minute or so, until it becomes tacky. Then I go in with whatever foundation I’m using that day on top and I find that it gives a bit more grip to the formula. Foundation blends effortlessly and hangs around for a few hours more with this spritz layered underneath. It also smells of coconut which is pretty divine. It’s not something that I remember to use every single time I wear makeup, but it’s a good thing to pick up on days when you need to look a little more polished for a little bit longer than usual.


MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

I feel like this is going to be a bit of marmite product. Personally I fall into the category of people who love it. Unlike a lot of MAC’s offering, this formula promises to dose up the skin with a light tint of blur-giving colour and hint of illumination. It’s supposedly a bit of an ‘Instagram filter’ for your skin. I use the shade Light Plus and I find that it does exactly what it says on the tin, giving my skin a lift in the radiance stakes and an evening-out, but undetectable amount of coverage. I’m all over that kind of thing. It’s the sort of formula that I expect Glossier to bring out. I just feel like I look healthy whenever I apply it. Of course on shite skin days, this doesn’t really do it as much for me, nor does it last all day on the skin. However it’s a great one for when you’re feeling like your skin is really hitting it’s groove or just when you want to rock some serious ‘no makeup, makeup’ vibes. One thing to note: watch out for pilling. It can have the tendency to roll off the skin depending on what you’re layering it with and is best applied with a sponge for that reason.


YSL Couture Brow Marker in Light Brown

I haven’t really been that into brow products for the last year or so. I got into a really solid routine of having them tinted, shaped, waxed and threaded and they finally looked neat and tidy on my forehead (most of the time). However recently, combined with my beautician lady being super busy and me being here, there and everywhere I’ve got out of the habit and things have started to look messy again. So instead of a brush with my Glossier Boy Brow, I’ve needed to add in a bit of shaping too – that’s where this comes in. I’ve realised that I really like these ‘brow marker’ products. They’re almost like painting in individual hairs with water paint. They’re very subtle in finish and once they’ve dried down they really don’t budge. The colour of this one works well for me and beefs up the top of my brows where the definition gets a little fuzzy (quite literally). But if you’re in the market for a dupe then the NYX Brow Marker works just as well.


YSL Volupte Tint-In-Balm in #1

I’ve got to preface this one by saying although this lipstick is extremely pretty to look at and use, this is definitely one of life’s little luxuries. You can’t really see it from the photo, but reaching down the centre of the bullet though the lipstick is a lip-shaped column of pink coloured balm. SO. DARN. CUTE. The finish is sheer, glossy and natural looking and the colour on my lips registers as a warm coral-fuschia. I’m always wary to recommend these high-end, gloss-giving lipsticks because there are so many high-street dupes that do a similar thing (check out the Maybelline Baby Lips), but this new release from YSL is pretty swoony and the scent, packaging and non-oily feel do give it a bit of an edge. Of course I love the nude, but there are some deeper shades in the line, which are great for adding a summery slick of sheer colour.


Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof

OK, you ready for my favourite recent find? It was recommended to me by a viewer in the comment section of one of my videos and after reading it, I headed to Amazon to immediately make a purchase (FYI – don’t be too worried about the delivery time estimation – I found it to arrive within about a week and half). I’ve been a fan of the original Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara for around two years now and I’m not sure if this new formula has replaced the old one, or if it’s just a hardier version, but whatever it is – it’s awesome. It does everything that I want out of a mascara; it holds a curl (extraordinarily well), doesn’t smudge, is easy-ish to remove (with the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover), gives volume, gives length and just generally makes things look nice and fluttery. Plus it’s easy to use. You know how sometimes you can just quickly stroke your lashes with the wand and they’re already exactly where you want them, with just the right amount of product distributed through? Well, this does exactly that. I’ve already purchased my second tube as a back-up.

Photos by Lauren Shipley