My Favourite Mid Price-Point, High-Quality Places To Shop

Where to invest, without needing to remortgage…

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I’ve got to give it to you guys. Not only do you fill my DM’s with witty responses and in-jokes that make me feel like we could be proper mates IRL, you often send me requests that I wish I’d thought of. So cheers for that. You not only make my job incredibly enjoyable, you also help a sister out and for that I’m extremely grateful. So when a request came in to share my top picks for places to shop that sit at more of a mid-range price-point – higher than your usual high-street fare, without venturing into the designer bracket – a lightbulb switched on in my head and today I’m sharing what made my shortlist.

Now a higher price-tag doesn’t always equate to better quality, although I do often think about this pair of Primark Tassel Boots that I bought when I was a student and wore for three solid months until they let rainwater in through the bottom of them (I loved them so much that I endured soggy socks until I finally gave in and realised that a possible fungal infection just wasn’t worth it). So I’ve stuck to brands that I’ve bought things from myself – tried and tested baby! – to vouch that they warrant more of an investment than usual. So whether you want to replenish your basics, or sort yourself out with a dress to see you through this year’s summer party season, then I have four recommendations up my sleeve…


WHAT TO BUY: Coats, Jackets, Shoes & Leather Goods 

It’s a classic. You knew this one would be on here, right? This is the original shop that I headed to back in the day, when I felt like I wanted to dig just a little bit deeper into my pockets when it came to my wardrobe. There was a point in my life where about 99.5% of new purchases came from here. Now the percentage definitely isn’t as high these days, but I still turn to them when I’m in need of classic pieces that are built to last; especially when it comes to coats and jackets and footwear. In fact; ALL my large coats come from them. Now obviously this isn’t the time to be buying a winter warmer, but if you do live in the southern hemisphere then I’d suggest the Navy Nell Double Faced Coat*. If it’s shoes that you’re looking for then I’d suggest the Roman Nude Tie Leg Sandals* that are a good dupe for my LOQ ones, or the Allington Snake Western Boots* that are a bit like my leopard print ones that I’ve had for over three years now. Finally, if I was a wedding guest this summer then I’d be wearing this Leopard Print Pleated Dress* which combines two of my favourite things; tiered dresses and leopard print.



WHAT TO BUY: Occasionwear Dresses & Blouses

Kitri is like Whistles more colourful younger sister. Although the cuts and pieces tend to have the same feel (workwear items that transition nicely into stuff that will sort you out in a moment of ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR TO THIS WEDDING DAY!’ panic), Kitri steers towards bolder prints and shades. I first encountered them when I found their jumpsuit selection and fell head over heels for a pinstripe boilersuit that makes me feel like an absolute BO$$ whenever I wear it. But I do love the look of their dresses and felt I should point you in their direction as wedding guest season is about to land. My party suggestions would be the Wayne Leopard-Print Jumpsuit* (of course), or the Odile Polka-Dot Crepe Dress*; although if you fancy something a little off-piste then the Mika Jumpsuit* is very cool and has Glossier-employee vibes about it.



WHAT TO BUY: Jackets, Knitwear & Basics

I first discovered the brand around two years ago now and being a lover of all things French fashion, I was hooked immediately. The collections are easily shapable, without being too broad that it’s overwhelming to scroll and most items are priced under the £100 mark. The items that I’ve bought that I’ve loved and worn the most are basics; the Boy Shirt* is a fab dupe for the much-pricier Equipment Silk Shirts* and feel so similar in terms of the quality of the fabric, and I love their chunky knit selection that they bring out every winter; they all wash well and keep their shape too. It’s also somewhere I’d suggest if you’re looking for a low-key bridal dress that doesn’t break the bank. They have a knack for releasing white dresses that would be perfect for the big day and don’t cost an astronomical amount (check out this one*!).



WHAT TO BUY: Summer Dresses, Linens & Swimwear 

I’m planning on doing a post all about the clothing brands that focus more on summer pieces that have helped me to get in the mood for the balmier months over the past couple of years, but Faithfull The Brand are the QUEENS of summer dressing. Light linens, swimwear, beach cover-ups, thin layers and floaty dresses – you could kit out your holiday suitcase exclusively in their gear and have the best-dressed vacation of your life. The prints and colours are subtle and feature pieces that both work as more casual items when worn with flat sandals and a straw hat, or can take it up a notch if you slip on a slightly fancier shoe. My top pick would be the Cropped Linen Wide Leg Pants*, which I picked up for my Bali 10×10 Capsule Wardrobe and wore a load, although I’m eyeing up the Noemie Leopard-Print Crepe Dress* as a possible summer buy.


Photos by Emma Croman

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