My Haircare Routine

What products I use on my mane is a rather requested video – so here it is! Can you believe this is my fourth haircare routine video? I obviously have a lot to say when it comes to hair. I recently went a little crazy on the Bumble and Bumble website and really shook up my haircare routine and I’ve found it to make a real noticeable difference, especially when it comes to how big I can now make it! I’ve also really simplified it down, just a handful of quality products that agree with my mop. So I hope you like it! As always all the product information and links are available if you select to ‘Watch on Youtube’. What products are you using in your haircare routine right now?


  • Loved this video! Your hair always looks so amazing so it’s great to know what you use! I really really want to try the Sunday Shampoo!

  • your hair always looks so nice, may have to try a couple of these out to see if they work for me, i need volume now as my hair has gotten longer and heavier x

  • Tabitha Bluebell

    Ohhhh Vivianna, you’re such an enabler!  I’ve just made a cheeky Bumble & Bumble order now x

  • Ying_Cheung

    I am lusting over the bumble and bumble sea salt spray! I really need it for my fine limp hair which is really hard to manage and style. I use too many products for my hair which i ought to cut down because it is probably due to this that my hair gets greasy quite quickly. Thanks for sharing~x

  • Great routine!! I didn´t try any of them so it´s nice to heard you talking about them! thanks for sharing!

  • LavonneDDecker
  • Your hair is so gorgeous Anna. I love the Bumble and Bumble surf spray and Moroccan Oil too – they really make a difference x 

  • xblueluvax

    I love your hair so much. I can’t wait for mine to get to about your length.. it’s going to take while! You’ve made me want all the products you use too!  I done a little post on two products that work wonders for my hair at the moment if you’d like a look – xx

  • Sarah Holloway

    I need to give a sea salt spray a go. I love the ‘messy chic’ hair look but my hair is too out of control unstyled, and too sleek when I style it! You have dream hair! x

  • Marion

    Hi Vivianna, 

    Really nice blog. Where can I buy the Morrocan Oil in London? thanks, xx

  • Eliza

    i love bumble and bumble, my nearest cosmetic company store has a whole ray – of big sized ones! there just to big for me and i really like testing out products – do you recommend anything in particular apart from the ones on this blog? love your blog read it everyday!