My Longest-Standing Beauty Favourites



If you couldn’t already tell from my nostalgia heavy posts, I’ve been having a walk down memory lane recently. It’s almost been a year since I rebranded as ‘The Anna Edit‘ and in September it will seven years since I uploaded my first YouTube video (please don’t go back through the archives – you’ll never be able to look at my eyebrows in the same way again). Where has all the time gone, eh? Over the years I’ve tried, tested and tossed products and many have become timeless classics. Today’s video is an evaluation of my ‘2011 Beauty Favourites’ video; a look at where they are now and whether they are items that I still use in my routine today (SPOILER: there are three that I do!). So I thought I’d rake through my first years of favourites to see what else falls into that category and take a wander through my longest standing beauty loves…


Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectorfirst appeared September 2010. I actually still remember picking this up in Boots and falling in love with the shade 2. These days I’m more of 5 or 7 lover, but I’m still such a fan of the formula that somehow manages to look like a gloss on the lips, but not feel sticky or tacky at all. It’s actually my Mum’s favourite too and she’s always coming to show me how close she is to finishing up the tube. It’s alright Mum, I get the hint! 

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Naturalfirst appeared December 2010. This was actually my first ever MAC purchase, but back then I switched between Medium and Medium Plus. These days I’m more of a Medium and Light Plus kinda gal, but I just love how this acts like a powder without making things look matte. I’ll never be without it.

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Removerfirst appeared in April 2011. I still use this every single time I do a manicure or pedicure on myself and I’m always amazed by how much of a difference it makes when I use this, push my cuticles back and get rid of the excess. It probably tops the chart of ‘grim beauty routines’ but it’s fab and it’s cheap too.

MAC 187 Brushfirst appeared June 2011. I’m pretty gutted because this brush finally gave in and completely broke off in my hand as I was washing it the other day. But it has done me well for the last 6 years (and I’m pretty sure I got it in a blog sale too, so who knows how old it was!), especially with bronzer application. It’s on my shopping list.

CHANEL Vitalumiere Aqua Foundationfirst appeared July 2011. It makes me smile that back in the day I used the shade B30, but now I have finally relented to my natural skintone and have made peace with the fact that I’m a B10 in the winter and B20 in the summer. I don’t use this foundation as often as I used to, but it’s a great medium coverage formula that just looks like skin once you blend it in.


Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning Lotionfirst appeared January 2012. A non-streaky facial tanner, that’s completely foolproof, takes 10 seconds to apply and doesn’t make you look orange, but instead imparts a warming glow to the face – it exists.

Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturiserfirst appeared February 2012. Isn’t it nuts that since Laura Mercier first released this (back in 1996 so Google tells me), that there really hasn’t been much launched that tops it? In fact I’d go to say that it’s still my favourite tinted moisturiser that I’ve tried and let me tell you, I’ve tried a tonne over the years. It seems to have just the right balance of coverage and glow and whenever I use it I find myself having a ‘ah my skin looks pretty alright today‘ day.

By Terry Baume de Rosefirst appeared February 2012. I don’t quite know how I ever afforded to buy this when I was a student (hello student loan!), but I’m bloody glad I did because whenever I use it I feel like it’s a proper little luxury. I don’t keep much out beauty-wise on my desk, but I always have this on hand to dip into and feel fancy whenever I need a lift and my lips feel like they’re going to fall off.

Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoofirst appeared April 2012. For me there just isn’t a shampoo that even comes close to this one. It’s the only formula that I feel really, truly, deeply cleans my hair and I re-buy a bottle whenever I head into Boots. It’s my ultimate haircare love affair.

Caudalie Beauty Elixirfirst appeared April 2012. I’m not sure there’s a better smelling beauty product out there. Whenever I get a whiff of this it instantly relaxes me and takes me back to the early days of me using it, when I’d waft it around me to keep away the stink of the National Express loo on my coach trips to visit Mark up in Birmingham. Not the fondest memories, but a beautifully scented product that keeps me calm and hydrates at the same time.


Kiehls Creme de Corpsfirst appeared April 2012. Fun fact: This is my Uncle’s favourite body cream (he calls himself the unofficial Kiehl’s Male Ambassador) and is always showing of his silky pins at family BBQs. It makes me want to show off my pins at family BBQs too as it adds a soft sheen to my skin, without feeling heavy or greasy.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Maskfirst appeared May 2012. I still remember chatting to my work colleague about this when we both saw it on Caroline’s blog and rushed out on our lunch breaks to buy it. You know the drill with this; it makes for a great in-flight mask or just to use in your bathroom and pretend you’re one of those people that are always travelling and look ethereal when going through airport security.

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail Filefirst appeared August 2012. I’ve actually just had to repurchase this because I was getting irate telling a friend a story and snapped it in two with my own bare hands. I was both horrified and impressed with my measly biceps at the same time. There’s just no file that compares and I’ve since bought one for every friend, family member and person I know.

Soap & Glory Heel Geniusfirst appeared September 2012. My feet are my most neglected body part, but when I do feel like giving them the TLC they deserve I slather on this, pop on some socks and wake up with feet as smooth as a baby’s backside come the morning. It’s minty, it’s thick and it works, and it makes me feel way less gross when the instructor touches my feet during pilates class.

MAC Eyeshadow in Sobafirst appeared September 2012. Over the years I’ve drifted in and out of my love for Soba, with All That Glitters more often than not being the star of the show. In recent times however, it has become my favourite MAC eyeshadow hands down and wearing a warm, baby sick-toned matte brown on my lid has become part of my makeup uniform.

Photos by Lauren Shipley