My New Fragrance Love..

If you watched my video that I popped up yesterday, then you would have seen me singing the praises of what I think may be my new favourite perfume. I have been after this perfume since it’s release, in fact I believe the poster advertisements may have been stalking me, so when my boyfriends Mum gifted the (new-ished released) Elie Saab Le Parfum fragrance for Christmas I was a very happy lady indeed. I’m not sure if it was because I wanted to be the model on the poster, the beautiful bottle or the fact that I adore Elie Saab designs, but this perfume seriously caught my eye and I have to say it was love at first sniff…

Elie Saab Le Parfum

Now when I first spritzed this there was something about it that made me think of the first ever perfume I owned – CK One. I’m not sure if it was freshness of the scent or the notes, but to me it was like a more sophisticated and girlie version of it. I am terrible at describing perfumes, I would just describe this as ‘fresh, soft and girlie’ so I have enlisted the power of the Internet to investigate further. Apparently this perfume contains notes of orange blossom, jasmine, cedar, patchouli (a common note in a lot of perfumes that I love) and honey rose accord. After I read this it definitely all made much more sense – I can smell the honey and jasmine and it’s bloody gorgeous. A quick google lead me to MakeupAlley reviews, where this perfume only got 3.5 lipsticks out of 5 – in fact it seems that a lot of people hated it! So I would definitely recommend having a whiff before you buy. It’s not the cheapest perfume in the world and can be found for around the £38 mark online from FeelUnique. Have you had a sniff of it yet?
Much Love,
Vivianna x


  • I LOVE it, Ive been savin up my money for it since it came out. Its been love at first sniff for me hehee I kno, Ive seen so many negative reviews and Ive showed it to loads of people, and just a few actually liked it. Think there must be something in it, which makes it either love or hate relationship.. I do LOVE it tho so much!:) xx

    • Yes it’s definitely a bit of a marmite perfume! xx

  • Haven’t smelt this yet, but will definitely give it a try 🙂 It’s so hard to know what perfume to go for when standing in front of & smelling so many at a counter, so thanks for pointing this one out Anna! What a gorgeous, classy bottle it comes in too.xx

    • It does – I love the bottle! xx

  • Danielle

    Confession: I don’t own a single perfume. I know. Shocking considering I am obsessed with makeup and anything else beauty related. But I have recently become interested in investing in a perfume that I can wear everyday, and to be honest, this bottle is beautiful and would look really nice displayed wherever…so I think I just might have to take a whiff next time I am…somewhere that sells it. I just can’t take the plunge for the Viktor and Rolf, as much as I love it….

    • Definitely worth having a sniff! xx

  • i smelt this a couple of months ago. but since I keep forgetting to put on my perfume in the morning I’m scared it’ll go to waste if I buy it 🙁

    • Try to make it part of your morning routine – then you won’t forget! xx

  • I actually got a bottle of this delivered this morning after smelling a sample of it. I absolutely love the smell, and the bottle is so pretty xx

  • Lucy likes

    I bloody love this perfume! Literally been wearing non stop for the past few months, so very glad someone else finally likes it! None of my friends are fans!

  • Wow sounds lovely! x

  • I love this perfume, really need to buy a bottle! I got the mini sample of it from the Latest In Beauty fragrance box the other month 🙂 xx

    • Oh yes definitely worth taking the plunge xx

  • I smelt it and I have to say, that I want it!
    Lovely perfume!
    But my beauty wish-list so long. 😉

    • Haha mine is too hun – feeling your pain lol! xx

  • this sounds so nice! i’ll have to have a spritz next time i see it!:)xo

  • Instinct of Style

    This perfume sounds nice, I’ve never tried it! Will have to look out for it next time I’m out!


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  • Abby Smith

    This sounds gorgeous, love the bottle too! Love your blog 🙂 

  • i used to love ck1, so i’ll deffo have to give this a sniff xxx

    • Oh yes definitely worth a sniff! xx

  • Anonymous

    When I first tried this perfume in Debenhams, I wasn’t too impressed, but I got a couple of samples of it recently and it smells SO good. I don’t know if it was maybe the mixture of all the other scents being sprayed in the shop that initially put me off but I really want a bottle…and to be the girl in the ad for it 🙁 If only…xx

  • I had a sample of this in a beauty box and I absolutely adore it! Now I have to decide whether to splash out on this or Burberry Body. Until then, I best save the rest for a special occasion. :p x

  • I remember smelling this when it first came out and not being impressed, but this post is making me think I must have been mistaken!

    • Could be love second time around xx

  • emily_possnett

    I have smelt it before but I don’t think it suits me oh so well, I’m a Diamonds girl 🙂 x

  • Silvia Quirós

    I think is a bit strong for me, but the bottle looks very elegant! thanks for sharing!

  • Lori nugent

    so hard to find a good fragrance.  I love most Gucci ones and of course chanel.  I’m a musky kinda gal. x

    • Might be worth giving this a try! xx

  • sophie.vellacott

    I haven’t had the chance to sample this perfume as of yet, however usually tend to favoure sweeter, and mroe spicier scents. This perfume as you have described it seems to be the perfect accompaniment to the Summer season, as I am often looking for a wearable, light scent that won’t smell too overpowering during the warmer months. Thank you for the review, you gave a great description and I shall now endeavour to find it myself (:

    • Thanks hun – pleased you found it helpful xx

  • Tracey Marshall

    i got a sample of this last month in my french glossybox…i was actually really disappointed because other friends got marry me (which i own anyway) or issy mikake (which i used to own) as perfume samples. i had never heard of it before. it wasnt too bad but then again it wasnt great. i suppose it is because i never heard of it before and to me it seemed like an older lady perfume (im 31). i like fresh, citrus, fruity young perfume but i found this more to be floral. when i saw you mention it i did try it again…its ok…i suppose im just liking marry me by lanvin. i also liked the smell of the dkny one loverstruck ? i cant remember theres so many perfumes on the market now haha.

    • God you love your different perfumes don’t you 😉 xx

  • I used to love CK1, so I think I’ll give this one a try too 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i must sniff this 😀

  • Saribik

    I have it as well and absolutely love it 😉 xxx

  • Alice Byers

    Just the bottle looks gorgeous – I must have a sniff the next time I have a chance!
    My favourite at the moment is Marc Jacobs Daisy – just lovely!


    • Yes do – it’s a lovely scent! xx