My July Favourites (With A Whole Lot Of Nail Polish)

viviannadoesmakeup-july-favourites-2016-youtube-1 1Q6A3481viviannadoesmakeup-july-favourites-2016-youtube-2

I didn’t even need to think that much about my July Favourites this month. I did have to ponder whether it was my June or July favourites I was about to film for a good couple of minutes until I checked a calendar (seriously, where is this year going?!), but the edit of my most-used bits never even made it onto a list. A quick whip around the flat gathering my current faves from the skincare, body care, nail polish and makeup worlds took absolutely no time at all.

Now there’s a tonne of skincare in there. I’m really trying to nail my routine when it comes to hydration so pretty much everything is geared towards moisture and glow. There’s a cleanser in there that rivals my OSKIA fave, a face oil, a leave-on mask that’s thirst-quenching and surprisingly tasty and an SPF that’s previously been mentioned in my U.S haul, but is well worth another nod.

I’m also having a real moment with nail polishes. Now this is mainly due to a YouTuber favourite which I’ll give you the deats on in my next video (I’m planning a ’10 Things I’m Loving Right Now’ video for Sunday), but after a good couple of months of being seriously lazy with my manicure routine, I’m quite enjoying a painted nail again – hence why there are four nail varnish favourites stuffed in there. Yep, four. I love every single one of them – including a bright pink. I know. I’m feeling alright, I’m sitting down.

There is of course a handful of makeup bits in there too, so settle down, have a watch and try not to pass out when I say that I’m in love with a highlighter pink nail polish.

Photos by Lauren Shipley