My New Haircut – The Razor Chop



My hair was long overdue a decent chop. You know one of those ‘wow – you’ve really had your hair cut’ ones instead of a trim that I have to flick around in Mark’s face for about 10 minutes before he realises that I’ve been to the hairdressers that day. So chop I did – well, Jordan at Hershesons on Conduit Street did – and I could not be happier with the results. Shoulder-skimming, textured lock goodness that requires little, if any at all, styling. Just what I asked for. Excuse the bizarre pouty photo, it was the best of a very bad bunch.

It’s probably the shortest I’ve had it since my early teenage years when my Mum used to silently action the hairdresser to cut it shorter than I’d requested to ekeΒ out the length of time till we’d have to see them next. To give it that lived-in look that didn’t appear too perfect Jordan razor cut the whole thing – not a pair of scissors in sight. Using just a razor and an extreme eye for detail, Jordan went round skilfully hacking off the length leaving behind a softer edge that meant that things wouldn’t get too ‘triangle-y’ when I blow-dried it and instead sat in a bed head-ish way. ‘The less you style it, the better’, were his words so all I’ve been doing is snubbing conditioner come hair wash time, adding in a few spritzes of the Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray when it’s damp and blow-drying it in the most ‘I don’t care’ fashion I can. If I need to neaten things up I do stick a few waves in with my GHD’s but it’s nothing too precise.

A truly wash-and-go haircut? I’m one happy chappy indeed.


  • Sophie β™₯

    Love this length on you Anna. It really suits you! x

  • Bella

    Soooo beautiful! You have perfect shiny hair (envious here :D). I tried this length earlier this year and it didn’t have the same gorgeous effect :/
    LOVE IT ON YOU! πŸ™‚

  • You look gorgeous! I chopped off 30 cm earlier this year and have been loving my short hair (well now it’s more like medium), it’s much easier to get ready, specially for those of us who have zero hair skills πŸ™‚ Love this on you X

    | |

  • Kate

    This suits you so much! Gorgeous! xx

  • i love this cut so much, your hair is perfect πŸ™‚ the color, the cut, the shape….have you made a video while he was cutting?i have medium lenght hair and i cut myself when ombre hair gets too nasty πŸ™‚
    lots of love

  • It looks perfect! It suits yor face shape so well. I think I’ll stick with long hair for now (scaredy cat? me?) but I’m definitely tempted…

    ellabooxo β€’ beauty & lifestyle

  • Natali

    You look gorgeous!! This new haircut suits you so well!

  • I love it! I’m serious need of a haircut, I may take your picture in when I go this week.

  • AvantiGarde

    Gorgeous hair cut! I love the length and the shape of the haircut. You look amazing with short hair.


  • You’re stunning! This length frames your face gorgeously!

  • Bella

    Absolutely gorgeous! It’s edgy, cool and frames your pretty face perfectly! I can’t believe how far you’ve come, LOL, when I first found your blog your hair must have been past your waist. You’re lucky it grows that thick, fast and healthy :).

  • This haircut suits you perfectly! I am in love with how your hair looks like now.

  • It looks stunning and I love that it’s a little more dimensional that a typical blunt cut but still had the same effect! I love getting these shorter, sharper styles so I’ll definitely be looking into whether my salon does the razor-trick.

  • Laura

    Love it:::: really suits you and perfect for a wash and go style I bet some caramel slices would look amazing in that to

    Laura// xx

  • Sam R

    Love your new haircut! I’ve been getting the razor cut for a while now on shorter hair than yours, and love the way yours looks! Might need to let my hair grow now πŸ™‚

  • I went for the dramatic chop a few months back and it was the best decision I’ve made! So much easier to manage and style as well! Go the short hair club!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • It’s so cool that he only used a razor!!! Love this haircut, I’m getting my hair that length again πŸ˜‰ xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  • I like the haircut and it suits you, but I LOVED you with your long hair in your older videos. I don’t like the trend at the moment, that everybody cuts their hair on shoulder length, tried it once and it didn’t suit me at all :/

  • I love your new haircut! It looks amazing and really suits you x


  • Hattie Hards

    It looks gorgeous! I’ve been meaning to go for a chop myself but I doubt it would turn out as amazing as yours! <3

  • Kirsty

    Love your hair like this! I always go through phases of growing my hair and then wanting to chop it all off. This style is gorgeous though, so simple yet stylish! xxx

    Kirsty – Effortlessly Excessive | Dior Giveaway

  • Jessica Cherry

    This is pretty much exactly what I’m planning when I visit the hairdresser next week! It looks great on you xo

  • Katie Males

    It really suits you! πŸ™‚ xx

  • I loveeeeeeeeeee this look! I just chopped my hair too and it’s so much more textured and bouncy – feels a bit Alexa Chung. Definitely need to try a razor cut next time

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  • Love the hair, the length really suits you! πŸ˜€

    Ashley |

  • This is faaaab! πŸ˜€ you look great Anna! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • emily couture

    this haircut looks stunning on you πŸ™‚

    emily xx

  • This haircut really suits you and your style Anna, what a bonus that it doesn’t need any styling! I’d say it must be the best haircut ever.

    Claire, Style Affinity

  • Ellen Bourne

    I love this style!

  • It looks gorgeous on you Anna! I smiled when I saw the picture! You suit this style so well! xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

  • Lydia

    Looks beautiful on you Anna! Don’t think I could ever pull off short hair but you are seriously making me want to give it a go!

  • Looks fab!

  • Molly

    Looks great! So fresh!

  • It looks absolutely stunning Anna! I have really long hair but if I had to get it cut, it would be something similar as this!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  • Love it. You hair looks so healthy.

  • Kate Fellows

    This looks gorgeous! Really suits you πŸ™‚ x

  • Christina Langner

    I love this long bob, such a fun and feminine haircut! I used to have a similar hair style but now actually have my hair even shorter, really makes me think of growing my hair back!

    Much love xxx


  • Jodie Vernon

    Your hair looks fab! I love how amazing it looks with minimal effort!

    Jodie xo // La Lune Song

  • thriftoclock

    I’ve been toying with the idea of going shorter for a wee while now and the whole ‘the less styling the better’ appeals to me like you wouldn’t believe! Looks so good on you Anna πŸ™‚

    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

  • that reminds me, I also need a chop!

    The little things in life

  • Chantal

    Your new hair looks amazing Anna πŸ™‚ x

  • meryem

    i was in the same situation as you i never cut it before it was long but since i’ve been cuting it i’m very happy . it’s easy to style πŸ™‚

  • Maggie

    This looks amazing!

  • I have the exact same hairstyle! With a busy lifestyle who needs to wake up half an hour earlier to style their hair? not me. I LOVE sleeping.

  • Emma Alexandra

    Forever wishing I was brave enough to cut my hair! Looks beautiful xxxx

  • Sunny

    Oh my god Anna! Your skin… uhh-mazing!

  • I used to love having my hair razor cut. It takes a very talented stylist to do but man is it worth it. I said on one of your videos that you look so chic and beautiful. The cut really suits you! Makes me want to chop mine off too.

  • Ilaria Silva

    it’s such a classy haircut, you look divine!

  • I loooove this!!! I really wan to cut my hair that length as well, short hair is just so much easier! x

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Loving your new hair cut! Quite glam on you too! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. <3

  • Rachel Harris

    looks lovely and the length really suits you!
    Rachel x Sparkles and Starlight

  • It looks beautiful on you!

  • Mandy Bajwa

    love your new haircut! suits you sooo much

  • Major hair envy – you look gorgeous Anna! I’m itching to get my hair cut short again after my wedding and may have to ask for something like this when I go in…
    Laura | Cherry Soda

  • Robyn

    Such a lovely cut, and it looks great on you! xx

  • You. BEAUT!xx

  • isabelG

    Love this cut! You loo awesome and younger and sophisticated!

  • fio

    It looks very pretty and beautiful Anna! Is it shorter in the back, like a long bob or is it just a straight cut?:)

  • Looks beautiful! Love your new hairdo!


  • SO obsessed with your new cut!

  • Fienbeauty

    It looks so lovely! Makes me wanna have a similar haircut, but I’ve waited soooo long for my hair to grow the length it has now.

  • Lucy Birchall

    You’re hair is looking gorgeous Anna. I love the texture of the cut, it looks so flattering and suits you so well. Wish I could do such a chop yet the shorter my hair, the ‘pouffier’ and curlier and, well, damn unmanageable it gets!

    She’s So Lucy

  • ofthekindredsoul

    Love your hair! I love when my hair is shorter but since moving to Dublin it’s been very unmanageable so I’m growing it out.
    Catherine x

  • I love this hair cut! Using the razor seems to have made it more messy than the usual straight line cut. Not having to do anything to style your hair is always the best!

  • Love your new do! Really suits you! x

  • I love your haircut, and it’s so cool how low-maintenance it sounds while still looking amazing!

    Kelsey |

  • i love this haircut, you look gorgeous πŸ™‚

  • Adaleta Avdic

    I love this haircut! I recently got back into wanting my hair to be cut at all as my folks used to cut my hair if I got a C or lower on a test or assignment back in grade school. There was one time where my dad cut my hair so short, I had a legitimate bowl cut and looked like a boy. Quite sad, but thankfully I have control of my hair now!

    xx, Ada

  • Looks great, Anna! Super flattering, but also easy. And that lipstick! πŸ™‚

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  • your hair looks amazing! I love it πŸ™‚

  • Madeleine S-B

    I’ve just had my hair cut like this too, so easy to style! You look gorgeous (: x

  • It looks so good, although both long & short hair suit you!

    Sam |

  • Noel Beauty

    It really really suits you. I absolutely love my short hair, it’s just so much easier to handle.

  • Your hair looks beautiful and it really suits you! x

  • I love this cut:)

    Any LUSH lovers check out my new blogpost xoxo

  • I love your haircut! I recently got my hair cut short too, only mine is about a couple inches shorter. It really is so much faster and easier to style short hair!

    xx Sierra

  • Emily
  • Heather Miller

    Looks amazing. A good haircut is truly a great thing.

  • This cut is SO fabulous!

  • This look suits you so much! It really makes me want to chop my hair off but it’s naturally curly and would just be a disaster. I’ll have to live vicariously through you!

    Shel x

  • Ana R

    You look gorgeous! I like you better with short hair, very chic!

  • This looks great on you x

  • Tasha Steel

    This looks amazing, you suit your new haircut so well Anna! Definitely getting an appointment booked in soon! I feel like AW is the best time of year to go for a chop, since I won’t wanna put my hair up too often. x

  • Anna, this is a truly fabulous look on you. I’ve been itching for the chop for a couple of months now.

    What lipstick are you wearing?

  • Roshni Mistry
  • you look Amazing honey πŸ™‚

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    little taste of heaven

  • Rosie Macdonald

    This looks so amazing! I want to go alot shorter, but I’m too much of a wimp!
    RosieLM – A Beauty(ish) Blog

  • Anna! Love this!

  • Love the cut and the color! I am slowly gathering the courage to cut my hair shorter and shorter each time

  • alielizabeth

    I am taking this photo to the hair salon the next time I go — no joke! Love it!

  • Willow Jolie

    Absolutely love the short hair!!! Might even attempt to a short do myself now after seeing how amazing it looks on you! πŸ˜€


  • Absolutely stunning haircut, you can really rock the shorter do! πŸ™‚
    xxx Claire

  • NoraLamoudiSutcliffe
  • May

    Have to ask, what’s on your lips?? Looks luuuusssshhhh

  • Candidly Catrin

    Looks absolutely stunning! Perfect for your face shape xo

  • I quite like the pouty photo πŸ˜‰ x

  • Emily Knott

    It looks lovely! I cut my hair this short at the beginning of the year and it wasn’t really for me. But it looks great on you!

  • Beautiiboots

    It looks great! Makes me think I should cut my hair this short πŸ™‚

    If you like blogs like this, I’d love for you to check out mine, I’m sure you will LOVE IT (hopefully) πŸ™‚

  • Hope Richardson

    This looks so lovely! Love the shorter style, I honestly wish I could get my hair like this!

  • Love this! I recently chopped my hair as well! x

  • I recently did this also, I love the weight of freshly chopped hair after it has been long for such a lengthy period of time- it adds a fresh brightness to your face and I swear this look is always both chic and classy. Really really love it. ambermarie

  • Anne

    love the chop, and the red. A perfectly modern ensemble.

    Just wrote about red lips myself:


  • love it! gorgeous girl… xx

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  • Love your new haircut!! What lipstick are you wearing? x


    omg! LOOKS GORGEOUS! i love that the short cropped look is coming back in. Wish I was brave enough to cut my hair this short.


    This use to be my hairstyle.. I want it back now tooo ekkk

  • Madison Lee

    oh anna i LOVE it. it temps me to do that but i dont think i’ll ever go above my shoulders! πŸ˜‰

  • Anna I love this hair cut soo much on you so flattering x | fashion, beauty, and everything under the sun x

  • speakchicblog

    I love it! Suits you so much!

  • Looks amazing on you, Anna! Your new do makes me want to get a haircut.

  • It looks so amazing on you! The last time I had my hair that short was last year and it was a nightmare to style for me!

    Sophia /

  • The cut looks amazing on you! I wish I could cut my hair in this style too. Also, love your lipstick!

    Catpacking | Beauty & Travel

  • You look beautiful Anna! The length suits your face and I love how the layers fall so perfectly. I had a short chop when I was 19 but was sort of scarred by it and haven’t done it since. It’s taken me a while to get my length back… but now you’re tempting me to chop it all off again! Ay carumba, what’s a girl to do?! Btw I really like the top picture, you look stunning πŸ™‚
    Steph | Misc. Bliss

  • Kristen

    Great cut! Love this look! If anyone is a fan of beauty and fashion please check out my blog: Thanks!

  • I like the cut a lot! It suits you very well and has great movement to it. Thanks for sharing!

    – Amanda | The Chic Counsel

  • Lovely and flattering hairstyle! Very pretty too!


  • Gem

    You look lovely Anna! I’m jealous because short hair really doesn’t suit me – I’ve tried it and hated it! Now that I’ve grown my hair long again, everyone’s getting shorter cuts, but I need to just keep in mind what suits me best and not be swayed!

    Gem x | flutter and sparkle

  • Marta CebriΓ‘n

    Love the new hairstyle….lovely

    β™₯ β™₯

  • Anna

    Hair is nice but you’ve really overdrawn your lips with that red lipstick! Not a good look.

  • a67penguin

    Your new cut looks really great. Perfect change Love it!

  • I love your new haircut!!!



  • It really suits you! I went a simillar length last yr after years of boob length locks but it was far too neat and made me look middle aged, rather than edgy…

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  • Khyati

    SO PRETTY <3

  • Really suits you, Anna! x

  • Natalie Naik

    So weird I’ve literally just had the exact same cut 😐 from a long with long layered style too! Great minds πŸ˜‰ it looks lovely

  • sheree

    what lipstick do you have on youre lips?

  • mariam_93

    I do love the style and it screams easy-ish maintenance so love it even more! Also Anna the lip stick you are wearing gorgeous!

  • It looks great!

  • You look amazing!


    Maria Mui // Beauty Blog

  • Cherie Tang

    It looks fab! You really suit short hair, and it looks so healthy! I have to confess-I haven’t cut my hair in about 10 months!

  • Mehar Singh

    Love the look on you! πŸ™‚

  • Coraville

    Lovely Lovely Lovely <3

  • silverkis

    Gorgeous! Love the shorter locks and smexy cut!

  • Love the new haircut!

  • Shannon

    I’ve been thinking about chopping my hair to this length! Will there be a video on how you style it?


  • Mara

    This style looks great on you!!! I had my hair cut to that length earlier this year and I love it πŸ™‚

  • _royalsunshine_

    You look gorgeous Anna! You make me wanna chop off my hair too.

  • Nour

    Love it! Do you mind showing us a picture of how your hair looks from the back? Btw does the razor cut give your hair some layers? Thanks!

  • Once in a while I wish I didn’t have curly hair (or had the patience to straighten it all the time) so I can get a haircut like this. You like fabulous!!

    Shani x

  • Love it Anna! Might consider going to your hairstylist on my next visit to London. How much do they charge?

  • Pamela Dharwar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair x

  • Suzan

    I absolutely love your haircut!!

  • t’s probably the shortest I’ve had it since my early teenage years when my Mum used to silently action the hairdresser to cut it shorter than I’d requested to eke out the length of time till we’d have to see them next.

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  • Test account

    I still love this haircut even today!